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"Programs to change gays to straights don't work, report says," CNN. August 5, 2009.

American Psychological Association false beliefs

After reading the CNN article, I see that the American Psychological Association is still trying to foist off on the people of the world the Association's false beliefs.

American Psychological Association change is not possible lie

Lack of belief is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The American Psychological Association is planting mental seeds suggesting change is not possible. That logic then extends to other behaviors as well, such as greed and violence. The association's approach is a denial of transformational experiences. It is a denial that what causes behavior is mutable. They are being shallow and shortsighted.

Self-esteeming sociopathy

There have been mass killers on the battlefield who have become total pacifists. There are rich people who have overcome selfishness and ended up giving over their personal wealth to the cause of sharing. Some people think pacifism and giving and sharing all are also harmful. If one fails to be peaceful and that failure brings depression, should that be taken as a sign that violence was right since the person doesn't esteem himself or herself less when being more sociopathic (having less or no working conscience) or should the person not give up and rather go deeper into his or her essence to change at the root to real harmlessness (unselfishness)?

Judith M. Glassgold doesn't preach the liberation from righteousness is enslaving

If someone is struggling to give up smoking tobacco and is suffering low self-esteem at not having what it takes to quit once and for all, then why not just smoke and accept it? The cigarette manufacturers and all those who traffic in that highly addictive behavior that does change the flesh, as does homosexual behavior, love people to take that attitude. In fact, many do. Many libertarians and others relish in lighting up as a sort of defiant statement trying to convince themselves that they are free, liberated, even have the liberality of Christ (very twisted; antinomianism). The American Psychological Association and Judith M. Glassgold are just offering more of the same as those who traffic in addictive drugs. They may not be able to see it, but then they lack vision. They are in the dark.

God detests the foregone-conclusion approach of the American Psychological Association.

The task force noted that some people attempt to change their sexual orientation because it conflicts with their religious beliefs, and recommended that their mental health care providers help them "explore possible life paths that address the reality of their sexual orientation, reduce the stigma associated with homosexuality, respect the client's religious beliefs, and consider possibilities for a religiously and spiritually meaningful and rewarding life."

"In other words," said Glassgold, "we recommend that psychologists be completely honest about the likelihood of sexual orientation change, and that they help clients explore their assumptions and goals with respect to both religion and sexuality."

That is dishonest. What Glassgold is really saying is that human beings need to expect average results no matter whether the individual is desirous of transcending the norm. Glassgold's approach really asks people not to rise in truth.

Homosexuality is a stigma

He approach seeks to de-stigmatize that which ought not to be de-stigmatized. Homosexual behavior is a reproach. It is caving into that which is not harmless as a dove. It is harmful. To say otherwise is to speak falsehood and to mislead into harm.

Where is the line drawn, or is it not drawn at all by the American Psychological Association?

Stigma of pedophilia and bestiality

Is pedophilia no longer a mental disease in the opinion of the American Psychological Association?

The Problem of Pedophilia

We've read recently about the man caught in the act of having sex with a horse. Is he not thereby stigmatized? Is sticking his erected penis in the vagina or anus of a horse less offensive than doing the same to a fellow male human? If so, tell us why. Tell us, American Psychological Association, the scientific, peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate it in some way the may be clearly differentiated from the opinions of the American Psychological Association concerning homosexuality and bisexuality, etc.

Can the man who has sex with horses change? Would trying and failing be harmful? Would it lessen his self-esteem?

God and Jesus can heal anyone or anything

I know Jesus can heal him if he will believe. That's not what the American Psychological Association wants you to believe though.

American Psychological Association method is to misdirect the patient

Judith M. Glassgold is the chairwoman of the Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation. Look at that: "Task Force." What's the task? What are they working to force? "Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation" means what? They are trying to say that those who don't want same-sex attraction need therapy to overcome not wanting that harmful attraction. The American Psychological Association is working iniquity here. It's dark side.

American Psychological Association arrogantly attempts to make of its members the high priests and priestesses even of Christianity

Judith M. Glassgold is actually telling people in a very subtle way to some (but in very stark terms to me) that they don't have to submit to their religious beliefs. Glassgold is more than hinting to the Association's members and others that it is not only okay but actually good and healthy to tell people that their religious beliefs can be and should be compromised.

Judith M. Glassgold needs help to see the light

Here's what is going on there. Glassgold is retarding the movement and power of the Holy Spirit of God and Jesus Christ to work within to heal the soul and flesh of selfishness that is harmful even to a degree that is simultaneously infinitesimally small in Judith M. Glassgold's eyes — too small for her to see and concerning — but of which selfishness she's really aware and just in outward denial. She's suppressing. She has a hidden, personal agenda. She shares it with many:

The American Psychological Association has even joined forces with the totally misleading and dangerous/harmful group knows as Soulforce.

