The CIA is refusing to release more info. What's new? People are saying that involvement by physicians and psychologists in CIA torture may be worse than previously suspected — by whom, the three monkeys sitting in a row? See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil? I have figured all along that mad scientists have been there every step of the way, even leading it in many cases. It's been the pattern for decades.

The CIA and Pentagon and private mercenary companies are loaded with sadists and perverts. Who doesn't know that? It's only a matter of degree one individual to the next.

These people are video taping themselves together playing with each others sexual organs, yet the claim is that they aren't homosexual or bi-sexual. Well, that doesn't fly. You willingly play with another male's sex organ and you're either a homosexual or bi-sexual. That's just how it is.

These people are drugged up on steroids, psychotropic drugs, booze, and other junk. They were raised up on violent video games. Their moral compasses were deliberately smashed by the system so the likes of Henry Kissinger, who called them "dumb, stupid animals to be used" pretty much as killers and canon fodder for the plutocrats, could send them to places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to act pretty much as dumb, stupid animals: killers and canon fodder for the plutocrats.

It doesn't have to be this way! Every single one of those numskulls can wake up and stop. They can stop the drugs. They can stop the perverted garbage. They can stop the violence. They can stop murdering for money. They can see the light and repent before it's too late for them. Do it! Search your souls and get a grip on yourselves for God's sake.

Tom Usher

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