Socialist-leaning Pentagon versus socialist-leaning universal healthcare

Many people believe that Obama is caving in right now concerning the issue of universal healthcare. If you are going to be coercive, why not be coercive for better things than the American socialist war machine? People will gladly pay taxes to fund the socialist Pentagon (yes, it's socialist with the exception of privatization) but not healthcare except for socialist-military personnel. All members of the military are member of a socialist organization.

It would be best to do away with coercion in the human heart and mind. I'm for that. How far are greedy health insurance companies from that though? How far from God are all these people who don't understand sharing the fruits of their "labors" with the abused and downtrodden? They'll all share the fruits that are the spoils of war if they can get any share. Jesus certainly shared the fruits of his labors with the abused and downtrodden. Why do so many Americans only care when bad things happen close to them or to them? Well, that's the sorting process. The worthy care and go to Heaven. The unworthy don't care, and end up with the one who cares least: the proverbial Satanic spirit.

Obama hasn't countered all the falsehoods about public healthcare. He's been very low key and monotonous. He's way too far over on the side of greed. Actually, being on that side at all is a sin.

Barack met over and over with the worst of the worst, the greediest of the greedy in capitalist health-insurance who do a terrible job at providing. I'm talking about the CEO of UnitedHealth, Stephen J. Hemsley, for instance. Of course, there are many others who profit obscenely off other people's pain and suffering and worse. See:

How can anyone pull down that kind of money off other people being sick or needing to hedge against being wiped out financially if they become ill? I know that the sick people being covered and who also have been rejected often for no good reason what so ever, are not the only ones who are sick. Each of those CEO's is sick, sick in his or her soul, if he or she has one. Oh, they have souls, they're just dead of the Holy Spirit. Shame! I'm not spreading malicious gossip here. I'm calling for these people to repent and to have compassion, to soften their hearts, to encourage others to do so also, etc.

They and their companies stand between people and their doctors and deny coverage. Publicly paid services in Germany and France do not stand in the way. They produce shorter waiting times for care and have better outcomes and more satisfied users than the U.S. system. The U.S. system is built upon greed for the greedy to rape the people. Those greedy ones sell everyone who will buy the lies about public services. France is public and has the highest rated healthcare system in the world — far better than in the U.S. and much less expensive overall. The U.S. is rated around 37th. The greedy ones have brought the U.S. to number 37. That means 36 other nations are rated higher. Yet, the deluded will believe and trust the greedy ones who have raped them and made the nation's health service to stink compare to the rest.

Only the rich can afford the top of the line care that is available in the U.S. Why don't people wake up and realize it?

Down with finance capitalism

Many Americans are being every bit as dimwitted about this as they have been about the Wall Streeters who raped them all, cheated them all, cheated the whole world of tens of trillions of dollars, even cheated themselves of the kind of world we could be inheriting rather than the cesspool of corruption Wall Street always has brought forth. Finance capitalism is a confidence game. Everyone is being gamed, faked out, tricked, had....

Time for Max Baucus to go

The best universal coverage for the least amount of money for all the American people never had a chance what with the sellout corporate shill, Max Baucus, the Democratic Party Senator from Montana, who has taken more medical industry contributions than anyone else in the U.S. Senate.

There have been so many falsehoods that have been deliberately spread about the government paid (not directed) partial program that it would take a small book to cover them all. The biggest ones I can think of are:

  • People wouldn't be able to choose doctors
  • The system would cost more, that people would be denied care over and above the current situation
  • Government bureaucrats would make the healthcare decisions the way private carriers do now

None of that is true. They are all flat out lies spread by flat out, greedy liars who have the eyes and ears of people who don't bother to question the garbage that is spewed out from corporations such as News Corp that owns FOX News that hardly has news but rather mostly has talking heads bought and paid for by greedy corporatists who don't a give damn about the fools they deceive and get to shout down people at town-hall meetings, something I don't condone from the left either, although I do understand the frustration on either or any side when it isn't allowed to be heard, which was the case at the U.S. Senate hearing with regard to single-payer as an option.

Therefore, the right-wingers who were duped into going to the town hall meetings really never heard the truth coming out of the Senate Hearings. The truth wasn't allowed. Single-payer facts from around the world were deliberately censored by Max Baucus who was paid to do that. He censored because otherwise the testimony about single payer would have been too much for FOX and others to refute. The people would have seen it and read about it and been convinced. That's a fact. He censored because if he didn't, then all the medical insurance companies would have stopped flowing all the money into Baucus's Senatorial war chest. Baucus gets to buy favors with that money you know.

