Does Rush Limbaugh ever read? He's so busy talking. He's so busy getting and maintaining the pulse of people who don't read, one wonders. Don't the people who follow Rush get nearly every speck of their "news" from listening to AM radio while their on the road or whatever and then the rest of their "news" from watching FOX News channel's mostly non-journalist talking heads? When do they read?

You know those talkers only talk so fast. One can read, well some can read, ten times even a hundred times faster than those people can talk. Also, one can then read many different viewpoints.

These Rush followers really don't know what the opposition is really saying. They only know what Rush says the opposition is saying or thinking, and he gets it mostly quite wrong.

A while back, Rush said that the plan to fund some healthcare from taxes is akin to Nazism: the Obama plan. He was told that Nazism is not and was not socialism. He's still though insisting that Nazi is short for National Socialism so therefore the Nazi movement was socialist. Under Hitler, it was not socialist. The Nazi government did not own all the means of production (the meaning of socialism). They did have an extremely strong industrial policy that was driven by expansion plans. Nevertheless, the capitalist industrialists were still very much active under Hitler. The fact is that Hitler was a fascist, and fascism is a phenomenon of the right.

Schacht was one of the few finance ministers to take advantage of the freedom provided by the end of the gold standard to keep interest rates low and government budget deficits high, with massive public works funded by large budget deficits[3]. The consequence was an extremely rapid decline in unemployment—the most rapid decline in unemployment in any country during the Great Depression[3]. Eventually this Keynesian economic policy was supplemented by the boost to demand provided by rearmament and swelling military spending.
As big business became increasingly organized, it developed an increasingly close partnership with the Nazi government. The government pursued economic policies that maximized the profits of its business allies, and, in exchange, business leaders supported the government's political and military goals.[7]

What you see there is a mixed economy where Hitler's economist was vastly smarter than Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner, and Ben Bernanke combined to the nth degree. What you see there is a total absence of finance capitalism (meaning Wall Streeters and bankers or banksters) and a total commitment to infrastructure and then armaments.

The only mistake there is armaments. If Hitler had been smart enough, he could have plowed all of Germany's efforts into only Main Street needs of the people and far outdone anything in the history of the human race.

The huge error of the United States right now is that the people chose Barack Obama rather than someone who would have done exactly what I just outlined.

There are a few people who were for very nearly exactly what I just described.

Anyway, it's still not too late. However, the people are being severely misled on both sides of the Democratic Party/Republican Party divide.

No one is listening to what makes sense. They can't hear. What do they want? What are they deserving?

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