Operation Cast Lead war crimes being exposed:

I hate it when people say "all Jews" this or "all Jews" that with a view of lumping all Jews together as "the" problem. Right now, Jews are not of one mind, period. Many Jews are my spiritual brothers and sisters to one degree or another. They don't all accept Jesus yet, but they are looking for truth. If they look enough, they will find Jesus is their best brother, ever. If they look and conclude otherwise, then they have strayed from the right path. They look but don't see. So, to Jewish brothers and sisters, both look and see.

Dick Cheney's CIA death squad:

In truth, this program was a joint effort with Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon's Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). See: "Glimpses of America's Man-Made Disasters: Part Seven," by Trowbridge H. Ford. CRYPTOME. June 25, 2009.

That article goes into man-made earthquakes and sex scandals and compromises. Before you dismiss the idea of man-made earthquakes, please know that the Secretary of Defense under Bill Clinton did publicly state that the Pentagon does have that capability. Also, there is HAARP, which Part Seven doesn't mention. HAARP is based upon the work of Nikola Tesla, whose research records were all seized by the Federal Government. HAARP supercharges, heats, and heaves the ionosphere. It is claimed that the power surge can be directed geographically anywhere around the world. It is also claimed that given enough power input focus, the system could cause huge damage including earthquakes way beyond the damage that could be caused by the most powerful cobalt bomb in the U.S. arsenal. The "science" is there to back up the claims.

I don't know where Trowbridge H. Ford gets every last bit of his info, although he does provide names and links. Some people consider some of the sites to which he has linked as unreliable. Well, that's why people have to continue researching in order to fit together the pieces for the big picture. Don't forget that most of the information that would confirm or deny the claims is redacted before it is allowed into the general public. If you trust the federal government not to do evil, heaven help you because Satan sure won't.

Obama's Attorney General mulling prosecuting torture:

"Torture prosecutions: fear in CIA hallways, red meat for hawkish Obama critics," by Stephen Lee. Examiner. July 16, 2009.

Steve has written an important article there; however, he is partially wrong. The focus should be across-the-board. From top-to-bottom, everyone who engaged in and authorized torture should be prosecuted. Absolutely no one at the CIA, DIA, private contractors, White House, Congress, etc., didn't know that torture was wrong and illegal. Punishment is a different matter. Get the truth up to the point of meting out punishment. Decide between forgiveness and punishment after getting the truth of guilt or innocence concerning the unrepentant.

I, of course, am for forgiveness but will treat the unrepentant as the heathens they will remain.

The CIA, MI6, and Mossad in Iran:

See my series: "CIA and Iran, 2009"

The coup in Honduras:

See my category: "Honduras"

The Burmese military dictatorship (so-called Myanmar):

The curse of oil:

"Suffering Escalated by Oil Companies," by Culture Change. June 2, 2009.

This page is an indictment against Chevron-Texaco and Shell oil companies. Of course, Exxon and other oil companies are far from innocent. Also, the page covers more than just Burma. There is also Ecuador and Nigeria and others. We're talking about supporting totally evil locals who do the bidding of the oil greedy and evil corporations. Let's not disconnect the lies leading up to the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia (by proxy) with all of this dirty, evil, "energy." Of course, the media attacks against Iran and Venezuela are far from truly on account of the greedy caring about the rights of all people. They only want to rape everything for their totally selfish reasons: wicked.

The Uighurs riots in China:

It is wise to get the Russian perspective when looking at U.S./Chinese dealings. Empire is the name of the game and it's all based on money.

The Pakistani proxy war on the Pashtuns:

See my post: "OBAMA IS A NEOCON LIAR," by Tom Usher. RLCC. July 7, 2009.

This also goes to the heart of the war and occupation in Afghanistan.
"We must get out of this Afghan quagmire." The Guardian. July 13, 2009.

Predator drone attacks on the innocent:

The link is to a page with content from multiple sites. It starts with, "Obama is One Serial Killer Who Can't Be Arrested," by Jay Janson. iBrattleboro.com.

