I wrote this from memory over a period of about six hours on 9/10 and 9/11/2009.

I wanted to address Barack Obama's statements in his Health Care Address to Congress concerning the economic crisis and the notion that his team pulled the nation and the world back from the brink and how it all ties together. They did not pull the world back from the brink. Humanity is still in a freefall. All they have done is allow the transfer of wealth from the bottom up via huge bailouts using tax dollars. The bailout money did not go to lenders who then started lending or who started renegotiating loans, especially home mortgages. The bankers and others who took the money either gave it right back, as they didn't want it or need it in the first place, or used it to swallow up smaller fish in the drive to consolidate or in a more correct sense, further monopolize. The banks are now making huge profits off higher interest rates from which captive debtors can't escape short of bankruptcy or otherwise just walking away. The banks are also making huge profits off increased fees and penalties. This is not what the common people had in mind when they allowed their representatives and elected officials to give tax dollars to Wall Street gamblers such as Goldman Sachs, whose former head, Henry Paulson, made sure that AIG was bailed out so Goldman Sachs could be paid on its gambling bets. Paulson will continue to be rewarded for his service to the hyper-greedy system. Paulson and Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve illegally allowed Goldman Sachs to become a regular, government-guaranteed bank overnight so Goldman Sachs could avoid the pitfall of the Wall Street investment bank status.

The economy is only poised for the suckers' rally that is in it second iteration right now. There are waves of home and commercial foreclosures to come. The superrich will continue to weaken everyone else so that their corporations and sovereign wealth funds and other entities may continue buying up all the fertile soil on the Earth to monopolize it to grow food to ship to themselves and their economic friends and to Hell with the poor in the farming areas whom those superrich have ruined and are continuing to ruin.

Coercion is the means bringing in the one-world government. The plan is for the corporations to own the planet and for nation-states, as we have known them, to eventually disappear. Well, the nation-states will disappear as we have known them, but the corporations will eventually be thwarted, to themselves be replaced by a worldwide Christian Commons. This will happen because truth wins out, righteousness wins out, and the prophecy must and will be fulfilled.

All the talk that there can be no goodness without the dark side is false. It is a lie spread by evil itself. Souls can know that there could be worse without having to experience it. They can learn to avoid it forever. It's called overcoming, and it's what the greatest brother so far in human history, Jesus, taught and did in his own heart and soul.

Jesus was so great that no one coming after him will ever claim to exceed him but rather only join him on the one and only right path, as that's the very essence of righteousness.

The lands of the Earth are wrongfully divided. The titles are built entirely on fraud. Many people, highly desirous of being honest and upright in their dealings, are unaware of how the evil system began with the very first selfish act. They don't see the pattern. Jesus saw it and still does. The currencies (medium of exchange or trade) of the Earth are also based upon that same fraud. Giving is the real economy. Holding out for trade is inherently evil. It is anti-family.

The lands of the Earth will be redistributed not to be owned individually but collectively. The owners will not be secretive, hierarchical, or coercive but will rather follow Jesus's teaching that the currently upside-down pyramid will be turned right-side up such that the greediest will be the least esteemed and also such that that pyramid will then be leveled so that the highest is the greatest, most unselfish servant of all. That is the spirit of Jesus Christ, and I'm all for it.

Where are my brothers and sisters in Christ? Where are the souls who are incentivized by the vision of a greedless world, a warless world, a depraved-not world? Where are the brothers and sisters in Christ who stand for and work together toward the totally pacific state, the totally anti-coercive state, the totally giving-and-sharing-all economy, and the totally sexually harmless state of being?

The current system (mammon-based) of the world and the direction in which it is headed (pseudo-aristocratic, plutocratic, corporatist dictatorship) is utterly wrongheaded and will fail.

The ancient Church was co-opted by the evil Empire. The humanists point to that co-opted church as if it is the Christ-mind to be defeated. Those humanists are dupes of just another form of apostasy. The Enlightenment was not. It was a further cutting off. God is real. God does constantly interact. It is only human lack of perception that is the problem. It is only humanity painting itself into blind corners that is the problem. Lack of faith in God breeds more of itself. The consequence of more faith in self apart from God is not improvement at all. Who can't see it?

God is there whether humanity disappears or not. The real enlightenment is the process of joining God in God's righteousness, which is summated in the New Commandment that is to love as Jesus loves (and Jesus's love hates the manifestation of evil but takes no violent acts against it but rather lets truth work by God). The love of Jesus is described above in the turning of all things right-side up and leveling them without human coercion. Then God will be revealed. Then the so-called magic will be no mystery. The miracles were no mystery to Jesus. He credited God and rightly so. Had he not, they would not have occurred. It is the very nature of righteousness. There is cause and effect and doubt cuts off.

