With the way the banks are making out during this economic depression that has not yet seen its bottom, would they do it again? In fact, would they plan to do it again? Also, hasn't it happened before, and at that time, didn't they also make out the way they are making out now (well, almost as well)? So, back then, wouldn't they have been fools not to set up another round of what is called the business cycle, the boom and bust cycle, the bubbles and the bursting bubbles, concerning which they pre-positioned themselves in financial organizations and regulatory bodies and the federal government with their cronies?

Why would finance capitalists not risk being found out when in fact they have been found out many, many times and the people have done nothing?

I've written a number of times on this site that the elite finance capitalists knew exactly what they were doing, that when they collapsed the economy they would have everyone in place to drive through the bailout so the people would be left holding the bag for the intentionally created bubble.

The people are left holding the bag so long as they agree to hold it. They are left paying taxes on a National Debt that contains a huge amount in interest payments to the very people who set up the bubble and timed it's bursting. The people are saddled with that as long as they agree to be. The moment they decide that they are not saddled with it, the moment they decide that the whole thing was a scam, which it certainly was, they can unsaddled themselves simply by telling the powers that be, "No."

They can demand that the Federal Reserve and Private Central Banks around the world be abolished. They can demand that the currency be issued by real representatives and that, that currency be exactly pegged to the real economy, what we call Main Street, and to Hell with Wall Street and evil usury and finance capitalism. They can wipe out the National Debts of every nation with one stroke of the pen. It's that simple. If you don't believe me, give me a piece of paper and a pen and I'll write it down. All you have to do is to agree to follow what I write rather than agreeing to follow what the world bankers (the people who are stealing your tax dollars) have written down. It's that simple. Why be slaves to the Satanic system of usury? Kill it.

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