This month, Fort Carson released a 126-page report by a task force of behavioral-health and Army professionals who looked for common threads in the soldiers' crimes. They concluded that the intensity of battle, the long-standing stigma against seeking help, and shortcomings in substance-abuse and mental-health treatment may have converged with "negative outcomes," but more study was needed.
The killings are only the headline-grabbing tip of a much broader pyramid of crime. Since 2005, the brigade's returning soldiers have been involved in brawls, beatings, rapes, DUIs, drug deals, domestic violence, shootings, stabbings, kidnapping and suicides [mere "negative outcomes"].
Did the infantry turn some men into killers, or did killers seek out the infantry? Did the Army let in criminals, or did combat-tattered soldiers fall into criminal habits? Did Fort Carson fail to take care of soldiers, or did soldiers fail to take advantage of care they were offered?

And, most importantly, since the brigade is now in Afghanistan, is there a way to keep the violence from happening again?
Eric Dean, an author in Connecticut who specializes in war's psychological toll, reviewed records from the Civil War for his 1997 book, "Shook Over Hell," and found the same surge of crime and suicide that Fort Carson has seen.

"They have been in every war," he said. "They never readjusted. They ended up living alone, drinking too much."

They were "the lost generation" of World War I. They are the veterans of Vietnam who disproportionately populate homeless shelters and prisons today.

The psychological casualties may be particularly heavy in Iraq, he said.

"In the Civil War, if you experienced really traumatic fighting, chances are you didn't make it," he said. "Today, you can be blown up multiple times and go right back into the fight."

In Vietnam, most draftees did one yearlong tour. Since the start of the Iraq war, some soldiers have been deployed three times for 12 to 15 months each.
The investigation, conducted by a team of 27 behavioral health and Army professionals, concluded with a report released July 15. The findings echo what guys in the ranks said: Their tour was bloodier than most; violence in Iraq messed them up; they started abusing drugs and alcohol; treatment for substance abuse and mental health at Fort Carson was inadequate; stigma kept soldiers from getting help; and when those so-called "risk factors" came together, guys got in serious trouble.

The report did not address other issues, such as soldiers carrying guns once they return from deployments, alleged war crimes by the unit, or the Army's deployment of soldiers with pending civilian felonies.
The study recommended better mental health care and training, programs to "ensure there is no humiliation or belittling" of soldiers seeking mental health care, and more studies to "assess a possible link between deployment, combat intensity, and aggressive behavior."

But Graham said the report does not offer a simple cure.

"We didn't see any one thing that we could identify and say, yes, this is the reason these soldiers do this," he said.
"I think I was given a God-given talent to suck it up. Horrible things happen, I suck it up. I don't let it bother me."

The whole article is in two parts. It's very long but should be read. "Casualties of War, Part I: The hell of war comes home," Dave Philipps. The Gazette. July 24, 2009. Part II.

They need more studies. That's what they say. Do you see the disconnect? Do you see the mental manipulation that is going on there? War is insane. It makes people insane. If you turn off their emotions about it, you have not helped them at all. You have succeeded in killing their souls.

"...a God-given talent to suck it up"? That's not a God-given talent. That's Satan. That's falling to being a demon, monstrously wicked. It's having no working conscience.

Why is America full of that? Why are Americans supporting that?

The Pentagon is evil. It creates monsters. It wants cold-blooded, remorseless, mass killers. The only way to fix it is to do away with the Pentagon.

This is a major problem for everyone concerned and not just because these soldiers come back completely messed up and do a great deal of damage up to and including murder and not just because while they are doing what they call their jobs, killing everything that moves as ruthlessly and brutally as imaginable, but also because the Pentagon has no intention of ending the cause of it all but only in creating exactly what they want: cold-blooded, remorseless, mass killers.

They will do this by drugs, by invasive technology, by mind control, and by replacing humans with hunter-killer robots controlled first by complete sociopaths who won't care at all that they control the robots while those robots slaughter and slaughter. Then the robots will become autonomous. This will only get further and further out of control.

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