How many people in the world are aware that it is actually illegal for Israel to be threatening Iran with attack, and that Iran already has the legal right to attack Israel right now just for saying it?

I'm against Iran exercising such mundane legal rights. They won't do it. They know that Hillary Clinton is insane and that Barack Obama would authorize massive U.S. bombardment of Iran.

If Israel does make "good" on its often repeated official threats to attack Iran for Iran's continued legal development of nuclear energy, Iran will retaliate. If the U.S. and Israel do then gang up on Iran, the world will be sent into a deep arms race that will make the Cold War pale by comparison. Russia, China, and many other nations will really work toward becoming stronger militarily together than is the U.S.

Also, Europeans will talk one way but behind closed doors, they will leverage themselves with Russia and China out of proper fear of the insane Americans and Israelis.

Nearly every last bit of Latin America will line up against the U.S.

Canada would become extremely nervous being America's neighbor.

The U.N. was supposedly created to force nations not to do exactly what Israel is doing. There has to be legal proof before any nation can attack another.

The U.S. under George W. Bush fabricated evidence to bomb, invade, occupy, and dictate to Iraq. Israel and the U.S. have been trying one dirty trick after the next against Iran. They can't supply hard evidence against Iran that Iran has a nuclear weapons program because the Iranians don't have one. They don't have one because they learned from Saddam's example. Even though Iraq didn't have one, the U.S. still showed cartoons and held up little vials while saying that Iraq does have WMD's.

Iran knows that the U.S. and Israel must have real, substantiated evidence this time. Iran is not going to give them any opportunity to produce that.

So, let me say it very clearly. If Israel attacks Iran when Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, Israel will fall. Israel is already in deep trouble with God for how it has acted toward the Palestinian Arabs (in what is now called the State of Israel) and toward the West Bank and especially Lebanon and even more so, Gaza.

God doesn't like the Jewish rabbis calling for war. God doesn't like Israel's political leaders pushing for more and more fascistic laws. God doesn't like what the United States did to the Iraqi's and what the U.S. is doing in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Somalia and Honduras and its plans against Venezuela. God knows what the U.S. did regarding 9/11. The official U.S. government worked to make it happen so the Empire could attack with the backing of the American people. It will all come out.

God isn't pleased with all those other nations, but Israel and the U.S. have the greater sin. That's a fact.

Israel is going to make the mistake. They will bring Hell upon themselves again. They don't understand. They haven't learned. They say "Never again" while they do what brings it again.

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