My friend Scott McQueen took a test over on Facebook that resulted in the following:

Scott completed the quiz "Which US President are you?" with the result George Washington.
You are George Washington, a genuine leader, dedicated to the cause of liberty, and not a seeker of fame. You know your inner strengths, capitalize on your power of persuation, <sic> are selfless, and will be remebered <sic> long after your time. You set the bar high and forge ahead!!.

  • George Washington selfless? Have you seen his estate? He was hardly selfless. He fought to establish a secular aristocracy.
  • Liberty for whom, the American Indians, the Black slaves he "owned" and never freed? Get real. George Washington was a fatuous spirit devoid of the Holy Spirit of real truth. He's coming down. His monument in Washington D.C. will fall. All the monuments to the American false-demigods will fall.

Scott announced:

Actually, I think I am closer to Augusto Sandino. Any history buffs out there know who I am talking about?

I replied:

Careful Scott, too much truth-telling will land you on some no-fly list or some such nonsense. Getting the U.S. Marines out was a good idea. My granduncle happened to be one of them, but I can do without Augusto's guns and bullets. I suppose you can too. Up The Peaceful Rebels!

Jesus was a peaceful rebel against Satan — the god of this worldly world who (Satan) will continue the process of fallling and being thrown down, being displaced by the real God, New Heaven, and New Earth! Down with Satan (the essence of evil — radical evil)!

Scott replied:

Hey Tom, my political science prof said something very similar! (I wrote a term paper on him and also the later Sandinistas, Daniel Ortega, etc. I guess my views were considered anti US) You are right about the guns. How are things going? I probably should be careful, we are currently getting passports to go of all places Central America!

Now, because my reply is rather long, I'm posting it on the RLCC blog:

Hi Scott,

I did laugh out loud when I read you're working on Passports to go to Central America - good thing you agree about the guns. You might want to throw box cutters in too for good measure. We wouldn't want your peace-loving family to do any skyjacking unless of course you're under orders from the C.... Well, some minions, dupes, and sellouts might be offended (a big sarcastic "sure"), so will I spare them the truth? No I won't. ...under orders from the CIA. Throw in the MI6 and Mossad too. Add in the Pakistani ISI to help round it out some more. There, that's standing in the gap for the land of the real-brave worldwide.

When I wrote that way (not using the sarcasm though, of course) in college, they (a couple of Zionists) literally gave me a zero on the essay answer. I had held the highest grade in the class up to that end point. I actually finished the course with the highest number of points but was still given a B. That happened in both courses by the same Zionist, neocon professor. He was actually punishing me for my political beliefs and not for any inferior academic work. Before he knew what I thought, he had offered me the position (captain?) on the University debating team at the national Model U.N. He was rubbing his hands together. I wasn't though about to go ("too busy") and represent anyone who repeatedly called the French "Frogs" in class. I'm no violent Jacobin, but neither are all the French. Anyway, that so-called Soviet expert didn't even know Khrushchev was dead. When I informed him of that in class, ..... Well, my 4.0 was killed right then and there. Some people's ego.... Badge of honor, Scott, badge of honor

They glorified Jesus when they murdered him. They were just too stupid (hardhearted) to know it.

Frankly, the CIA only always feigns indignation. "How dare you say we lie, Tom. We waterboard. We don't torture. Well at least the Justice Department said it isn't torture" (after we asked for the fake cover since we actually knew better). Stop leaking, Tom. Please.... Answer: No. Crucify me, and then stand before God claiming you didn't know any better, dead liars.

Why hasn't Obama made it possible for people to clear their names off that ridiculous no-fly list? It's telling.

Yes, I read "Inevitable Revolutions" and also took a college course in Central American political history. That was before Reagan's death squads got rolling though. I did follow all of the Reagan manifested nightmare in the news (including alternative, such as it was back then). My father too had sources. He also had an FBI dossier, naturally.

Things aren't yet moving. I keep writing. People keep reading. The reaction is about split down the middle but not on the central Peace Church tenets. On that, I seem to stand alone.

By the way, Sandino was a small-c communist (anti-Marxist), but I believe you knew that. He wasn't a Christian though, more like Baha'i but created in violence. Bolivar too remains more of a real George Washington (living up to the created image) than was the actual George Washington. I know that's not lost on you. Bolivar actually freed his slaves and gave his fortune to the cause, not to build up his own personal, private estate but rather to get the common people out from under the extremely oppressive Roman Catholic Spanish, who are still at it even right now in Honduras. Hugo Chavez took George W. Bush to task on those Bolivarian points. George decided to stop debating Hugo, pronto. George and his handlers were in over their heads before George even opened his mouth against Hugo. Notice how "careful" Obama is being toward Hugo.

The Honduran Cardinal (the Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga) is also an elitist rather than a liberator. There are decidedly fascistic tendencies in the RC Church. Just study the Spanish Civil War to see it plainly. The Pope loved the fascist dictator, Franco.

I'd like to know more about your Calvary Church(s) (you're referring to the Calvary Chapel beginnings of Chuck Smith aren't you?) experiences when you get any time. I know you're an active person. They came up out of the Jesus Revolution (Jesus Freaks) that started during the Hippie Movement (I actually always preferred the spelling "Hippy"). "Get high on Christ," was one of the things I heard. They were still too politically "conservative"/Fundamentalist for me though. Have times changed enough that I might feel at all at home in any Calvary Church/Chapel? I'm not a Calvinist or even Baptist, per se. I have a draft post on that I'll be putting up. I'll like some feedback from you on that when it's up. I'm much closer to the Radical Reformationists (the pacifist, monogamous ones), but even there they aren't outspoken or acting enough for my reading of the revelation — too Pauline, too cowed. Jesus wasn't cowed.

I sure don't want to attend a "Welcoming and Affirming" pro-homosexual church, but I don't want to be worshipping next to some capitalist warmonger either. I'm not exactly Charismatic or into the Anglican's Alpha Movement, but do know the movement of the Holy Spirit is real and active right now. I'm not into the Emergent Movement, because I don't see them going exactly back to Jesus's words and deeds. They are making it up as they go. Also, no thanks to the ecumenism where Joseph Ratzinger (aka Benedict XVI) recently praised Calvin. No thanks either to the syncretism of the Episcopalians who say one can be a Muslim and a Christian at the same time: insanity. Where do I belong but Heaven. Thy kingdom come.

The theory of evolution is an important social issue, but I can handle William Jennings Bryan. Interestingly, he was an Old Earth adherent if the reports on that, that I've seen are accurate. I don't go in for John Nelson Darby's secret rapture theory either. (See also: ON GLENN BECK, SOCIAL JUSTICE, ECONOMIC JUSTICE, COMMUNISTS, NAZIS, AND CHURCHES) It's the chaff that gets gathered out and burned, leaving the believers standing on Earth unscathed. Believe. Have faith. We brave the dark day of the LORD because we have his seal and know it without doubt. It's real love, not the phony stuff of self-help.

Sure would like a House Church/study group of those who want to and will bring forth the Christian Commons

Peace my brother

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