Do not blame God for evil. Do not claim that evil is the dark side of God. Those ideas are lies from antichrist. Jesus did not and does not hold that God has any evil within. God is perfect righteousness — the total absence of evil. God is not the author of offense. The spiritually blind are offended by God. They do not understand the meanings of the words. They do not understand the language of the revelation. God is not the wrath. Jesus did not, and does not, called down the wrath.

The current system brought forth 9/11. Thanks to The New Yorker reporter Seymour "Sy" Hersh and his sources, we all know (or should know) that Dick Cheney planned to fabricate boats to appear to the world to be Iranian boats that he, Cheney, would order to attack U.S. ships so that then Cheney could order a massive attack on Iran after having fooled the American people via that false-flag operation. How many American sailors was he prepared to sacrifice on his altar of Satan? How was he planning to convince Americans to man those fake Iranian boats? What sorcery was he planning to use? Why are Americans still watching FOX and reading Rupert Murdoch's rags? Why are Americans fool enough to disbelieve that 9/11 was a Cheney, et al., false-flag operation?

We know that George W. Bush proposed to Tony Blair that the U.S. paint up jets to look like U.N., neutral, observer planes and to fly them into harms way over Iraq to entice Saddam Hussein to order that the plane or planes be shot down so that Bush and Blair would have a pretext to bypass all the U.N. red tape to take the world to war. Blair didn't like the plan. He rather wanted what he got, which was Colin Powell lying through his teeth to the U.N. about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist anymore, as the U.N. inspectors had been saying for years and years.

The Mexican-American War was started by President Polk via false-flag. Abraham Lincoln knew it and called the government on it via his Spot Resolutions.

The Spanish-American War was probably started via false-flag. The USS Maine was probably blown up from the inside. It was not sunk by the Spanish.

In an expedition in 1998, the National Geographic Society explored the wreck and commissioned a structural analysis by Advanced Marine Enterprises. They determined that the explosion could have been internal; the theory they embraced was that an undetected smoldering coal fire had ignited volatile coal dust in the air, creating a small explosion that touched off the nearby powder magazine. However, AME also said damage to the bottom plating and seafloor could be consistent with an external mine, thus hedging the findings.

It is important to note that the National Geographic Society recently came out calling the 9/11 Truth Movement wrong.

It is important to note that the promises the U.S. made to the Cubans were not kept. The U.S. also savagely subdued the Philippines mercilessly killing perhaps 500,000.

The U.S. Declaration of War in WWI was the result of a false-flag type operation. The huge passenger liner, the Lusitania, was deliberately loaded with munitions and sent unescorted at slow speed into German-submarine waters. The Germans had warned the U.S. not to do it.

The U.S. Declaration of War in WWII was the result of a false-flag type operation. The U.S. had been following its step-by-step memo outlining the plan to get the Japanese to draw "first blood." The U.S. had decoded the Japanese messages about attacking the U.S. Also, the military was ordered to stand down while the Japanese moved to attack. The commanders at Pearl Harbor were deliberately kept out of the loop so that they wouldn't make preparations. All of this is evidenced from released and once secret archival documents.

The Korean War was naked imperialism, in which huge numbers of unarmed, civilian refugees were mowed down and blown up under U.S. dominated forces in Korea. General Douglas MacArthur, who ran Japan, wanted to nuke China, but Truman stopped him, not that Truman was a saint, far from it. Douglas's father, Arthur MacArthur, commanded American troops in the Spanish-American War. Douglas was raised on imperialism.

By the way, both Truman and MacArthur were of the highest ranks of Freemasonry. FDR was also 32nd degree. I won't go into all of that here, but suffice it to say that the syncretism of the Freemasons/Illuminati (which does exist) and their humanistic tendencies are a huge problem that must and will be dealt with. The United States was founded on Freemasonry, humanistic, so-called Enlightenment principles. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and others were Freemasons. They were not Christians, per se. Jefferson and Franklin were decidedly Deists, whose god is hands-off. They falsely imagined that they had come out from the darkness of the Middle Ages they called the Dark Age. In fact, they stepped from one darkness to others: The Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment.

The American huge escalation of the Vietnam War was started via false-flag. The Gulf of Tonkin North Vietnamese boat attacks on U.S. boats never happened. It was all a flat out lie designed to dupe the American people into escalating into full scale war. Lyndon B. Johnson was a total liar put into position by the plutocrats who ordered him to end the issuance of interest-free United States Notes. Lincoln had issued them too and was also assassinated.

