The Episcopal Church decided on Friday, July 17, 2009, to bless same-sex unions where civil partnerships are recognized by the given states. That comes on the heels of their decision to ordain openly homosexual men and women. Well, that does it. That church is utterly doomed. It's the synagogue of Satan. There's no doubt about that now.

Meanwhile, you have homosexuals deliberately massing on Mormon property to stage mass-kiss-ins it's being called. Apparently there is some dispute about what happened to spark it. The Mormons said that a couple of homosexuals were groping each other and swearing and such and were roughed up a bit by security guards.

Then you have the movie by some homosexual named Baron Cohen where he went around trying to trap people into being confronted by him taking off his clothes in person or showing a video of him stripping.

I read one account where he targeted U.S. Congressman Ron Paul and another where he targeted a Palestinian in Palestine. When I read about those incidences and also saw that his movie is being called a "hit," it just confirmed that the world is still going down deeper into the darkness.

This sort of thing is going to harden hearts more and more. It will cause wrath. This Cohen has a wish to be abused. He's a sadomasochist. He enjoys inflicting pain, and he's looking to goad someone into beating him up.

His actions actually constitute criminal assault, although I don't advocate people playing into his illness. People shouldn't reward him for his abusing people and making the world a darker place either. Buying movie tickets to watch him do that sort of stuff to others is only making things worse. It's a sign of the times. Hard-heartedness is rampant and increasing.

Also, the new Harry Potter movie is being billed as a blockbuster. After reading about all the Jews who love it because the villain is blond to allude to Hitler's Aryan racism, I just think that's such a double standard considering what Jews are doing to Arab Palestinians. ("Harry Potter and the 'Half-Blood' Jews," by Naomi Pfefferman. The Jewish Journal and JewishJournal.com. July 15, 2009.) Stereotyping blonds that way is not helpful. Of course, the old wizard is a homosexual according to the author. She announced that just to proselytize to the youngest children, who will come to regret the libertinism of those who are now leading the world astray. What an evil mind! It's no mere harmless thing that she writes about black magic. It all goes together.

Well, this life is a sieve, this planet is partly a prison for criminally insane souls, and the inmates are mundanely in charge.

Tom Usher

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