Look, most people know that there is evil lurking; but they just don't know how dark, dark really gets. The dark side isn't just less light. It's pitch black. I'm speaking in terms of right versus wrong here. Right is the light, and wrong is the absence thereof.

Genocide for the sake of those who perpetrate it is something they want to see as good, right, the light, etc. Well, those who are killed may actually be worse. However, there is a place where the genocide is perpetrated not with that lesser-of-evils mentality in mind but for more evil reasons. Lies are told to mask it.

Okay, then there is the stopping short of genocide. There is decimation, where every tenth is killed to put the fear into them to get them to submit. The ancients practiced both genocide and decimation.

Then there is the Nazi style that was similar to decimation but was one hundred to one. For every Nazi killed by the partisans, one hundred townsfolk men would be put before the mass firing squad.

Today, we have the Zionists (most but not all) who very nearly always exceed decimation but most often hover around the 100:1 ratio.

Cheney is a Zionist of convenience. He's really for Cheney. Dick Cheney is perfectly willing to kill 99 in cold blood perhaps to get just 1 person who is just 1% likely to be a serious threat. He's always been willing to go through hundreds of thousands and many millions of innocents if necessary to perhaps decapitate just a part here or there. It's his one-percent solution or one-percent doctrine that Ron Suskind wrote about in his book, "The One Percent Doctrine: Deep Inside America's Pursuit of Its Enemies Since 9/11."

Don't believe it that they never got it operational. Also, Rumsfeld's obsession with technology is what Bob Woodward was writing about when he said that the U.S. was suddenly winning the war on terrorism by secret means. He was referring to the predator drones, spy satellites, and locals bribed to finger "terrorists" by pointing to them via handheld hi-tech means and other such sci-fi-cum-weaponry. But that method cannot be used just anywhere, and targets are still located in various non-combat zones, so to speak. Although, to Cheney, the whole world is a war zone if there's a wanted or suspected or named target no matter how innocent he might be.

So when you think about CIA death squads or hit teams floating about assassinating people, you have to understand that this is what was underlying it. It wasn't that anyone in Congress or elsewhere is shocked by the CIA assassinating "known" al Qaeda, etc. It's that the CIA and DIA with the Special Forces under Donald Rumsfeld, that didn't have to report back to the Congress, were going about killing where the evidence was just anyone captured or paid throwing out names. It was dragnet assassinations much the way they did their dragnet surveillance.

They aren't going to want to let this get out unless they find they can't contain it. Then they will have no choice but to throw Cheney to the lions. They will have to treat him the way their fathers and grandfathers treated the Nazi war criminals. They won't have a choice.

They absolutely should not hang Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld or George W. Bush or others. They should not abuse them. They should though treat him as the total heathen that he is. If you don't know what that means, then study Jesus.

Now, there will be those who doubt this. They say, how can you possibly know this. Watch.

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