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"Programs to change gays to straights don't work, report says," CNN. August 5, 2009.

American Psychological Association false beliefs

After reading the CNN article, I see that the American Psychological Association is still trying to foist off on the people of the world the Association's false beliefs.

American Psychological Association change is not possible lie

Lack of belief is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The American Psychological Association is planting mental seeds suggesting change is not possible. That logic then extends to other behaviors as well, such as greed and violence. The association's approach is a denial of transformational experiences. It is a denial that what causes behavior is mutable. They are being shallow and shortsighted.

Self-esteeming sociopathy

There have been mass killers on the battlefield who have become total pacifists. There are rich people who have overcome selfishness and ended up giving over their personal wealth to the cause of sharing. Some people think pacifism and giving and sharing all are also harmful. If one fails to be peaceful and that failure brings depression, should that be taken as a sign that violence was right since the person doesn't esteem himself or herself less when being more sociopathic (having less or no working conscience) or should the person not give up and rather go deeper into his or her essence to change at the root to real harmlessness (unselfishness)?

Judith M. Glassgold doesn't preach the liberation from righteousness is enslaving

If someone is struggling to give up smoking tobacco and is suffering low self-esteem at not having what it takes to quit once and for all, then why not just smoke and accept it? The cigarette manufacturers and all those who traffic in that highly addictive behavior that does change the flesh, as does homosexual behavior, love people to take that attitude. In fact, many do. Many libertarians and others relish in lighting up as a sort of defiant statement trying to convince themselves that they are free, liberated, even have the liberality of Christ (very twisted; antinomianism). The American Psychological Association and Judith M. Glassgold are just offering more of the same as those who traffic in addictive drugs. They may not be able to see it, but then they lack vision. They are in the dark.

God detests the foregone-conclusion approach of the American Psychological Association.

The task force noted that some people attempt to change their sexual orientation because it conflicts with their religious beliefs, and recommended that their mental health care providers help them "explore possible life paths that address the reality of their sexual orientation, reduce the stigma associated with homosexuality, respect the client's religious beliefs, and consider possibilities for a religiously and spiritually meaningful and rewarding life."

"In other words," said Glassgold, "we recommend that psychologists be completely honest about the likelihood of sexual orientation change, and that they help clients explore their assumptions and goals with respect to both religion and sexuality."

That is dishonest. What Glassgold is really saying is that human beings need to expect average results no matter whether the individual is desirous of transcending the norm. Glassgold's approach really asks people not to rise in truth.

Homosexuality is a stigma

He approach seeks to de-stigmatize that which ought not to be de-stigmatized. Homosexual behavior is a reproach. It is caving into that which is not harmless as a dove. It is harmful. To say otherwise is to speak falsehood and to mislead into harm.

Where is the line drawn, or is it not drawn at all by the American Psychological Association?

Stigma of pedophilia and bestiality

Is pedophilia no longer a mental disease in the opinion of the American Psychological Association?

The Problem of Pedophilia

We've read recently about the man caught in the act of having sex with a horse. Is he not thereby stigmatized? Is sticking his erected penis in the vagina or anus of a horse less offensive than doing the same to a fellow male human? If so, tell us why. Tell us, American Psychological Association, the scientific, peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate it in some way the may be clearly differentiated from the opinions of the American Psychological Association concerning homosexuality and bisexuality, etc.

Can the man who has sex with horses change? Would trying and failing be harmful? Would it lessen his self-esteem?

God and Jesus can heal anyone or anything

I know Jesus can heal him if he will believe. That's not what the American Psychological Association wants you to believe though.

American Psychological Association method is to misdirect the patient

Judith M. Glassgold is the chairwoman of the Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation. Look at that: "Task Force." What's the task? What are they working to force? "Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation" means what? They are trying to say that those who don't want same-sex attraction need therapy to overcome not wanting that harmful attraction. The American Psychological Association is working iniquity here. It's dark side.

American Psychological Association arrogantly attempts to make of its members the high priests and priestesses even of Christianity

Judith M. Glassgold is actually telling people in a very subtle way to some (but in very stark terms to me) that they don't have to submit to their religious beliefs. Glassgold is more than hinting to the Association's members and others that it is not only okay but actually good and healthy to tell people that their religious beliefs can be and should be compromised.

Judith M. Glassgold needs help to see the light

Here's what is going on there. Glassgold is retarding the movement and power of the Holy Spirit of God and Jesus Christ to work within to heal the soul and flesh of selfishness that is harmful even to a degree that is simultaneously infinitesimally small in Judith M. Glassgold's eyes — too small for her to see and concerning — but of which selfishness she's really aware and just in outward denial. She's suppressing. She has a hidden, personal agenda. She shares it with many:

The American Psychological Association has even joined forces with the totally misleading and dangerous/harmful group knows as Soulforce.

Heterosexism is the presumption that everyone is heterosexual and that opposite sex attractions and relationships are preferable and superior to those of the same sex. Heterosexism has been encoded into nearly every major social, religious, cultural, and economic institution in our society and it leads directly to discrimination and the harmful efforts by some health care providers and religious groups to change or repress the sexual orientation of those under their care.

That's a very strange seed to plant: to suggest that those who hold against homosexuality don't believe that people are homosexual. It's an indicative twist of mind that allows these people of Soulforce to think wrongly the way they do. Heterosexuality, per se, is not as confused as is homosexuality. That's obvious. Penises don't belong in anuses. They were designed for it. It's a total contrivance of twisted thinking to think otherwise. Truth is truth. Soulforce is selling bitter for sweet. Also, you see the sweeping statement that it is harmful to change from being homosexual. Is anyone really dumb enough to fall for this nonsense? How intellectually immature and dishonest can thinking be amongst adults who hold all sorts of advanced degrees? Well, it can be very, very immature and more so just plain twisted.



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