United States Notes rather than Federal Reserve Notes could mean, and would mean under my plan, interest-free money (no usury) and no more National Debt. That would eliminate some $400 billion in interest from the current fiscal budget of the government of United States that is largely funded by income taxes.

The $400 billion could be used to reduce the budget deficit or could be applied to public-works projects and other programs. Either way would be vastly better than what we have now.

Furthermore, the United States Notes could be, and would be under my plan, issued at exactly the rate of real productivity (that means absent speculation). Real productivity is always closer to production of goods and services that directly bring forth goods and services that bring forth goods and services and so on rather than producing one-off objects that then sit there doing nothing productive (producing nothing of direct benefit), such as super aircraft carriers.

People get paid around the whole system of super aircraft carriers; however, the system is a net loss in terms of total assets versus liabilities. The same money should be employed in a system that brings forth that which is in of itself not a dead end, dependant upon taking from others (theft). The system of the military- (executive branch) industrial- (corporations) congressional complex, as President Eisenhower deemed at the end of his Presidency (rather than at the beginning (cowardly), is centered around death and destruction and war-profiteering. That's a net liability. This is all common sense that unfortunately is uncommon among the citizenry of the United States.

As for the idea of Public Works Projects and programs mentioned above, the New Deal contained Public Works Projects. What the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt did was employ private contracting firms to do skilled labor creating government owned and operated works. It was not socialism, in that socialism does not employ private contractors and corporations. In addition, the New Deal did not train people to be skilled workers to then be added to the public payroll (the people's employees; the people, in effect, employing each other via the people's government). The public educational system though did have, and still does have, vocational training.

Just to be clear, in the final analysis, both the public and private educational systems in the United States are in the main geared toward producing cogs for the continuation of the current system, which is directed not by the informed democratic consent of the governed but rather directed by those with the most money. The current system truly is an oligarchy (rule by some families) and plutocracy (rule by the rich) headed up by bankers who pay dangerous and harmful pseudo-intellectuals, such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill Kristol, and many, many others, who together fill the think tanks and academe. I say dangerous and harmful because such men and their female counterparts are used by the superrich to deceive the masses and each other into stealing the planet.

The planet does not rightfully belong to the superrich. The people of the planet do not belong to the superrich. Ownership and private property as the bankers, humanists, and religionists of the current worldly system define them are false. Their definitions are false. They are based upon anti-spiritualism on one hand or corrupted spiritualism on the other.

Jesus came to set it all straight and did, in fact. It's still "playing out." It isn't over even though Jesus completed his assigned task, his mission.

The Earth is not correctly a place of might makes right, where might is a brawny and quick arm armed or a mind controlling technology capable of rapid and complete fleshly destruction or any other such coercive force. The Earth is correctly a place where real might is convincing hearts and minds of the exact opposite of that. The Earth is the rightful inheritance of all regardless of individuality.

The right leader is the best servant, hence Jesus.

The only way to know all of this is to consider the implications and conclusions of the various systems. First though, Jesus's system must be put on offer, which the current system has never allowed. Jesus's system has always been censored to one degree or another. That must end.

Jesus's system is on offer. It is a clear alternative and option. We don't have to be limited to the choices offered by the antichrist mentality.

Once we have Jesus's message available, we consider how the Earth would be were all to conform to Jesus's way rather than the insanity offered by those superrich and the dangerous and harmful pseudo-intellectuals and others the superrich pay to censor and to twist the real Christian message.

First, the real message is one of total pacifism, giving and sharing all with all, and harmlessness in all dealings including sexual. That last aspect of course is actually the first aspect. To be harmless as doves means just that and in all walks of life. Even the middle aspect is actually saying the same thing. It's a consistent and necessarily redundant system that fails no tests in perfect logic (divine logic). That's why it's the one and only path. All other paths finally fail.

Second, what would be the result were that system to be the system of the world rather than the current dying one? Total peace and harmlessness with everyone being the best servant conceivable to each and all is the obvious result. It's no leap between means and ends.

What are the arguments arrayed against it? We can't and besides we don't want to. Actually saying we can't though is saying we don't want to and vice versa. The superrich just can't stop being greedy. The violent just can't be peaceful. The sexually harmful just can't stop sexual harm. Why not? Why can't they stop? They can't stop because they say so. If they say they can and stick with that, they can stop and, in fact, inevitably they will stop.

Look at all the behavior modification that does go on in the world that denies that it can stop violence and greed and other confusion. The facts belie their denial. Their argument is no argument. It's just a lie.

So, this is the system I hold out to the world to save it. It does and will divide but only on account of those who deny it and not on account of any fallacy on my part.

This is the system of Jesus. He did and did not invent it. He will be the first to tell you that. The system has always been there in the offing. It has been adhered to in on a certain plane since the beginning that never was (eternity has no beginning). The system has always been there and always will be there. The only question is whether or not humanity on Earth will enter into it again or will remain largely in the other system that has also been since the "beginning." Will humanity put its sins back into Pandora's box and seal it up and burn it up in such a way that sinning is not retrievable, not considered — no temptation to evil?

