Corporations buy politicians via lobbying, donations, and fundraisers those corporations sponsor. The bankers on Wall Street who were bailed out, rather than allowed to go belly up the way Mom and Pop businesses do on Main Street because Mom and Pop aren't rich enough to pay politicians to bail them out with taxpayer funds, have given some $6 million to members on the Hill in Washington. Those same bailed out banksters have yet to make loans at decent terms (decent on the mundane level, but usury is strictly verboten on the divine level) to Mom and Pop or to refinance foreclosing homes that were often purchased under predatory-lending practices facilitated by Alan Greenspan's Federal Reserve monetary policy of wildly cheap credit and no-doc and liar loans encouraged by lenders all the way up to the top of the major lending corporations. It's all been a scam, and the scheming continues right on because Barack Obama is also in the banksters' hip pocket.

The healthcare industry (pharmaceutical, healthcare, health insurance) has done exactly the same thing regarding the public option for healthcare reform. Some Democrats though are openly discussing using appropriation techniques so that they only need 50 votes to pass the public option. Those in the major healthcare corporations have targeted especially the so-called Blue Dog Democrats, who are just mostly Republicans calling themselves Democrats (at least in terms of Democrats who put people over big business monopolists). "The End of the Blue Dogs' Fundraising Boom?" By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta. The Center for Public Integrity. PaperTrail Blog. August 20, 2009.

By the way, the public option is not all that great. Medicare for all isn't all that great. Medicare has to be heavily supplemented with private coverage to round out the coverage to anything comparable to some public healthcare in more advanced nations, such as France.

How do I feel about my fellow brothers and sisters in blood and spirit in terms of care? I don't see any reason why the fruits of my labors shouldn't go to helping see to it that every one of them has full dental and vision and hearing, etc., care and preventative help. I find much of the self-styled conservative Christian rhetoric from the likes of Pat Robertson and others utterly antichrist. Jesus would never agree with Pat Robertson. Jesus isn't for coercing people to care for each other, but he's every bit as much against people such as Pat Robertson masquerading as Christians while calling upon his followers to let others suffer because they made bad decisions by listening to crafty predators (such as Pat Robertson himself, who slickly gets millions of dupes to send him their hard-earned money so Pat can live with his tiny family in a huge mansion with servants waiting on them hand and foot). Folks, there is no blessing in sending Pat Robertson your money — none at all!

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