He has lots of very rich and powerful friends he looks out for and who then take care of Baucus's family, etc. When people associated with Baucus need anything, doors open up that would not otherwise. That's the way the corrupt system works. It's not meritorious. It's the opposite. He who is the most dishonest and can get away with it is at the top.

Gun rights and the right to be spiritually intelligent, that is unselfish

At meetings where Obama is talking about healthcare, something he wouldn't have had to be doing had the shill Max Baucus not censored the truth from the Senate, people are showing up with loaded rifles and handguns as a statement about their right to bear arms, among other things. What will happen is that it will become easy for an assassin to get closer. It only takes one. Everyone else can be as "law abiding" as can be. If no one is carrying though, it becomes much more difficult for an assassin. Also, with lots of people packing, if someone fires off a round, think about all the weapons that would be drawn and how the also armed law-enforcement people might react around their responsibility to protect Obama? People have the right to carry weapons, they think. They also have the right for sure to be intelligent about how much danger they are introducing into a situation. So don't be stupid that is selfish.

It is clear that there are people who are enjoying the chest pounding of carrying guns. Don't deny that that is a large part of it. It is a very anti-peace movement thing. It is pro-violence. There was a time when the British police didn't carry fire arms. It wasn't lost by them carrying them first. It was lost by criminal influences from outside Britain. America is undergoing a back and forth ratcheting up all the way around. Criminals increase firepower. Law-enforcement increases firepower. Non-criminal citizens increase firepower. Everyone is headed in the wrong direction.

Well, I'm a Christian, and a Christian is supposed to be willing to be killed rather than fight back. A Christian is supposed to trust that God will reward the souls who will not cave into violence no matter what. If everyone had that attitude, who'd be left to start the violence? That's Jesus's position by implication. Do you think I haven't interpreted correctly?

Illegal Israeli settlements/colonies

Obama is caving into the Israelis still about illegal settlements (colonies) in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where the Israelis brutalize and dispossess Palestinian women and children and babies and the aged.

Barack Obama has abandoned Zelaya, truth, and domestic and international law

Obama is lying about Honduras. His administration is not lifting a finger to restore the duly elected president of Honduras, Zelaya, who broke no laws in his attempt to conduct a non-binding survey in Honduras.

Obama's War: still the baby killer

Obama is still revving of war in Afghanistan and Pakistan and is now sounding exactly like George W. Bush about the Taliban and al Qaeda. The Pashtuns of Pashtunistan (part of Afghanistan and Pakistan) are not interested (were not interested in) attacking the U.S. and if handled correctly (treated correctly) would not allow anyone to operate on their territory to conduct any terrorist attacks anywhere. They could also be induced to end the most egregious discriminatory practices against their female population.

About Iran, when is Obama going to tell Netanyahu, "No"?

The liars in Israel just keep right on lying. They continue their stupid war drums about Iran rather than seeking peace. They continue picking on the Gazans. They have become the most hated nation on earth, even more hated than the U.S.

People are reluctant to voice their true feelings on account of the U.S. always backing, funding, supplying Israel no matter what evil Israel does. The world knows it though. Russia and China know it all too well.

What's the Obama attraction?

I don't understand what people see in this Obama. I don't understand what anyone saw in George W. Bush.


The people of the U.S. are getting what they deserve.

Let me tell you something. I'm prophesying here. Things are going to get worse and worse in reality even while people are deceived into thinking they are getting better. The rollercoaster ride is going to trend downward until the final fall. The feet of clay are cracking. The top-heaviest of the greedy liars at the top will fall to dust.

Let me explain something else to the self-called conservative, Republican Evangelical, Fundamentalist Christians in the U.S.

The current iteration of Israel was founded against Biblical principles. It can be completely wiped out without phasing the final prophecy. Satan can wipe out Israel. It's happened before. Israel can curse itself. No one has to do it from the outside. This is truth. The U.S. can back away from Israel as all the other nations become more and more fed up with Israeli fascism toward the Palestinians and as Israel threatens more and more of its neighbors. U.S. backed dictators can fall in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

Zionism is not synonymous with all of Jewishness

People are not conflating Zionism with Jewishness at the rate they used to. More and more people are seeing through that farce. More and more people are tired of Israel using what happened in WWII as a way to milk sympathy to excuse Israeli brutality and war crimes.

Obama the fake, sellout

Obama was hired to continue a farce that isn't working. People are catching on. Obama is not what he pretended to be to get where he is. More people are wise to it than have been wise to any other President in my lifetime. People knew George W. Bush was a phony Christian, but more people know that Obama is a phony even more so.

Obama is a sellout to Wall Street and corporatism. He is the farthest thing from a true populist we've had in terms of how far his actions are from his words.

