Roger Bados of the Bloque Popular & the National Resistance Front has been assassinated by three gun shots in Honduras. Ramon Garcia of the National Resistance Front and president of a cement workers union was also assassinated by the coup.

The foreign journalists of the Telesur network have all been expelled.

The coup has hired former Clinton advisors to represent them in Washington and in Costa Rica before President Oscar Arias.

Lanny Davis, former Special Counsel for President Bill Clinton (they went to Yale Law School together), is working for the Latin American Business Council. Davis testified for the coup to the House Foreign Relations Committee. Davis said, "democracy and civil liberties are flourishing in Honduras."

How can he say that when peaceful demonstrators are shot dead, swept up in mass arrests, journalists deported, and political and union leaders are assassinated, etc.? What kind of man is this Lanny Davis? Does he love fascism? Apparently he loves money more than truth.

Otto Reich, also testified to the Committee. He was Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs under George W. Bush. Bill Van Auken reports some of Reich's despicable history. He is best known as an anti-Castro Cuban. He was directly involved with the Contras who were mostly members of the former dictator's National Guard that became Ronald-Reagan-backed death squads attacking Nicaragua.

The Reagan administration did illegal secret weapons deals with Iran to fund the Contras and to get Iran to influence Hezbollah to release hostages in Lebanon (called the Iran-Contra Affair) against U.S. Congressional prohibition on funding the dirty wars in Central America and against the arms embargo against Iran. Israel played the intermediary between the U.S. and Iran. Reagan denied knowledge but how could he have not known? It was huge. Lots of records were illegally destroyed too. It should have brought down Reagan, but Americans in general are too selfish to be right.

Reich also helped CIA agent and terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and his underling, Orlando Bosch, avoid Venezuelan and Cuban justice concerning the downing in 1976 of a Cuban Douglas DC-8 aircraft. All 73 people on board were killed in the midair bombing. Reich was also deeply involved in the failed George W. Bush CIA-backed coup against Hugo Chavez in 2002.

Bennett Ratcliff, a close Clinton advisor, handled the meeting in Costa Rica. Ratcliff presented that Zelaya can return as president but must have no power. He may not do anything further to empower the poor or the general population. He must stop befriending Hugo Chavez, which probably means that he would have to pull out of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas. He must share governance with the coup leaders. He must agree to blanket amnesty to the coup plotters and executers. Eva Golinger also says that Hillary Clinton approved those points. How Eva knows that aspect, she didn't say.

Since the coup was completely illegal, the U.S. government should not support any of those conditions. Zelaya would be helping to establish a bad precedent were he to accept the conditions. Ginger Thompson reported though, "Zelaya indicated that he was willing to accept a compromise that would return him to office with significantly limited powers."

Tom Hayden adds that Clinton types such as James Carville and Stanley Greenberg are political consultants for reactionaries in Latin America. I never did like neoliberalism and the Democratic Leadership Council sellouts. Bill Clinton did as much as anyone to kill the Good Neighbor Policy of Franklin Roosevelt.

Fernando Joya Amendola is also involved in the coup. He was known as Captain Billy Joya who headed up the infamous Battalion 3-16, one of the worst death squads in Central America. They murdered and tortured countless numbers of people in a reign of terror. They were generally a part of the network of American led and supported capitalist fascism throughout Latin America.

The longer they delay, the less Zelaya will probably be willing to compromise. Why he offered, if he truly did, doesn't make much sense.

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