Jay's post called Obama a serial killer. I've termed him a "baby killer," after the truthful name-calling of the Vietnam War era. He can be forgiven on a certain level, but it's on the level of all such sociopaths. Jesus forgave the sociopaths of his day while Jesus was hanging on the cross dying on account of them, dying to bring the message that the sociopaths are wrong and should repent and that the rest of us need to follow Jesus not the sociopaths no matter what the sociopaths do or say.

The on-going cover-up of the Ponzi scheme and the bailed out bankers:

"Derivatives Are Focus of Antitrust Investigators," by Eric Dash. The New York Times. July 14, 2009.

In 1998, the Fed orchestrated the bailout of Long Term Capital Management, which was heavily leveraged and invested in derivatives. This set the stage for more risky derivatives trading as now companies had nothing to fear since their ... The derivatives markets were just a legalized Ponzi scheme. The mortgage brokers and companies made all this money issuing these mortgages which they knew would likely fail, then the Goldman Sachs and others made so-called profits by

Goldman Sachs record profits and record bonuses right in the middle of the worst economic crash:

"Goldman Sachs bonus bonanza," "Even on Wall Street, the land of six- and seven-figure incomes, jaws dropped at the news Tuesday: After all that federal aid, a resurgent..." by The New York Times.

"Hank Paulson Fleeced the American Taxpayers in Order to Save Them," by Sheldon Filger. The Huffington Post. July 16, 2009.

Everything Paulson did was done in secret because exposing it would cause a violent revolution if the powers that be were not to change things as needed. That's a fact.

Monsanto trying to monopolize food:

The World According to Monsanto: Part 1 or 8

Monsanto must go and will.

Genetically engineered viruses being deliberately released:

I'm not linking to anything here because everything I've read so far on the subject on the Internet is completely off the mark. I don't want to tip my hand, as they say. Doing so feeds the enemy. Look at Mexico. Look at when the reports started. Look where they came from. Look at the predictions. Look at the panic, infections, and deaths. Look at the "solutions," as in vaccines. Look at who benefits. Look at the class of those who as of the date of this post, have not been infected or died. Do all of that, and then report on it. Write a book. Become rich and famous if you can get it published. Do you have the network? Will the system let you do it?

Decadence rapidly increasing:

The Wikipedia states: "Oscar Wilde gave a curious definition: 'Classicism is the subordination of the parts to the whole; decadence is the subordination of the whole to the parts.'"

It's not curious at all. Real Christianity is at once the subordination of the parts to the whole, the subordination of the whole to the parts, the elevation of the parts to the whole, and the elevation of the whole to the parts. What does it mean? Read Jesus (over Marx's head).

The current trend toward people misbelieving that homosexuality is fine (not harmful, per se) is an example of decadence, meaning decay.

Poppy cultivation skyrocketing in U.S. occupied Afghanistan:

"Afghanistan displaces Myanmar as top heroin producer." From The Wilderness.

"Poppy cultivation in Afghanistan doubled between 2002 and 2003 to a level 36 times higher than in the last year of rule by the Taliban." (See: "U.S. : Afghan poppy production doubles," CNN. November 28, 2003.)


Rather than tell the truth, mainstream news in the U.S. actually blames the increase in heroin on the Taliban who banned it and actually had poppy cultivation down well below what it is under the U.S. military that could easily ban poppy cultivation as well but isn't allowed to by orders from the likes of Barack Obama's masters, the bankers.

Right when the U.S. DEA is bragging about the U.N. report that says Afghani poppy cultivation finally went down a bit under the U.S. ("DEA Responds to 2009 UN Drug Report, Claims Success," by Drug Enforcement Administration. Enforcing Controlled Substance Laws. July 12, 2009), Holbrooke announces an end to cultivation eradication.

He didn't do it for environmental reasons. He did it for the money that's involved and because of the way the illegal trade flows cash through the banks and imperial system.

U.S. unemployment creeping up to Depression era levels:

July 2, 2009

June Jobs Loss Was 513,000 Net of Concurrent Seasonal Factor Bias
Likely Topped 700,000 with Birth-Death Machinations

Payroll Employment Growth Overstatement Could Top 2.5 Million
Per Year with Birth-Death Modeling

Annual Payroll Decline Deepened to 4.2%
Equal to 1958 Trough and Near 1949 Trough

SGS-Alternate Unemployment at 20.6%

(Source: "JOHN WILLIAMS' SHADOW GOVERNMENT STATISTICS FLASH UPDATE." The Korelin Economics Report. July 2, 2009.)

