Consolidation is the name of the game. Ruin the other guy is the name of the game. Eat his lunch. Beggar thy neighbor. Make him willing to lick your boots for a crust of bread. Make him build your newer, bigger mansion that will make his new hovel look even smaller. All of this takes time. Ruin the general economy after having purchased politicians. Make more promises to the politicians so that they will allow you to bailout yourself. Bail yourself out using future tax dollars and promise to start lending to get the economy going again. Rather though, use the money to buy up competitors' assets on the cheap and then sit tight while everyone else becomes poorer. That's where we stand right now.

Some "experts" call it deflationary and bad and dangerous. The sharks are laughing over champagne and illegal caviar. They are just waiting it out while living off the bailout funds that can keep them living high on the hog for decades while everyone else is reduced to, as I said, licking boots for a crust of bread. Ah, ego.

What will happen? The greedy pigs will wait just long enough and then fire up the economy for another inflationary bubble bigger than the last. They'll scheme for more privatization. They will further enslave their brothers and sisters in their game of King of the Hill.

Will they succeed? No. They'll bring out the guillotines on themselves. Will that succeed? No. Nothing will succeed until everyone turns to the real message of Jesus Christ. That's how it is.

Oh, I didn't mention wars. There will be wars and rumors of wars. War profiteering is far from over yet.

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