Now the U.S. is targeting medical clinics in Afghanistan. Is there nothing to which they won't stoop, Barack Obama? Such actions were never openly sanctioned before.

While the U.S. claims it's being so wonderful by giving homosexuals and others equal "legal" rights and claiming there is nothing wrong with homosexual behavior, that same U.S. has shown a huge slide in all sorts of other areas as well. It has retrogressed in so many ways.

It doesn't care about stealing from the poor to make the superrich richer. It doesn't care whether it tortures people. It doesn't care whether it imprisons innocent people for long periods, even life. It doesn't care whether it spies on innocent citizens. It doesn't care whether it bombs people who never even threatened America. It doesn't seem to care about so much that I was raised as an American to care the most about. The world isn't big enough for the book where all the backsliding could be written.

I don't want to live in a world where I don't have to live up to the standard but rather have constantly to work to lift it up where it belongs. I will do it, but I don't have to like it.

Why is the enemy in charge of the U.S.? Why are Satan worshippers in charge? By Satan worshippers, I mean those who go from tolerating to condoning to promoting that which is the opposite of wholesome.

I remember when wholesome was attacked. I fell for some of the tricky techniques used by the attackers. I regret that. I repent of it.

Wholesomeness is heading toward perfection. That which is more wholesome is always closer to God.

People are delusional in thinking that more evil is better or freer. It is not. It is more enslaving and ensnaring. Satan is a trap. God is not. These are the definitions.

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