Estimates have claimed that unemployment was about 25% at its height during the Great Depression. However, farming unemployment was apparently not a part of that figure and the figure also didn't include part-time workers.

U.S. home foreclosures are so bad it's hard to know how to describe it:

A total of 1,905,723 U.S. foreclosure filings through June 2009
"Foreclosures in the Millions Midway through 2009." ForeclosurePulse. RealtyTrac. July 15, 2009.

Meanwhile, Obama's pathetic economic team has bailed out the bankers, just as did George W. Bush, rather than putting all the money toward Main Street and to Hell with the banks and the Federal Reserve System (private so-called national bank).

Abolish The Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

That's a pretty good overview of the history. I have plenty on this site about the issue and what should be done.

United States Bank Notes aka United States Notes

There is a fight going on over whether the cheaper and more efficient Medicare expansion will be allowed because the insurance companies won't be able to match the lower costs:


Surveillance and the invasion of privacy is unchecked and being rapidly increased:

NSA Spying: Electronic Frontier Foundation

"Total Information Awareness," "Full Spectrum Dominance," and "Worldwide Attack Matrix" is really all just Orwell's Big Brother. The names change to throw people off the trail. The underlying plan doesn't change though. The Machiavellian prince was simply developed from the evil that princes have done since the first one sinned to gain more power, wealth, and control. All it is, is the Old Serpent of which Jesus spoke.

New generations of weapons are in constant planning and development:

Weapons links

The Bush imperial presidency is being exposed to save Democrats from complicity and in an attempt to destroy the Republicans down to a manageable level even as the Obama imperial presidency is increasing by stealth:

I won't go into all the details to support that statement. It would constitute a book rather then even a sizable essay. Here's a fairly decent article on the subject of the Imperial Presidency.

"An Imperial Presidency, Part 1," by Gregory Bresiger. Future of Freedom Foundation. September 3, 2007.

I appreciate it that the article doesn't start with Bush or even Nixon but rather mentions Polk who stole Texas and the South Western U.S. from Mexico. Really though, the U.S. itself started out as a budding Empire. The "Founders" didn't avoid the term in applying it to what they were setting out to create. Yes, the history is full of mixed signals on that, but just look at what their creation has done in the world. There was a debate about the direction of the nation right from the start. Many Americans didn't even want to go to war against the British. Was it really necessary? Was it really the best thing? I know it wasn't. Neither was the U.S. Civil War right. All wars going back to the beginning have been the wrong spirit.

The reason the Congress doesn't rein in the President is because the Congress too is imperial. It wants the President to take the nation into wars for empire.

Plans for indefinite detention of people who have not been given any due process is still being floated:

"Obama proposes Indefinite Preventive Detention without trial." Salon. May 22, 2009.

I posted on this myself but won't belabor the links here. Anyone who doesn't know that indefinite detentions without real due process of law is fit for being locked up himself or herself. I don't advocate it. I warn against it.

The lies about Iran's supposed nuclear weapons program, to which they may be driven as the North Koreans say they were driven, continue as if some proof has been provided (Iraqi WMD reprised):

"Who's Telling the Truth About Iran's Nuclear Program?" by Muhammad Sahimi. Antiwar.com. February 18, 2009.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both know that there is zero proof about Iran and a nuclear weapons program. However, both of them and the rest of the Obama administration and many Senators and members of Congress continue blatantly to lie. If the U.S. attacks Iran based upon lies, the U.S. will go to Hell. Mark my words. The old days when everything was controlled due to the lack of a medium such as the Internet is over. It is true that there are people pushing to heavily censor the Internet and bloggers. It is true that the mainstream media deliberately moves articles into archives so the news will disappear and break the continuity of history. Those things said, the only thing that can put the Internet and bloggers back in the bottle is totalitarian dictatorship, which would result in violent revolution.

There has been no discussion about re-investigating 9/11, as if there have never been false-flag operations:

Oh, this is so huge that I won't post much here.