So, what is this? This is idealism in the extreme. It is also absolutely realistic. In fact, if you will consider, it is the only truth and everything else is false that is false-hearted, hardhearted, and the like. It is bleeding-heart liberalism, but not the liberalism of the current system, no, far from it. It is real liberalism that is never villainous, never harmful. It is not a license to the confusion that is taking pleasure in harmfulness.

Jesus's system brings forth bounty. It adds. What it doesn't do that all the prophets and kings and judges and priests and rulers before did is employ violence and harm in an attempt to become clean.

Certainly, putting up poles to Asherah (Ashtoreth; Venus — goddess of harmful sexuality that is licentiousness; Moon goddess, etc.) and idols of Baal (Molech; in Babylonian the Sun god Bel; Beel), Astarte (the so-called Queen of Heaven), Milcom, Chemosh and other are misdirecting; but Jesus said to let the blind follow the blind. He said to speak the truth and let it do its work on souls of conscience. He never said to employ genocide or any death or destruction. He didn't say to wipe out the Hittites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, the Jebusites, or the Mormons who worship with golden bulls. It is certainly wrong to worship the Sun or the Moon or stars.

Jesus said rather to win over hearts and mind to truth by truth that must first be spoken to them and then let it be — let it work its work. He was speaking truth that Heaven cannot be brought to Earth by coercive means.

Jesus placed the standard at a new and higher level above the standard known to Moses. So Moses was told of Jesus's coming, but everything was not revealed to Moses concerning what truth Jesus would then reveal. If God is God, let him take his own revenge.

It is not a repudiation of spirit. It is a recognition that the evil spirit has been at work masquerading as good. Jesus's disciples did not uniformly gain this insight else outcomes would have been vastly different and in fact perfect. Rather, they argued vainly amongst themselves and took on new and wrong precepts falsely claiming consistency with Jesus's revelation. The history shows this. The fruit of many of their works shows it.

It is time to tear down in the mind and heart the poles of Roman Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism for they surely exist and have been and are misdirecting. I don't say to physically tear them down against the protestations of the apostates. I am saying that they must become convinced to tear them down themselves. They put them up. Let them take them down.

It is also certainly wrong that is misdirecting to worship or to set up as sacred the flag of the United States of America or its Constitution or its Declaration of Independence. They are not sacred. They are not inviolable. They are humanist error and fatally flawed symbols and writings.

It is error to conclude that God fights for America through the U.S. military. Satan hardens hearts to such commit such utter apostasy.

Even David employed Baalhanan ("Baal is gracious") to be in charge of David's trees in the low plains. Even Solomon, the supposed most intelligent person ever (hardly), let his sexual lust get the better of him when he set up the worship of misleading deities on account of his many wives who held with different religions.

Moses, Gideon, Elijah, Jehoshaphat, Jehu, Hezekiah, Jehoiada, and Josiah all used human-on-human violence in an attempt to eradicate evil. It didn't ever work because it doesn't. Violence doesn't eradicate itself in righteousness. Violence itself is mindless unrighteousness and will be eradicated only when all understand this fact once and for all.

In dealing with such, the error is in falsely imagining that El Elyon (God Most High) needs human hands to destroy wickedness out of existence.

Neither is sodomy acceptable under the system of righteousness and whether or not that sodomy is done in atheism or in spirituality of any supposed kind. It is error, always. It is harmful, just as is violence always. It is the opposite of true healing and peace. It is a lie. If you are engaged in it, stop. If you have said it is okay, openly renounce that error. Repent of it.

The real issue is not with names but with ideas behind them. God is the LORD, but what does one have in mind? What emotions rule? What is given? What is received? What is done?

Who is your YHVH? Is he the YHVH the Pharisees had in mind when they conspired to and did have Jesus murdered in the flesh? Is he their YHVH or mine or his he to you some other being you have in your heart? Do you sacrifice humans to him? Do you murder the innocent whether directly or by proxy or vassal? Do you burn them alive by white phosphorus? Do you support that, ever? Is your YHVH really Satan? Do you actually worship in the synagogue of Satan? Who is your lord, Lord, and LORD?

Who is your Jesus? Is he mine, or do you have someone else in mind and heart" Does your Jesus move you to self-mutilation (slashings and body piercings and tattoo markings and such) and flagellation and excessive and affected deprivation? Does your Jesus move you to ecstatic gibberish? Does your YHVH and your Jesus allow in you a licentious character at anytime? Does your God allow you to lie, steal, kill, murder, and be adulterous? Does your God tell you to worship him and that if you do, he will give you all the nations of the Earth to rule as the Gentiles have done as referred to by Jesus?

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. (Matthew 20:25-28 KJV)

Does your God look the other way while his pedophile priests and pastors sodomize boys or do any other disgusting things?

How do you read scripture? What is scripture to you? Does the Holy Spirit speak to you without printed words before your eyes? Does the Holy Spirit reveal nothing new that is old, even from the beginning that is not said in your heretofore legal understanding?

United States Notes and secular government employment and training of the highly skilled are but stepping stones to the real economy. Can you receive them? Is it be to given to you, accepted, and done, or will you fail even the mundane level of understanding? Will you bring forth the Christian Commons, or will you continue turning your back and fail?


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