Is Obama being "forced" to move to the left the way FDR asked to be made to do the right things but without where Obama is pretending not to be asking?

Obama has asked to be briefed about the mass murder of some 2000 Taliban POW's in 2001.

Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, is supposedly considering looking into torture.

Now Dick Cheney's deeper and darker secrets are being allowed to leak enough to cause a public uproar about illegal assassination squads that were supposedly not revealed to Congress.

Obama is backing Zelaya, although very slowly (plausible deniability at work). His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, isn't handling things correctly. She's making the Obama administration appear duplicitous. Is it?

Obama is standing "tough" against Israeli settlements. Perhaps he's letting construction projects already started be completed but no new construction starts. Critics claim that Israel rush through some quick starts to get in under the wire — housing starts that were only started on paper at best.

Obama is holding firm on a portion of the healthcare reform being government paid. Private insurance companies and insurance agencies are concerned that the government portion will suck up the market by being too competitive. That's what I've always said: Capitalism is afraid to compete on the merits. I can say that while not being for coercive socialism.

I am though for everyone taking care of everyone. That's the Golden Rule. It's the teaching of my brother, Christ. Everyone ought to want to help everyone. That's the only way it is in the real Heaven where there is no evil. It's why I offer the Christian Commons.

Well, will Obama clean economic house? In the mundane, he must rollback the banker bailouts as having been illegal, which they were. He must create government-paid skilled jobs. See: BARACK OBAMA WILL BE A ONE-TERM PRESIDENT IF HE DOESN'T CLEAN HOUSE, ESPECIALLY ECONOMIC HOUSE, AND VERY SOON

Well, Tim Geithner is trying to make himself look a little better with his consumer protection ideas. Is it a real change of heart? It's extreme gradualism if it is.

Will he clean house of false-Zionists? Rahm Emmanuel contradicted Obama about the President's healthcare position. What else is Emmanuel up too?

Obama can't allow Israel to attack anyone. He has to stop giving ambiguous, fudged, hedged answers.

He has to stop militarizing and go the opposite direction across-the-board.

He needs to stop the Monsanto Corporation from ruining the natural food supply. Rather than doing that, he hires Monsanto executives.

The person [Michael Taylor] who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar.

(Source: "You're Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It's Not So!," by Jeffrey Smith. The Huffington Post. July 23, 2009.)

He must stop all the release of untested chemicals. If they haven't been proven to be non-carcinogenic or not to cause other diseases, they should be taken off the market. Chemicals from the chemical companies ought to be treated as guilty until proven innocent. That's far from the only industry that should be viewed in that light. The genetic engineering industry should also have to prove harmlessness before any of their creations are allowed.

He needs to push for sustainable energy and not more oil or coal fired or nuclear plants. Oil, coal, and nuclear need completely to be phased out.

So, we have Goldman Sachs in charge of the economy, Monsanto in charge of the food supply, and the neocons, who brought us all the lies and invasions, in charge of foreign policy. Porn king Larry Flynt would make a better national sex educator than Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, and the neocons are at the economy, food safety, and foreign policy; and I can say that while absolutely hating Larry Flynt's business. Give up capitalism, militarism, fake food, and smut too.

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