They are coming up with insane proposals to deal with global warming such as geoengineering:
"The Need for Geoengineering - WSJ.com: It's Time to Cool the Planet," by Jamais Cascio. The Wall Street Journal. June 15, 2009.

"Geoengineering: Mankind and Reshaping the World," by Doug Struck. The Huffington Post. April 13, 2009.

The geoengineering crowd is so arrogant. They are not focused on solar as the main solution to all the Global Warming crap. They are prepared to muck about concerning that which they do not understand. Their supercomputers are going to get them into a great deal of trouble. Garbage in, garbage out.

John Holdren is Obama's chief scientific advisor/guru. He has a mundane survivalist's attitude where survival of humanity in the flesh is paramount no matter what measures must be taken in his view. I don't agree with the rather easy-going response to Holdren contained in the following linked article, but it does seemingly highlight Holdren's amorality via quoting Holdren directly and in context. However, John Holdren has explained that these are not his views but were offered up as suggestions with which he did not agree.
"John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet: Book he authored in 1977 advocates for extreme totalitarian measures to control the population."

On the FAQ page, it says:
Q: Who are you?
A: I choose to remain anonymous.

The following is an update (July 22, 2009):

After reading recently about Geoengineering and John Holdren and his 1977 book, it came back to me that I read a book review on it back when it was first published. It was in the Arizona Republic if memory serves. The book wasn't secret. I remember that the measures discussed in the book were highly controversial at the time too.

Now I'm reading that Holdren is saying that he does not advocate the measures offered up in the book. What's he talking about? The book is couched in such terms. He didn't write in a manner of one who opposed such measures. They were clearly offered up as seeds to prepare government to have them in mind in the event of a population explosion not moderated by social, cultural, economic, or other pressures. As it is, the rate of population growth slowed somewhat due to a number of factors, not all of which were natural. Also, antipollution measures eased some of the burden on the planetary systems and technology and science made it easier to fill more people with calories (emptier but nevertheless life sustaining for a while).

I find his current chosen method of distancing himself from his 1977 work difficult to accept at face value.

People's thinking certainly can and should change (for the better) over such a time span. If someone's thinking doesn't evolve over 30-plus years, something is seriously wrong with the person's effort at truth seeking. There are such people, unfortunately.

It would have been better had Holdren evolved enough to say his views were extreme for an extreme situation were it to have arisen but that he no longer holds with those options now even if the same population problems were yet to arise.

Rather than that, he is claiming that the book was written from an anti-authoritarian mindset as opposed to authoritarian recipes in the eventuality of extreme overpopulation, which would be a major problem contrary to the ignorant view of some who apparently believe the Earth can mundanely sustain exponential population increases out into infinity. That's just completely shortsighted and selfish thinking for very strange notions of freedom.

I'm disappointed in both sides of this controversy.

As for his geoengineering ideas, I find them dumb. They are extremely synthetic, which on a macro level so far has caused the problems his geoengineering is supposedly to address.

The solution is in breaking the grip of dirty corporate industries on the minds of the people who have been systematically brainwashed by advertising, public relations, think tanks, and likewise brainwashed educators. The oil and coal and uranium industries are insanity. The Sunshine is right there, and for the amount of money wasted in the Wall Street bailout, the world could have had a solar system sufficient to replace all the oil, coal, and nuclear and then some and all without then billing anyone for usage. Not only that, but the solar industry could have employed all those who have now lost work.

When are the people going to have vision? When are they going to say no to the greedy liars who tell them more oil, more gas, more coal, more nuclear, etc.?

Elitists plan to insure the continuation of only their DNA:

The plans are under wraps but constantly being implemented. They are under wraps but only to those who can't see the results of souls bringing it forth. It's always been that way. Just ask the atheistic evolutionists. Many of them believe in a selfish gene that has been manifested because selfishness is necessary to survival. Well, I live in the Seattle area in Washington State. The city is named after Chief Seattle who is quoted as having said, "There is no death, only a change of worlds." Jesus and he agree on that. Jesus and I take it further by differentiating between the real world and the false world. It is semantical, but those worlds are manifest. The way out is the Christian Commons.

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