Murdoch is more so oil-sponsored and Zionist, the false type of Zionism including Christian Zionism. Rupert Murdoch claims to profess Jesus. What a joke that is!

GE is electric and large-gizmo oriented.

That doesn't explain who they both are in total, but it goes a long way. Oil doesn't like nuclear and vice versa. GE is weapons. All are extremely rich. All compete. Each though needs the Empire. The Empire needs oil and nuclear and weapons, etc.; hence the order from on high to "get along better in front of the children." Get along better, Keith Olbermann (NBC; MSNBC) and Bill O'Reilly. This was delivered via (Public Broadcasting System) PBS's Charlie Rose for public consumption — perception management. The children are the self-styled neocon and self-styled libertarian and self-styled liberal dupes. The real populists aren't fooled.

So, Olbermann was ordered to stop negatively criticizing O'Reilly. Olbermann has been censored by the dark side, not that he isn't in the dark himself. The evil system was worked by the spirit of Satan operating within Bill O'Reilly to protect the Evil Empire's building in the Middle East against the smaller evil empires there. Yes, the violently coercive, dictatorial clerics in Iran are evil as are the Saudi Royal Family and the Likudniks in Israel, etc.

The so-called libertarians rail against vaccines and biotech and the idea of excessive carbon burning {manmade climate change and unmitigated (no chemtrails, etc.) global warming from oil burning} as a problem, but they don't connect chemistry and pharmaceuticals and various forms of pollution with oil companies. They don't connect that with weapons. Wake up dupes! Wake up, Alex Jones!

The world bankers and international financiers control the money — mammon. They are all rich in money. Money buys them everything except God. Money is an evil system that came out from evil minds. Money in every form including gold as a medium of exchange is going to Hell.

It's interesting and somewhat shocking to me that a NYT article wouldn't even mention the effect on the hosts' journalistic freedom. . . . I assume that both Olbermann and O'Reilly would not have agreed to the truce, as the battle is ratings gold for both of them, and I'm sure they frankly hate each other and enjoy it.

The sad truth is that what Olbermann and O'Reilly were doing in this particular instance was one of the rare examples of good journalism on these types of shows. Olbermann was holding O'Reilly's feet to the fire about his repeated falsehoods and embarrassing positions. In turn, O'Reilly was giving the public accurate and disturbing information about General Electric, including extensive technology dealings with Iran. In my personal opinion, this was one of the rare useful pieces of information O'Reilly ever presented to his audience, and Olbermann was there to show how lousy the rest of O'Reilly's information was. Though it was in the context of a bitter feud, the two men were actually engaging in real journalism, at least in this case.

That's from August 2, 2009, "GE's silencing of Olbermann and MSNBC's sleazy use of Richard Wolffe," by Glenn Greenwald. OpEdNews and

It's interesting that OpEdNews republishes Greenwald's article about corporate censorship while it censored me over an article on homosexuality for being politically incorrect. I used the term bugger and said that the act is in effect offensive. Google (major, pro-homosexuality corporation) also recently censored me about homosexuality.

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