Heterosexism is the presumption that everyone is heterosexual and that opposite sex attractions and relationships are preferable and superior to those of the same sex. Heterosexism has been encoded into nearly every major social, religious, cultural, and economic institution in our society and it leads directly to discrimination and the harmful efforts by some health care providers and religious groups to change or repress the sexual orientation of those under their care.

That's a very strange seed to plant: to suggest that those who hold against homosexuality don't believe that people are homosexual. It's an indicative twist of mind that allows these people of Soulforce to think wrongly the way they do. Heterosexuality, per se, is not as confused as is homosexuality. That's obvious. Penises don't belong in anuses. They were designed for it. It's a total contrivance of twisted thinking to think otherwise. Truth is truth. Soulforce is selling bitter for sweet. Also, you see the sweeping statement that it is harmful to change from being homosexual. Is anyone really dumb enough to fall for this nonsense? How intellectually immature and dishonest can thinking be amongst adults who hold all sorts of advanced degrees? Well, it can be very, very immature and more so just plain twisted.

It is not harmful to stop being a homosexual

It is not harmful to stop being a homosexual. It's a blessing. Be blessed by God. Stop being a homosexual or what ever other thing you're doing that you should not: pornography.... If you fall off the wagon, get back on. Repent anew. Persevere. Don't listen to the homosexuals. They're just proselytizing for their disease state.

This is really, really bad. Judith M. Glassgold and Soulforce and others are spreading huge spiritual harm.

Homosexuality is harmful

Homosexuality is harmful. It is always harmful. It is something that ought never to be done and should never be offered up as something acceptable. "Homosexuals: What they ignore." It is and always has been a disease.

American Psychological Association and Judith M. Glassgold doing huge long-term damage spiritual

Caving into the evil temptation of homosexual behavior (and it is evil that is doing the tempting) is always damaging. It always results in that concerning which one then needs healing. This is known. Glassgold actually knows it but even though people can stop homosexual behavior and therefore stop the real harm from spreading, Glassgold and the other misleaders go right on telling people to indulge in the harmful behavior and that the resulting harm is (they would like people to believe) the lesser of evils — "maybe" less harmful than the low self-esteem of trying to break the nasty habit and failing.

False religion of unjustified self-esteem: Greed, violence, sexual disease, etc.

The religion of high self-esteem when one is engaging in spreading great harm is a wicked religion. High morale on the battle field in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a deep, deep mental disease. High morale at Goldman Sachs and the other Wall Street banks that have been bailed out by the taxpayers and that have in turn paid out huge, record-setting bonuses while many of those taxpayers (coerced into helping the hyper-greedy in their utterly selfish addiction) are being foreclosed and worse, is sheer evil.

Where's the consistency on the part of the American Psychological Association? Why are they such complete hypocrites? Why aren't they on the forefront against greed, violence, and selfishness everywhere? Don't their scientific studies show them the evil's done by war?

Really, if you follow the American Psychological Association rather than the teaching of Jesus Christ, you are lost. You are in the dark.

Programs to change homosexuals do work depending on the program

You can change! People who have been in homosexual relationships can come to loathe their former behavior. They can become repulsed by such confusion. They can straighten out their thoughts. They can overcome the subtle and overt truly hypnotic suggestions by the like of the Judith M. Glassgolds of the world.

Don't listen to her. She's spreading lies. She's been trained up and indoctrinated to do it. Perhaps she'll do some soul searching rather than continue playing mind games to self authorize whatever she personally finds she can't overcome because she's too spiritually lazy to struggle and she doesn't want to feel bad about her lack.

Jesus does not teach self-esteem in iniquity. The wicked should not esteem themselves.

Transformational Repentance

The first part of realizing just how abused and abusive one has been or still is, is being completely honest about how far one has fallen into selfishness that is always harmful. One must take the rebuking and love it. Then one will know what to esteem.

If you esteem homosexuality to any degree, you're dead of the Holy Spirit of truth. Read Jesus's words. He did not hold with any of what was called sexual iniquity at the time. He spoke against what was considered sexual iniquity. He did not overturn Moses's view that homosexuality is confusion. He did though remove the hypocrisy of violent coercion and stoning. If you don't understand this, read his words and ponder them until you get it. It's there.

CNN give top billing to homosexuality: what CNN is promoting

You will notice that the CNN site has "HEALTH" as a top category. Religion is not there. In fact, if you visit each of the top mainstream news sites, you will find that religion is not a top category anywhere. Science is. Technology often is. Health is, even though Jesus healed in ways science can never.

They disassociate Jesus from health; yet, it was Jesus who made people and souls whole.

