81-minute video: National Security Alert

I never believed the "no-plane" conspiracy theory (no plane hit the Pentagon) because I didn't disbelieve all the eyewitnesses who saw the plane. I had wondered how such a plane might have fired a missile though. That certainly is doable by the Pentagon. What didn't make sense to me was what then happened to the plane. I had never heard before that there were eyewitnesses who saw a plane leaving the Pentagon airspace flying north to south.

This video raises so many questions. What happened to the plane if a missile was actually used? What happened to the passengers? Why do the damage with a missile rather than just hitting the Pentagon with the actual plane? Only one eyewitness was interviewed concerning the plane leaving the Pentagon airspace north to south. Where are the others? Others were mentioned but not tracked down.

Regardless, the fact that all the videoed witnesses said that the plane did not come in on the path claimed by the government does call for a real investigation for all the reasons given at the end of the video and more.

I had heard that the jet engines and wheel assembly were not remaining in the Pentagon and that the engines would have put holes in the side of the building — that they were that heavy. In other reports, I've read that the engines and wheels were found inside the Pentagon. Why would the video's creators not know that though if it's true that the engines and wheels were still there?

It's very difficult to believe the Pentagon about anything though what with all the lies that went into getting the U.S. into the wars — lies even aside from the actual day of 9/11. The Top Brass knew and still knows that it was all a pack of lies. One doesn't get to the top corporate boardrooms being scrupulously honest. Well, one doesn't get to the top of the uniformed military or White House or Congress or Supreme Court that way either. It's a pity.

Here's the site of the video makers:

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