While in Russia, Obama said, "We do so [support Zelaya's restoration] not because we agree with him. We do so because we respect the universal principle that people should choose their own leaders, whether they are leaders we agree with or not." (Source: "Ousted Zelaya gets unlikely US support")

Well, okay, but do you agree with him about giving more power to the lower classes, which the upper class seeks to deny them?

Here's an article with valuable insight. "A Coup is Not a Coup. A Not-Coup is a Coup," by Kevin Coleman."

He raised the minimum wage, gave out free school lunches, provided milk for the babies and pensions for the elderly, distributed energy-saving light bulbs, decreased the price of public transportation, made more scholarships available for students.

Those are the actions of the so-called would-be dictator, Zelaya, according to Alejandra Fernandez of Honduras. ("A Class Struggle Unfolds: High Stakes in Honduras," by Benjamin Dangl. Counter Punch. July 8, 2009.)

When Zelaya attempted to land at the airport in Honduras, many people braved the military and police to be there to give support to Zelaya. The people were peacefully assembled. Two of unarmed, peaceful demonstrators were shot dead in Honduras by the Honduran military. One of them was named Isis Obed Murillo. There is no doubt that it was the Honduran military that committed the murders.

Why is Latin America full of news coverage about this with videos and photos but the U.S. only seems to care about Neda Agha Soltan in Iran? That's easy. Iran has oil and gas reserves and stands in the way of Greater Israel, so Neda matters while Isis Obed Murillo isn't worth the coverage. In fact, the fascists in Israel (just as the fascists of the Roman Catholic Church lined up with the elitists in Honduras) are the enemies of the populists in Latin America.

Iran is strategically located on the World Island right in the middle of the Great Game. It's a center piece on the Grand Chessboard of the global imperialists under so-called real politics.

What's Honduras? Honduras will surprise. Zelaya is no slouch. Contrary to popular misinformation, he ran as a populist; and he's going to return as a populist.

If Obama had moved immediately to denounce the coup and to cut off funding, perhaps the two dead would still be alive. It's likely.

The deaths are far from all that has gone on. People have been beaten up and arrested. Their freedom of speech and of the press have been denied them. Communication networks have been shut down.

So, what is the difference between this and what happened in Iran? The Anglo-American-Israeli Empire has not been threatening to attack Honduras is one thing. Also, rather than having an Islamic theocracy in place, Honduras had Zelaya in place doing the things Alejandra Fernandez of Honduras said as quoted above.

I believe Iran is very focused on developing this capability [nuclear weapons], and I think when they get it, or should they get it, it will be very destabilizing.

That was Mike Mullen speaking to the Center for Strategic and International Studies on July 7, 2009. Mullen is the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, making him the highest-ranking, uniformed, military officer in the U.S. Empire. He's an admiral.

So Mullen, on what do you base your stated belief that Iran is very focused on developing nuclear weapons? You're all talk. You're full of hot air. You haven't a shred of evidence anywhere to support your allegation. Of course, what does one expect coming from a Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff? He wouldn't be the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff unless he were a brownnoser to the AIPAC and all the other neocon, false-Zionists entities in the Empire.

The last Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Peter Pace, who at all bucked them was ousted pronto. He was forced into retirement. Pace didn't go along with homosexuality or torture and he didn't exactly walk the party line concerning the Iranians supplying the Iraqi insurgents. He suspected it but wouldn't speak of it as if the U.S. had proof.

Did the Honduran right decide without Obama to execute the coup? Did reactionaries in the U.S. put them up to it? Let's see what Obama and Hillary Clinton do. It's still early in the game.

Of course, with a President that wants to maintain as much or more secrecy as did George W. Bush, except when it suit him to leak, and with a president who is killing people left and right in Afghanistan and Pakistan via predator drones (an estimated 80 people in a couple of days in Pakistan alone), who can trust him?

Having Oscar Arias act as an intermediary between Zelaya and Micheletti is a bad idea. The U.S. President should review the case from a purely legal standpoint and then stand with what is right. I researched the issue and determined that Zelaya was not doing what Micheletti has claimed. Micheletti's side has fabricated the claim out of nothing. They've done a terribly transparent thing. It's clearly an illegal coup. Obama should have stood up early. He rather engaged in foot dragging as if his resources could tell him instantly what really happened. Many people suspect Obama knew about the coup before it happened and is simply back peddling on account of the overwhelming global reaction to this easily proven coup.

Of course, Obama has simply been being true to form.


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    • AntonioSosa

      Millions of us, Catholics and Christians from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc. wish we could have done what Hondurans are doing before the Marxist thugs working for Castro and Chavez, like Zelaya, enslaved our countries.

      The U.S. should be supporting Hondurans and the rule of law, not Zelaya, a Chavez clone desperate to enslave Hondurans! It's despicable that, rather than defending the human rights of Hondurans and Latin Americans, the Obama administration is siding with the Marxist thugs who are trampling on those human rights and working with drug cartels and Islamic terrorist to destroy the U.S!