You will also note that Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, is the sole rebuttal to the CNN promoted American Psychological Association position and that Alan Chambers' thoughts on the subject come only at the tail end of the article, are not given much room, and are not the final word of the article. The article ends with the following paragraph:

Though all mainstream health and mental health organizations concluded years ago that homosexuality is not a mental disorder, the American Psychological Association formed the task force to work on the report two years ago after noting a resurgence of groups that identified homosexuality as a defect or spiritual or moral failing.

The Soulforce site quotes:

The American Psychological Association warns:
For over three decades the consensus of the mental health community has been that homosexuality is not an illness and therefore not in need of a cure. The APA's concern about the positions espoused by NARTH [National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality] and so-called conversion therapy is that they are not supported by the science. There is simply no sufficient scientifically sound evidence that sexual orientation can be changed. Our further concern is that the positions espoused by NARTH and Focus on the Family create an environment in which prejudice and discrimination can flourish.

Now look at that. That's the American Psychological Association saying that Alan Chambers and others don't even exist. How many people are there in the world that experimented with homosexuality and rejected it? How many took it up thinking at the time that they were resolved to it for life but still ended up giving it up? How many won't say because of fear because others don't know that they were active homosexuals?

NARTH is associated with Focus on the Family. I don't hold with all things Focus on the Family. In fact, the same issues of hypocrisy apply to them as apply to the American Psychological Association. Focus on the Family isn't consistent on matters of greed and violence either. Nevertheless, NARTH is amassing more and more evidence that the American Psychological Association is wrong about homosexuals not being able to change. NARTH is right about it, although they are way too weak in the Spirit.

The homosexuals in the American Psychological Association are scrambling to try to recapture the souls of the masses being awakened by the truth that change is possible, desirous, and beneficial.

They are going to lose this argument because they are wrong.

So, don't fall for the falsehoods being spewed out by the deviant minded. The American Psychological Association and Judith M. Glassgold and the rest of the authors of the report (Lee Beckstead, Jack Drescher, Beverly Greene, Robin Lin Miller, Roger L. Worthington) have an agenda of libertinism.

How many of the so-called healers of the American Psychological Association are homosexuals, bisexuals, or transsexuals or want to be?

Homosexuality is never benign

Remember, homosexuality is never benign. Don't be in the dark. Tell the truth and nothing but.

Here's an interested article for thought. "Pro-Homosexual Researchers Conceal Findings: Children Raised by Openly Homosexual Parents More Likely to Engage in Homosexuality," by Trayce Hansen, Ph.D. (Dr. Trayce Hansen's Writings. Undated.)

Competing rights prioritized

Make no mistake about it, this is where the battle line is drawn. If homosexuality is a choice, and it is, and if homosexuality is harmful, and it is, then the idea that it must be afforded the same status as race or real gender falls down. The idea of the rights of free political speech and of free religious belief is subject to the concept of harm. Competing rights come into the debate.

One is not free in the United States to yell fire in a crowded theater where there is no fire or reason to rush out. People can be harmed in a stampede.

People are given religious liberties because the debate continues. Without the ability to discuss, we aren't going to truly progress as a social species.

Right of Free Association

What we are seeing though is the homosexuals who claim to have been abused now becoming the abusers. We see that people who know that homosexuality is unhealthy are being denied the right of free association. We see the religious being denied the right to run adoption agencies that refuse to place children with homosexuals for good reason, as Trayce Hansen's article suggests. We see many moves afoot to further reduce the religious. Consequently, the debate is drawn. The homosexuals had their field day, but the momentum will reverse and rightly so.

"EU directive could open up faith schools to non-believers," Jonathan Wynne-Jones. Telegraph. April 11, 2009.

"EU equality law is an 'instrument of oppression', Roman Catholic bishops warn," by Simon Caldwell. Telegraph. August 3, 2009.

The right of free association is a competing right. Where there is real freedom of association, anti-homosexuals do not have to welcome homosexuals. They have that right because homosexuality is a choice and harmful. It's that simple. People cannot be forced (yet) to hire pedophiles. Yet, the same logic behind homosexual rights applies to the rights of pedophiles. Does such a right exist? It didn't exist for homosexuals not that long ago.

So, the battle ground for the homosexuals is along the lines of choice and harm. They have tried to say it's not a choice and that's harmless. They are wrong across-the-board and will lose on account of it.

If you think that what happens to a child doesn't matter, watch the following. Pay especially close attention at the 2.34 point in the video.

Sexual activity in childhood is not neutral. Nor should the hedonistic measure of "did it feel good" or "did you like it" be used in deciding right from wrong. Feelings can easily become confused. Getting drunk feels "good" until the sickness sets in and then the hangover occurs. Cause and effect is eternal. Reap what you sow. Learn.

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