On the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's decision to allow homosexual pastors, I fully agree that Christians are not to violently or otherwise coerce homosexuals. Jesus said let the blind follow the blind. Warm them, but do not call down the wrath against them. Some might turn. Some have turned. However, there is a huge difference between not being coercive in the worldly world (secular world outside the Church) and welcoming and affirming homosexuality in the Churches. Welcoming a sinner with an eye to his or her turning and repenting is perfectly right. Affirming a sinner in his or her sin is perfectly wrong.

There is absolutely no doubt that homosexuality is a choice, harmful, and a sin in Jesus's eyes. Jesus was very critical of all sexual wrongdoing as understood at the time. He certainly never said anything remotely like something is sin inside the temple but isn't outside. He called for consistency. The excuse homosexuals and their supporters use by suggesting the prohibition on male temple prostitution was what was meant by Jesus is a lame excuse. Jesus never authorized prostitution. He spoke of prostitution not as something righteous. It didn't matter whether it was in the temple or not. It was still unrighteous. The only thing Jesus did vis-a-vis the Mosaic Law was enhance it by removing hypocrisy. He would never have sanctioned the hypocrisy that what is not acceptable in the temple is nevertheless acceptable to God outside the temple building of the Pharisees. Jesus was the temple. The kingdom of God is within. Where is sin not okay but okay elsewhere in Jesus's view? It's ridiculous on its face.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the Episcopal Church are dead of the Holy Spirit of truth. They are making a huge error and will regret it. Mark my words.

I don't say that everyone who is anti-homosexuality is right in all other matters. In fact, many are war-mongers and rabid capitalists, but that doesn't make homosexuality right. What a mess!

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