So, where did Mousavi come down in Ahmadinejad's struggle over whether or not to fire Ahmadinejad's choice as First Vice President, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie? Does Mousavi have the courage of his convictions? Does he say that a First Vice President may rightly say that Iran is not the enemy of the Jewish people? May he allow women to make music during worship?

Ahmadinejad fired Iran's Intelligence Minister, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejeie, when Ejeie sided against Ahmadinejad's support for Mashaie.

Iran's Supreme Leader, Khamenei, demanded in writing that Ahmadinejad terminate Mashaie. Where was the Green Movement? Where was the Green Revolution on this? Shouldn't they have backed the right of an Iranian official to say that Iran isn't the enemy of the Jews, per se?

What does this say about Ahmadinejad vis-a-vis Khamenei? It says that Khamenei and his followers are the big problem. Ahmadinejad could be worked with as is. Khamenei would have to be called upon to renounce the ethnic bigotry that his position strongly indicates. Is Khamenei as backwards as many Jewish rabbis who hold that all Iranians are the eternal enemies of all Jews? If he doesn't feel that way, he should say so and back off Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad reportedly capitulated and let Mashaie go, but reporting on it is mixed. Some reports say that Mashaie was simply moved from vice president to a sort of chief of staff. Yet, Ahmadinejad has been quoted as saying things that indicate that Ahmadinejad would be willing to follow all orders of the Supreme Leader, Khamenei.

Now he's being criticized in the West for wanting to televise confessions where detainees admit that the U.S. and U.K. were involved in the Green Revolution. Opposition members claim the confessions were likely coerced by violence and forms of torture. Khamenei even ordered a prison (Kahrizak detention center) closed over allegations of abuse.

It makes the waters appear very muddy to the mundane eye, doesn't it.

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