I'm getting tired of asking people if they've censored me right out of the box.

My comment below never showed up. Could it be a computer glitch? Well, after looking at their connections, as in ideological connections, I would be surprised if they would allow a Real Liberal Christian Church comment on their site. No site on their level has ever allowed one of my comments. If they see this though, perhaps they will tell me that it was just an oversight rather than censorship. Who knows?

It is on coComment though, which shows I submitted it.

Tom Usher

Hello All,

I posted about this. The URL I submitted links to that post. I'm amazed there aren't other comments. It's very well written and well thought out.

I was young during the Civil Rights Movement for Black rights. I was all for it. What the homosexuals are doing though is appalling.

The idea of teaching kindergarteners that homosexuality is perfectly all right and that it is not a choice is disgusting. It is a choice, and it is not harmless, ever.

How Meeke has tied it in with homosexual, racist, incestuous, pedophile predators is right on. More power to her! She's a better leader than Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the others. Truth. I'm beginning to believe that the homosexuals will lose no time in advocating for bestiality too. There was legislation offered in Massachusetts for that in 2006. If it hadn't been for Christians....

I'm not for violence/coercion. I'm against people beating and killing homosexuals, but I see a strong violent streak in many in the pro-homosexuality movement.

This whole issue is playing with fire. Those who are "acting out" don't know what they are toying with.

For: The REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH and Christian Commons Project

Tom Usher

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