The youth bought Obama the way they buy soft drinks

Of course this was all so utterly predictable. He was timed just right by the marketers. He was sold to the youth who didn't hear a thing. They only saw the popularity that was created by the Madison Avenue types the way soft drinks are sold.

It's amazing that this is still going on at all. The level of disinterest even while the transparency is increasing, even while more and more people know they have been and are being taking and don't want to be but are hypnotized into not being able to say no, is amazing.

Well, Jesus did say to give them one's cloke too. They get what they have coming, and the peacemakers who don't deliberately go out of their way to do civil disobedience that can harm people will be rewarded for their patience and perseverance. They keep their souls or regain them if they lost them for a while.

Elected to look the other way on war crimes and other major crimes

Obama has held no one to account for all the huge felonies of the George W. Bush administration. Many of the illegal practices could be ongoing still. I'm not for punishment, but Obama didn't even want an airing. At every turn, he's opted for cover-up.

Moral Youth Movement?

Where is the outrage of the youth he duped? Aren't they offended? They don't have to become violent, but they could voice their uniform displeasure at having been misled (they aren't all Christians).

Convert to Christianity

If they want to become Christians, then they can move into a realm where speaking and doing can be much higher up where Jesus did it by example. That's where I want society to move.

It's not easy communicating it. Jesus had to speak the "tough" language too. Hearts were not nearly as hardened then though.

If they want to be Christian, then we are talking about dropping out of the system and dropping into the Christian Commons. That's a whole different thing, which I certainly advocate.

If enough people will help to translate money into the Commons rather than enriching lying prosperity preachers for instance, the whole world will change for the better.

The selfish will get it wrong

However, the capitalist-hybrid system that is based upon selfishness is going to screw up more and more. It will continue to offer miracle Band-Aids for things such as manmade climate change. Those measures will prove to work but at a cost much greater than anticipated and in completely unimagined ways. Rather than doing things right, which means unselfishly, the greedy will continue ruining the planet more and more until stopped the hard way.


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    • Thomas James

      I am now receiving an onslaught of right wing propaganda against any type of universal health care coverage. The latest so called non political purely moral argument is that any support for socialized medicine is the equivalent of supporting tax payer funded abortions and for that reason alone anyone who calls himself a Christian should be opposed to the government becomming involved in healthcare. A secondary argument is that socialized medicine will increase deficit spending so for that reason it is unaffordable. Of course I am not saying I agree with these arguments however a lot of Christians are buying into it. Pat Robertson has gone on record and gives his support for governmental healthcare for military personnel.

    • Hi Thomas,

      I had a draft in the works that addressed this, so I finished it up today and just posted it: DEATH PANELS: COMPARATIVE EFFECTIVENESS RESEARCH: NOT OBAMACARE LIVING-WILL AMENDMENT: REVERSE EUPHEMIZING

      What do you think?


    • California’s Labor Code...

      § 1101. Rule, regulation or policy as to political activities or affiliations

      No employer shall make, adopt, or enforce any rule, regulation, or policy:

      (a) Forbidding or preventing employees from engaging or participating in politics or from becoming candidates for public office.

      (b) Controlling or directing, or tending to control or direct the political activities or affiliations of employees.

      § 1102. Coercing or influencing political activities of employees.

      No employer shall coerce or influence or attempt to coerce or influence his employees through or by means of threat of discharge or loss of employment to adopt or follow or refrain from adopting or following any particular course or line of political action or political activity.

      "United Healthcare labels employee participation as 'voluntary,' but the individual contact (by United Healthcare), both companies' ability to monitor compliance by individual employees and the instruction to take action on company time override any such disclaimer."

      Source: "Consumer Watchdog Asks California Attorney General To Investigate Possible Employee Abuse By United HealthCare, Wellpoint," Consumer Watchdog. September 02, 2009.

      See also: comment-5836

    • Thomas James

      Of course euthanasia can occur under our current capatalistic medical system. My grandfather who died 7 years ago was faced with the prospect of artificially increasing his lifespan by the use of a kidney dialysis machine. However it was argued that it would not be wise to use any artificial interventions because this would prolong suffering. However I think that these arguments are bogus. Does anybody in his right mind run a car without an oil filter because he does not want to artificially increase the life of the engine?

      The real reason why my grandfather might have received all of this bad counsel was the fact that he was worth more dead than he was alive. You see my grandfather was a product of the great deppression and he survived by becoming a miser like Scrooge. So the only way to get an inheritance from him was for him to die. The longer he stays alive the longer he gets to hoard his money. Of course I can never prove any criminal accusation against my family however there was indeed at least an economic incentive for my grandfather to be euthanized.

      However I can tell you this that refusing dialysis and accepting dehydration is a horrible painfull way to go and if my grandfather insists that this is the only way to go then why hang around him ?