Hugo Chavez, Venezuela

If Chavez bans peaceful protests against his government, he will have crossed a line he should not have. Have the protests been peaceful? The mainstream media in the U.S. hasn't said it one way or the other that I'm aware of.

Rafael Correa, Ecuador

Meanwhile, the mainstream media in the U.S. is complaining that Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is call for shutting down Teleamazonas, a private TV station, for broadcasting secretly recorded conversations in Correa's presidential office. That's strange. If a TV network were caught doing that to Barack Obama or George W. Bush in the Oval Office, heads would roll. The only way such a thing could ever be acceptable under the U.S. Constitution would be if Obama were caught in a high crime. Was Correa caught in a high crime? The reports certainly haven't alleged it. I take it as negative propaganda without substance. It's just the rich privatizers who want to own everything, including the very air and the people themselves as slaves, doing their worst against Correa, who cares more for the poor and indigenous peoples who have been trampled upon by the greedy.

Laura Bozzo

Correa has also been criticized for calling upon Ecuadorian TV to stop showing Laura Bozzo's show. That's strange too since Laura Bozzo has been roundly charged and convicted of showing fraudulent shows as fact. She routinely got family members and others to fight on her show. It was apparently all staged, but she didn't inform the audience. The show was and still is considered raunchy. Correa simply said it is a piece of junk that shouldn't be on the air in Ecuador. It was immediately removed. It's been banned in Peru and Spain and perhaps elsewhere. Well, the governments she criticized were far from saintly, but apparently it is legal to set decency and honesty standards on the air in Ecuador. If they don't want fake family fights over raunchy sexual issues, that's their choice. Personally, I think people who watch such stuff are being dumber than doornails, but they'd probably just call me a snob or something worse like a Christian or Jesus follower.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran

What's this? The big, bad Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has nominated three women to his cabinet. That's never happened before in Revolutionary Iran. He's taking plenty of heat for it too from the "conservative" top Islamic clerics there. You know, many people in the West will accuse him of faking it, but he's not faking it. He's really a Populist in Iranian terms. All the eggheads over in the West think he's a faker. He's vastly better than they think, although I'm not saying he's perfect. The West though could really work with him as a partner and bring him along and be brought along if they would just stop all the stupid saber rattling. Ahmadinejad makes a whole lot more sense than does Netanyahu for instance. I'd trust a deal with Ahmadinejad before one with Netanyahu any day of the week. Ahmadinejad makes the hardliners mad. Netanyahu is the hardliners hero, next to the all-out fascist Avigdor Lieberman that is.

What's more, Iran has sacked the head prosecutor, Saeed Mortazavi, in what has been called a mass show trial of dissidents over the recent presidential elections.

It is widely believed that Saeed Mortazavi overstepped in treatment of detainees, which may very well be the case. Those charges still remain unsubstantiated allegations to my knowledge. Whether or not the allegations are overblown and even outright lies by the ruling elite's opposition remains to be seen. Perhaps it won't come out without direct, huge spiritual intervention.

My, my, Iran is putting the U.S. and Israel to shame in many ways by showing itself capable of seeking some measure of justice while the U.S. and Israel bad mouth Iran as if Iranians are worthless (unless they are out on the streets protesting, even violently, which many did).

I'm not saying no one in the U.S. or Israel seeks mundane justice. Many in the U.S. government are advocating for a full airing of the George W. Bush administration, and the justice system in Israel has indicted former Prime Minister Olmert and has prosecuted many other high officials for crimes. They are still considering whether to indict Avigdor Lieberman too.

Hamid Karzai, Richard Holbrooke, and Afghanistan

As for what's happening in Afghanistan, the U.S. government became angry with Karzai when he stopped being enough of a yes man. You don't really think you're getting the truth from signals from Richard Holbrooke do you? Try twisting what he says 180 degrees this time. Holbrooke is buddy-buddy with Big Oil (Chevron the Amazon huge polluter trying to get out of paying the Ecuadorian indigenous peoples for all the trouble Chevron caused). He's mixed signals all over the place. The U.S. is flip-flopping on poppies (huge profits within the Empire for the plutocrat money launderers) and other things all in the furtherance of raw imperialism. Karzai isn't getting cut any slack from the mainstream media in the U.S. The moment they're told to turn up the heat, they will. Everything up to now has just been setting the stage so the U.S. can put in a more compliant, pro-U.S., personal-payoffs, ruthless puppet.

All the talk about Hamid Karzai is as if all the hard evidence has already all been rolled out for the general public around the world to see and to evaluate. Wait until the evaluations of the voting results have been completed. Then realize still that the enemies of Karzai could salt the election and then point the finger at Karzai. Has no one ever heard of a frame-up? Evidence has to be tied to the accused you know. I'm not saying Karzai is clean. I'm just saying the U.S. is dirtier.

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