What I see most from my very diverse readings is that society is sectioned off into groups that are incestuous concerning the group's internal ideas. The groups are archetypes. Each group can't believe how outsiders can possibly think the way they do. At least they pretend they can't see the other side's point-of-view.

Hyper-individualists supposedly can't fathom collective thinking. Collectivists supposedly can't fathom being so self-centered.

The libertarian capitalists talk as if the Earth can be constantly polluted and that the human population can grow exponentially without any negative consequences. They love to snip a line here or there to make the context appear more evilly intended when it comes time to discussing the evil of pollution or humans burdening the land, as if the richest people supporting the Cato Institute, a couple of the Koch brothers, aren't responsible for a great deal of the evil of pollution.

Now enters the well-insured libertarian Cato Institute with full-page ads in the Washington Post and The New York Times charging Obama with pursuing government-run health care. A picture of Uncle Sam pointing under the headline "Your New Doctor." Nonsense. The well-insured people at Cato should know better than to declare that this "government takeover" would "reduce health care quality."

"Health Care Hypocrisy," by Ralph Nader. July 24. 2009.

Ralph is being charitable about the Cato Institute. They do know better than to declare that this "government takeover" would "reduce health care quality." They don't care about that. Their Cato Institute exists to mislead for the sake of the mindset that allows the Koch brothers to continue polluting for private profit while the getting is, in their warped minds, still good, meaning while they are still alive in the flesh.

The Bible rightly speaks of the fat of the land. There are two ways it comes. One is the mundane way of letting it rest and not taking too much and also dunging it, etc. The other is the spiritual way that the libertarian capitalists and the coercive socialists can't comprehend.

Tom Usher

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