As for the economy, I have to say that I consider the current rally on Wall Street to be more of the same sucker's rally. Absolutely none of the fundamentals have change. Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve have done nothing but print money to throw at toxic so-called assets loaded down by derivatives hype. He's just passing around a hot potato that's only getting hotter because the U.S. government did not do the right thing: put all the money into public jobs and real skills training to get people to work months and months ago building and cleaning up the main, real-economy infrastructure! Rather than doing the right thing (in the mundane sense), they pumped the money into finance capitalism, which is nothing but a parasite and hasn't resulted in anything for the hardworking taxpayers but vastly more National Debt upon which the finance capitalists will be paid interest for lending the people their own money. It's insanity, and the talking heads, such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, are total shills for that whole scheming system.

Abolish the Federal Reserve

The truth of the matter is that the Federal Reserve should be abolished. The issuance of currency should not result in interest to be paid to private bankers at all, let alone from coerced taxes. The currency should be minted/printed/issued by the Congress and only the Congress. It should not be privatized as it has been. It should be nationalized as intended under the Constitution, or that Constitution should be amended or scrapped.

I'm not a secularist and don't believe in the current, American, constitutional system; however, if Americans are not wise enough yet to choose Jesus's system in total, the least they can do is abolish the Federal Reserve System that is a pariah. It's simple.

Dump Federal Reserve Notes. Replace Them All With Interest-Free United States Notes

The currency should be pegged exactly to real productivity — no finance capitalism, no loans, no usury, no debt. Usury is evil. It always has been and always will be. Usurers are serpents whether they know it or not. Their system stinks, is dumb, and obviously then, totally unnecessary. It's fact. It's a total drain.

If the United States had done things even mundanely right, there wouldn't have been any poverty in the country for more than the last couple of hundred years.

Retire the National Debt Using United States Notes

The National Debt should be retired ASAP using the new United States Notes.

It's that simple, but the powers that be won't tell you.

Real Indicators Still Down

All the indicators for average Americans are looking down on account of the Fed and the U.S. Treasury under Timothy Geithner and before him, Henry Paulson. Unemployment is going to increase from its current rate that is really above 16% and is much worse than that for the poor. Foreclosures will continue. The commercial real estate bust is just beginning. The means of real job creation aren't being put into place. The banks are making their profits off hording bailout money and/or raising interest rates (inflationary that will come back to haunt) on the poor and middle classes and raising transaction fees, late fees, and credit card annual fees, etc.


As for inflation, the only reason we haven't had it is because they've avoided creating jobs and avoided making loans. Of course, if real jobs were created properly, there wouldn't be any inflation that couldn't be corrected in nearly real-time (nanoseconds what with the Pentagons supercomputer network that should be completely taken away and put to productive work).

Abolish the Pentagon

By the way, the single best thing the U.S. could do would be to eliminate the Pentagon and fire all the military contractors and then put all their workers to work on real jobs, which would be just as easy as keeping them going making weapons and other stupid and wasteful and destructive and evil things.

Clean Economic House

If Barack Obama doesn't clean economic house, he'll be a one-term President, unless the people are even more insane than they appear to be. Reappointing Ben Bernanke is a disastrous move.

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