I read Charlie Sheen's open letter to Barack Obama over on Alex Jones's website. It took about 10 seconds to realize this was Charlie writing fiction. It isn't written in a way to fool anyone. How some people read the entire thing and still came away wondering whether it had actually taken place is amazing if they read much. Many might not. Many may be young. Others may be deliberately taking it wrong so they can discredit Charlie's point about 9/11. Actually, may isn't the right word there since there is absolutely no doubt that there are plenty of neocons who know damn well that Charlie was being creative (screen playish) and those neocons are just playing dumb, which itself is actually dumb.

It's an open letter, which to me means it shouldn't be treated as copyright protected; but I don't want to upset Alex Jones by reproducing the "letter" here without his prior okay. Alex is a capitalist and has plenty of ads over on his site, so he'd definitely rather you read it there anyway — although I suspect he really wouldn't mind it were I to reproduce the letter here. Go read it though.

Charlie Sheen deserves credit for writing it. He's right on about it. There isn't one point he made that isn't deserving of a real and thorough investigation into the 9/11 false-flag operation. It was definitely false-flag. The only question is how much.

Then there are ignoramus comments such as this from someone name Peter Roff over on

...the truthers are at least as much of a fringe element as the birthers. They are, perhaps, just as influential—in an intellectual and political sense—as the birthers and the Democrats need to deal with them.

"...need to deal with them," meaning what? The Democrats aren't going to touch it without being embarrassed into it, Roff. To touch it is to open it up. To open it up means to expose Democratic duplicity. How will they avoid that? They haven't figured it out and won't.

By the way, Roff, the 9/11 Truthers contain far more real intellectuals than do the birthers. Of course, that's what's really worrying you.

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