      I guess it was to be expected from Obama. As his parents, relatives, friends and mentors, Obama is a Marxist who hates the U.S. As such, he sides with Marxist dictators and would-be dictators who seek to enslave their countries and destroy the U.S.

      Trampling on the Honduran Constitution, Zelaya was implementing in Honduras the scheme devised by Castro and implemented by Chavez and the rest of the Marxist thugs to gain absolute power. The Honduras military, as ordered by the country's Supreme Court removed Zelaya and elevated the person next in line under the Honduras Constitution.

      Aided by Obama and Clinton, Chavez and Zelaya are now using Oscar Arias as a “democratic” front to get a better hold of their prey, the Honduran people!

      As a “democratic” figure who has actually not helped democracy but has only PRETENDED to do it, Arias is a great front for Chavez to continue to lie, manipulate, intimidate and force Hondurans to submit to Marxism.

      We pray Hondurans are able to defend themselves from Chavez, Zelaya and Obama, who are lying, manipulating and intimidating to force Hondurans to get infected with the AIDS of Marxism.

      • Antonio Sosa,

        There's a space between your first and last name. I had to add it. Please take care of that.

        Is Zelaya a Marxist? He doesn't talk or act like one. Even Hugo doesn't. Hugo talks like a market socialist, even one for a mixed economy, a democratic socialist. Marx wasn't a democratic socialist. I've written before that Chavez could be pushed by rabid-capitalist imperialists into taking much greater militant positions. Who would have the greater sin in that in your book?

        Was George W. Bush a thug? Was Ronald Reagan a thug? Where do you really stand? Let's hear it from you about all sides.

        Are you for wealthy land possessors or do you believe as Jesus does that the Earth is the rightful inheritance of all and that only the selfish deny it?

        Castro fought the capitalist and the Mafia. He tried to stay engaged with the United States. Greedy forces forced his hand in his view. I would not have fought next to him, but I would not have fought on the side against him either other than with words of truth.

        The poorest of the poor were worse off before Castro and in spite of the economic sanctions put into place solely because the U.S. fear peaceful head-to-head competition of capitalism versus socialism.

        As for the rule of law, Zelaya did not break the mundane law when he asked for the people's opinion about whether or not they would like to see a constitutional convention. It is a lie to say otherwise.

        It was illegal to oust him base upon a lie.

        What are the human rights of Hondurans and Latin Americans? The laws that Zelaya put in place didn't harm the poor. For whom are you crying and pleading?

        Did Jesus cry for the rich in the way that you are here (and you are pleading for their position to continue)? He did not. He cried for the rich in private because they were stupid and not because they were right or had a right.

        The drug cartels are not under Hugo Chavez. Cocaine has gone up in Columbia while it has gone down in Bolivia. What does that say about the situation? Poppy cultivation was up before Taliban, went down with them, and is now way back up under the U.S. What does that say about the situation? Where do the drugs flow? Where does the money flow? Do you know anything about money laundering by the major banksters.

        Columbia is fascist leaning, as are you, if you aren't an all-out fascist, which you very well may be.

        Who created Islamic terrorists? The crony-capitalist imperialists created Islamic terrorists.

        Are you Jewish? Are you a Zionist? Those are questions, not statements. Don't assume. Just answer.

        Obama is Marxist? No he's not. Marx would kill him if he had the chance. Do you know what a Marxist is? Have you read Marx? I have.

        Chavez ran for President. He won in an election that was far cleaner than the ones that put George W. Bush into power. Chavez's opposition attempted a CIA-backed coup, but the people put it down. You know that. Chavez's opposition chose to sit out elections rather than be trounced and have to admit democratic defeat.

        You are of the mind that refuses to recognize Hamas even though it won. The Likud is a "former" terrorist group that was elected, albeit on stolen property. Do you recognize them? They are rather more extremely violent and dangerous than merely thuggish toward the Palestinians and others.

        As for the Honduran military, it's my understanding that it's now headed by a convicted auto-theft-ring member who was trained at the infamous School of the Americans in the U.S., trained in the most barbaric activities. Under the constitution, he is subject to Zelaya's orders as the Commander and Chief.

        The Supreme Court of Honduras has deliberately misinterpreted the constitution.

        Obama and Clinton had their hands forced by the rest of the world. Obama can't afford to be as Bush was. Bush's ineptitude has seen to that. If the people hadn't raised their voices in the U.S., Obama wouldn't have taken the approach that he is. He will attempt to get away with as much as he can, but his long-term vision is better than was Bush's, not dramatically but nevertheless better.

        The leftward shift of Latin America has been vastly better than being under Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, et al. If you don't think so, then you'll be at Satan's nonexistent mercy.

        I don't hold with coercion at all on either side, on any side. You do hold with it, you know. That makes you antichrist.

        So, while you came here in an attempt to mislead, you've been exposed and are required to repent.

        God is not on your side. God isn't on Hugo's, even though he thinks so.

        How much longer?

        Much more info: http://rebelreports.com/post/133319827

        Real peace