During the Cold War, the U.S. conducted Operation Gladio whereby the CIA stayed behind in Europe where they fomented terrorist operations for further pretexts to move against anti-capitalists.

Also, the U.S. moved many Nazis to the U.S. many of whom became top U.S. scientists who conducted human experiments on unsuspecting innocent Americans, including many, many children who suffered lasting damage.

Then there's the Iran-Contra Scandal. Ronald Reagan authorized and funded the death squads of Central America using illegally obtained funds via arms sales to Iran with Israel playing the go-between. Reagan also assured his election by cutting a backroom deal with the Iranians via Henry Kissinger in what is called the October Surprise. He prevented the release of the American hostages in Iran until after his election so that Jimmy Carter would not win a second term.

The Gulf War was the result of a false-flag type operation. There were no incubator babies murdered by Saddam Hussein's forces. Hussein was set up by George H. W. Bush (Skull and Bones with strong Nazi connections) and the neocons and American imperialists. Hussein was deliberately misled to believe that the U.S. would not move against him were he to invade Kuwait. Kuwait reportedly may have been slant drilling under Iraq to steal Iraqi oil. That lead was never followed. It was crushed by all the false propaganda against the Baathists (socialists). Also, Dick Cheney flat out lied that Iraq had amassed tanks on the Saudi border. The Russians looked down on the area via satellite and saw no such array. As we saw above, Cheney planned a false-flag operation against Iran. He's a huge liar. He's a pathological liar hell bent for Empire. Anyone who believes him about torture or anything else is a complete Satanic dupe and willing minion.

The break up of Yugoslavia was another ruse. Bill Clinton went along with it hook, line, and sinker. Bill was handpicked for his Freemasonry by the Bilderberg and other plutocrats (world bankers). The so-called atrocities committed by Serbians against Muslims in Kosovo turned out to be largely fabricated (lies) by neocons/neolibs in the U.S. The neocons (Zionists) and economic neoliberals (crony-capitalist imperialists) simply wanted to divide and conquer. Tito's brand of socialism (anti-Stalinist) stood in the way of privatization, which is just a word meaning theft from the masses.

9/11 was just more of the same — false-flag rigging.

The invasion of Afghanistan under George W. Bush (Skull and Bones, with the Dulles brothers and other fascistic/CIA elitists) was completely unnecessary. The Taliban had asked for proof that al Qaeda had conducted 9/11. They had agreed to try al Qaeda under severe Sharia if the evidence was there. It was not. To this day, the FBI says there is no evidence that Osama bin Laden ordered or organized 9/11. The Pashtuns have been falsely conflated with the Taliban, and the Taliban have been falsely conflated with al Qaeda. According to Sibel Edmonds, who was a Turkish-American FBI translator, al Qaeda was the tool of the CIA right up to 9/11. Sibel was gagged from speaking out. She finally went ahead anyway. More power to her for braving it. Sibel has exposed huge U.S. government corruption that has yet to be formally addressed.

All the stories about America fighting for freedom and democracy were, and remain, lies. America spits on democracy when the common people anywhere vote against imperial inroads into their lands. When the Iraqis drafted up a very good constitution (relatively speaking) after Saddam was removed from power, the U.S. summarily rejected it because it retained the oil reserves as a national asset (nationalized). The U.S. decreed that the new constitution be neoliberal/libertarian capitalists through and through, with the exception of some ambiguities (human, religious rights) that the U.S. imperialists would simply ignore, as it simply ignores all laws it doesn't like.

The attacks on Somalia were raw aggression and imperial payback for the insolence of Black Hawk Down. George W. Bush was far less tempered than his lying father. It's why George W. went after Saddam too.

Also, the recent Georgian War was built upon a pack of lies. The South Ossetians did not start it. Georgia did under neocon urgings, funding, training, and supplying. It's all about expanding NATO under the U.S. neocon vision of world domination, ultimately with finance-capitalist Zionists moving to take over the Anglo-American Empire, which they are very close to doing.

The U.S. under Reagan and Bush-41 lied to Russia's Gorbachev. The U.S. wasn't going to expand NATO. That was a lie. The U.S. was going to adhere to the ABM Treaty. That was a lie. The U.S. would partner with the Russians and help financially. That was a lie. They worked to utterly destroy Russia. They put Russia threw economic Hell.

What I've written here are just the barest highlights.

