Higher Standards Always Needed

Free-market globalization was a terrible idea because the only way California can compete is by going back to the days of Love Canal unless the rest of the world is asked to rise to the higher standards. Those who were saying decades ago that those who want to import into the U.S. should meet reasonable environmental, health, safety, and wage standards, etc., were mundanely right.

Reaganomics Versus High Environmental Standards

There were better ways, but given the choice between Reaganomics versus high environmental standards, the higher environmental standards were far and away superior. Reagan was a terrible leader. He was dumb-down.

Stupid Deregulation Choices then Caused the Current Problems Now

The problems in California were caused by the combination of deregulation and Federal Reserve policy. If the New Deal era Glass-Steagall Act hadn't been overturned via the wicked Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and had there never been a Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 but rather something Brooksley Born had wanted to see, there wouldn't have been a Long-Term Capital Management hedge-fund debacle (1997-98) on steroids that we've just seen in 2008-9 and California, the rest of the U.S., and world wouldn't be in nearly the mess that it all is. The handwriting was on the wall for all to see.


Clinton's Triangulation: Devil's Plan

It was the Reagan/Bush administration approach followed by Clinton's triangulation that caused the current depression. The superrich are loving it because they're using it to get the duped minions to echo all the causes the plutocrats want to just continue raping the planet and people to death.

NAFTA Monster

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) has also been a monster. Had the U.S. really had a Good Neighbor Policy and not the less-than-lukewarm sap of Franklin Roosevelt's save-capitalism-by-co-opting-some-socialists/unionists-measures, Latin America could have been a huge partner in real productivity. Greedy snakes at the top of the banks never want that though. It would be too good.

California Could Solve Its Problems with State Bank and State Currency

California could solve its problems with nearly the stroke of a pen. It could create it's own state bank the way North Dakota has. See: "California Doesn't Need to Borrow Billions from Washington — It Can Create Its Own Money," by Ellen Brown. AlterNet. May 27, 2009.

Abolish the Federal Reserve: Go to United States Notes

Of course, the U.S. could easily abolish the Federal Reserve and replace the whole system with United States Notes that would be interest free and lower income taxes by about $400 billion a year or at least allow the money to go to productive things rather than interest on bonds when the U.S. has never needed to borrow a dime.

I've spelled the whole thing out on this site. It's all here. They know it. Other people have come to the same conclusion. It's not disputed. The hocus-pocus economists don't want anyone realizing it. The world bankers don't want it to get out.

It would be one of the best things that ever happened to the people if the people would wake up and demand United States Notes issued at an exact-formula rate pegged to the real productivity rate of Main Street and to Hell with Wall Street speculation. Let them do some real work for a change.

Universal Healthcare is Easy, Better, and Cheaper

Then there are the conservatives complaining about $1 trillion for U.S. healthcare over the next decade, but it would save $4 trillion over that same decade. Why are people so dumb as to be listening to Fox News talking heads? They were saying that there wouldn't be a recession/depression right up to the bitter end. They have short memories. Meanwhile, lots of much more intelligent economists were predicting exactly what happened. Many predicted the U.S. would bog down in Iraq and make a mess of things. That happened too.

Dean Baker, James K. Galbraith, Joseph Stiglitz, Michael Hudson, Robert Kuttner, Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Zarlenga, and many other economists knew better than the bunch that the neocons still have in charge.

See also: Monetary Reform Act

Lying Health-Insurance Industry: Vampires preying on the sick and dying

Healthcare in many other countries is as good or better than that in the U.S. In many nations, no one is turned away, no one goes bankrupt on account of medical bills or expensive drugs, and no one stands in a long waiting line. The lying health-insurance industry only talks about a few countries and not the best. That's because they are selfish and greedy and going to the best plan would stop them from bankrupting families while drinking the blood of the sick and dying.

Folks, the wrong people are in charge. The people vote monsters into office. They elect ravening wolves to watch over them. It's biblical.

You know, the answers are here. The powers that be know it. They refuse to even talk about it. It's going to be their downfall. They are coming down. It's not my fault. It's their own.

Loud Dupes and Minions of the Corporations that Drink Their Blood

This is predictable. The dupes of the giant multinational corporations and world bankers who are losing everything are ranting against what will save trillions of dollars. They don't know anything about universal-healthcare systems in other nations or how the economy really works in the U.S. (scientific manipulation). They simply listen to the same old voices that have caused the depression.

Fox News, Rupert Murdoch Not for the People

Fox News doesn't give a damn about these people who are shouting in that video. Rupert Murdoch is not a populist. He is not a man of or for the people. He's for his empire. He's for the Empire to the extent that he can make it his own. He's a monopolist who propagates lies. Look at all the lies in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq that Fox News still covers up. Rupert Murdoch is a false Zionist who doesn't ever shed even one tear for innocent Arab or Muslim children who are literally murdered. He's a cold-blooded capitalist and militarist. I've never heard of one who isn't also messed up sexually too.

Copyright Protection a Mask for Censorship and Perception Management

The capitalists are trying to pull out all the stops on copyright protection. They want to push it to the limit. They want political debate to have as little ability to quote material as possible. They want the connections broken. They want maximum dumb-down. They will stop at nothing to gain and to maintain their wealth, power, and control. They are though playing with fire, and they know it. They are being tempted, and they are tempting. It's sheer evil.

Alex Jones: Make Up Your Mind

In the meantime, Alex Jones rants and raves but then produces what appear to be coolheaded, levelheaded statements:

The Obama Deception

I did a post on his video, "The Obama Deception."http://www.realliberalchristianchurch.org/2009/05/08/obama-terror-to-good-works.html I agree with much of the video. In my post, I explain where I diverge from Alex's view.

It is good to hear Alex focus on the corporate deception and the false spectrum that he calls the left-right paradigm of Republican/Democrat.

Anti-Environmentalism is Crony Capitalism/Corporatism at Best

Unfortunately, Alex hasn't yet realized that his anti-environmentalism is also corporate-think-tank garbage. He is right though that Cap and Trade is a really stupid way of combating problems. Cap and Trade is corporate finance/securities economic-bubble material. What Alex and the others need to understand though is that the real core-environmentalists were never for Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade is Yuppie bull.

Pacifism Is the Only Right Way!

Alex is also advocating violence as a solution. That's antichrist. Either he loves Jesus and renounces violence or he hates Jesus and pays only lip service. That's the way it is, Alex. Make up your mind. Nobody enters Heaven in the Highest while slinging a gun, let along actually shooting people.

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