There is going to be a huge sorting out attempt on the Internet being forced in by Rupert Murdoch. He has been pushing hard to line up all the major remaining newspapers to all start charging to read their "news" online. He wants to roll it out next year.

The economy will still be tough. Many people can barely pay for any access to the Internet, let alone news-site subscription or other fees. I see it driving many Internet junkies back to "alternative" news where the whole thing began. I see it as further dividing the haves from the have-nots.

Some people will pay for news access and then paraphrase it all on their ad-driven and donation sites.

Will the AP and Murdoch have copyright police computer scan the whole Internet for their material and then send out notices to people to take it down or pay up? They would run into people who would fight back under "fair use," but the fear would still spread. There would be a chilling effect. That's what the AP and now Murdoch would be counting on. I stopped using the AP's content because of their public complaints. Of course, they stopped receiving the link-backs too. I didn't stop out of fear but disgust at their rejection of "fair use" for free political and religious speech.

This is all going to change the Internet the way the switch from ad-driven broadcast TV to cable TV changed TV and when Ted Turner bought up all the old movies. In many ways, the changes were not improvements.

Still, the mundane (anti-divine) system has to be able to afford to pay journalists. I just don't see Rupert Murdoch digging via honest investigative journalism but actually working the other direction.

The changes will force Facebook and Twitter's hands. They'll have to turn a profit or go under or sellout. All those "free" pages won't be profitable just from ads, not when they'll be competing with Murdoch who will both charge and sell advertising space. The Facebook "free" pages will have to start charging a fee to the page authors and maybe to the accessors.

The Wild West isn't anymore. The Internet isn't going to remain wide open. There's no way that the consolidators will stop pushing and pushing until they "own" the space. They haven't given up on the idea of tiered access as in fast lanes and slow lanes over and above our ISP tiered-structure either.

They say eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, but actually conflation (coming together via the Holy Spirit of truth) and separation (to Heaven) taken together are the only real means to become free of evil, which freedom is the only real freedom.

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