Obama No Creation-Care Christian

Why has the Obama administration approved the Alberta Clipper, which is to be a tar-sand oil pipeline Alberta to Wisconsin, U.S.? Getting oil from tar sands is stupid when solar energy is right there for the taking. Barack Obama is no Creation-Care Christian.

Weak on Anti-Torture

Barack Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, claim that CIA torturers, who asked for cover from the White House and were given memos that aren't worth the paper they were written on, should not be prosecuted. Well, they should be part of a complete airing of all the evil done by the U.S. government in the name of the American people who should act consistently in all walks of life with anti-torture that does include being against all the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques described in those illegal memos. The people should not back anyone who is for evil techniques.

High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG)

The planned High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) where the FBI will interrogate foreign prisoners is just a method of further consolidating the so-called intelligence community so the President will have more and more power.

Extraordinary Renditions

As reported earlier, Obama is going to continue illegally taking people on foreign soil to other foreign soil. The people taken will not have been charged in any real court with any crimes. No real court will have issued a warrant based upon probable cause. This practice called extraordinary rendition has been used to take wholly innocent people to where they have been tortured. That's a documented fact. It's an entirely evil and unnecessary policy and practice. At the very least in the mundane (which would still be far below meeting divine standards), anyone worth taking should have an international arrest warrant issued based upon high standards of probable cause and with high guarantees that he or she will be held where the world will know and by people who are publicly accountable and responsible. They must be afforded full due-process rights. If that level can't be upheld, no one should be taken.

Honduras: Obama Does Nothing

Meanwhile, the fascist Roberto Michelleti, who illegally overthrew Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, is telling the rest of the world to go to Hell. The United States makes Honduras. Without the U.S., the Honduran coup could not stand. Obama has refused to call the coup an illegal military overthrow, which it clearly was, and to then follow the law that says that American troops must leave Honduras and that funding must end.

Now, either Obama is consistently anti-interventionist, which means getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq, etc., or he intervenes concerning Honduras to restore the duly elected president who broke no laws. Obama can't have it both ways, as he has attempted to do oh so hypocritically.

What is the Real Liberal Christian position? No coercion anywhere by anyone is the answer. No hypocrisy is the answer. Obama plays fast and loose with the word hypocrisy. He uses it to defend it. It's sickening. He's a phony, just as I've been saying all along about him. He could change and should, but will he? If he doesn't, how will he escape damnation?

Artificial Earthquakes and Global Warming

Meanwhile, the U.S. and Israel are planning an artificial earthquake in the desert in Israel: just what the Earth doesn't need. Also, the surface temperature of the world's oceans is at an all-time high since recordkeeping began. Global Cooling is what the oil-industry dupes who call themselves Libertarians have been touting. Can the Chemtrails and other technologies block the heat enough to offset the oil burning for the sake of the polluters, Pentagon, and more so the plutocrats?

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