The list of CIA/MI6/Mossad atrocities, overthrows, assassinations, etc., is legion. They overthrew duly elected leaders in Iran, Guatemala, Chile, Panama, and many, many other places — anywhere, anytime someone works for what is best for the common people and the downtrodden poor. They've killed millions and millions of people. The CIA works for the President. The President works for the plutocrats. The global plutocrats are the top private bankers who control the world's currencies and cash flows and cash stores (warehouses of gold and other things of supposed psychological value). They control the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and other such organs. The "Special Drawing Rights" that the Chinese and others a clamoring for will still be controlled by the private European-based bankers with huge centers in the U.S. as well (such as the Federal Reserve that they own). The laws surrounding this system are vague and subject to override at any moment by the private members.

Of course, some Russians, Chinese, Indians, Brazilians, Germans, Japanese, Persians, Arabs, and others really want empire too. The selfish competition is killing the soul of humanity.

Nazi Germans conducted their own false-flag operations. They are alleged to have burned their Reichstag (federal parliament building) and then blamed it on the Communists.

The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended Habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, free association, the right peaceably to assemble, the right to privacy especially in communications, and the right to demand a warrant for searches and seizures of property. The Decree was used to wipe out the main political obstacle to the Nazis that had been the Communists and Socialists.

From an American perspective, the Reichstag Fire Decree was tantamount to wiping out the Bill of Rights: the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Many Americans liken the USA PATRIOT Act, rushed into being post-9/11, to the Reichstag Fire Decree.

The USA PATRIOT Act was designed well ahead of time (well before 9/11) to undo limitations that had been placed upon the Imperial Presidency. Even the most minor supposed safeguards that were secret warrants issued by the farcical Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act courts were reduced to no effect because the executive branch (Presidency) just went ahead and did illegal and unauthorized acts anyway. As of Saturday, December 12, 2009, no one has been held to account for the illegalities; and Barack Obama has indicated that he not only has no intention of doing so, he is actually solidifying the imperial presidency. There's hardly been a dime's worth of difference so far between his administration and that of George W. Bush's.

In addition, the illegal spying has been enshrined into supposed (actually unconstitutional) law via the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008.

Three weeks later and after the Nazis had neutralized there political opposition, they passed the Enabling Act that granted Hitler dictatorial powers to enact law by decree. Hitler used it to ban all opposition parties. Hitler's word was law, and he could say, "Off with his head." The Germans allowed him to become their demigod. He was their Pharaoh, their Caesar.

The Gleiwitz Incident and other parts of the larger Operation Himmler are rarely disputed as having been false-flag operations all designed as pretexts for the Nazi invasion of Poland.

Why did all this happen? There's no exact historical beginning to which one may point other than the original fall of humanity. However, the harsh terms (war reparations) of the Versailles Treaty almost guaranteed the reaction of certain German people. Reactionary Nationalism had a field day for a while with Hitler at the helm. Of course, the victors write the history, so it's no small task to sort fact from fiction in the official accounts of the "Allied Powers" that arrayed themselves against the Nazis. Both sides, all sides, practiced deception and still do.

The Russians bombed their own apartment complexes blaming it on Muslim Chechens. Zionist terrorists blew up their own refugee ships to push the world into accepting the establishment of Israel in 1948. America colluded with the Zionists in Israel to sink the U.S.S. Liberty, which finally wouldn't go down despite Lyndon B. Johnson's desires (calling off American reinforcements).

Furthermore, the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Sr., Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and possibly John F. Kennedy, Jr., and many others, were plutocrat hits. The magic-bullet [update] theory in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Sr., is just utterly ridiculous. Photos of Robert Kennedy's assassination positively reveal Cuban (if memory serves) CIA agents (who hated Kennedy) at the scene of the crime. The family of Martin Luther King, Jr., also prevailed in civil court concerning the wrongful death by governmental entities of Martin. There are also many mysterious and unanswered issues surrounding the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr., who was a rising star and determined to reinvestigate the assassinations of his father and uncle.

The current economic situation was a way in which the richest of the rich could impoverish everyone else by way of tax transfers to the rich who will then wait out the storm they created to further weaken and divide everyone else. That's why they didn't use the money to plow it into public-and-productive jobs creation, which would have been doable with the mere stroke of a pen or even just the movement of the Holy Spirit within the leadership.

The only solution is for the weakened and fractured to rejoin to start something else, which is The Christian Commons. I want the pyramid turned right-side up and then leveled. I want consensus at the grassroots, not competition in a hierarchy.

We don't need mammon. We can translate it all into the commons. This is biblical. It's all right there in the words and deeds of Christ. We can and must do it. Where are you!

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