Obama is messing up so much. He's squandered everything so far. He came in off a really deceptive primary season. He started out running on the left with some fudging. As the primary progressed, he moved further and further in the direction of triangulation still fudging on both sides. The youth dupes gave him the benefit of the doubt. Then he got in and did the dumbest things possible: hiring neocons and Wall Streeters.

Clean house.

He pumped the money into Wall Street (stupid!) and revved up the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Meanwhile, the whole new ball game got started without him. His mind was somewhere else while the extreme neocons co-opting the libertarians moved against him on the economy (which he blew) and healthcare, concerning which he can't argue his way out of a wet paper bag because his heart isn't in it and he should have pushed for 100% single-payer telling Max Baucus that it's Obama's way or the highway. That's hardball politics at which Obama stinks. I won't tell how he should have handled going for single-payer.

The magazine covers showing him as FDR were ridiculous, wishful thinking on the part of New Dealers.

Obama is blowing it and paving the way for a reactionary comeback that will be the utter ruination of the planet. It just gets worse and worse.

When we hit 10.5 billion people, watch out!

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