Well, two ACORN workers were caught in a terribly wicked setup by "conservatives." The ACORN employees were villainous for sure, but so too were the conservatives who stung them. They set them up with temptation. Two young "conservatives" posed as a pimp and a prostitute seeking illegally to bring in underage girls from Central America to engage them in prostitution in what one might rightly consider a sex-slavery operation. The two posers faked that they needed help in setting up the operation. The two incredibly devious ACORN workers fell for it and started offering all sorts of advice on how to scam the evil system and get away with child prostitution, etc.

The two ACORN workers were fired, of course.

Now, a huge problem with this is that neocons and others (so-called libertarians) are attempting to tar and feather ACORN as a whole on account of those two criminals. We are being asked to conclude that ACORN itself is an organization that is always beyond the pale. The real issues that ACORN has brought to the fore in impoverished, often inner-city environments are completely ignored in this tearing down.

At the end of the day, though, what does this prove? Certainly that these two ACORN workers displayed astonishing stupidity. But does it show that ACORN is as lawless as its critics contend? It's important to note that the two filmmakers, Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, were turned away when they tried the same stunt in other cities. If they wanted to prove something about the organization as a whole, they might have tried a less salacious scenario. Of course, that would have been much less likely to rocket them to YouTube and Fox News stardom.

Well, well, what do we have there? We have exactly what I was wondering about that caused me to go looking. They reportedly tried it in other cities and were rejected. What does that tell you? It tells you that they shopped until they found individuals who were crooked when they couldn't show that the whole organization is crooked. It is very, very telling that those two false-conservatives did not state anywhere in their videos (2 segments on YouTube) that they were rejected in other cities by ACORN workers. Real conservatives don't engage in such deception.

So, what did Glenn Beck and FOX News, that corrupted organization of Rupert Murdoch, do? They ran with those videos putting the worst possible light on them. They did not ask the right questions, one of which was exactly whether the two had tried it elsewhere and been turned down.

This is why God detests FOX News and believes that no one should support Glenn Beck or Rupert Murdoch in any aspect of his detestable empire. Rupert Murdoch is antichrist. Glenn Beck is antichrist. It is completely clear and plain. Wake up!

One of the most important, if not the most important, themes of this website is that we are to sort the truth from the false. We are not to throw out the good with the bad. Satan throws out the good with the bad. Satan doesn't prune or sift correctly. Satan hates everything in a blind, hypocritical, rage.

Enticement and entrapment are evil devices. Leading others into temptation is not right.

If you watch the videos on YouTube associated with this "operation," you will take note of the obviously intended titillation scenes as well. The so-called "conservative" girl (Hannah Giles, young White woman posing as a prostitute) seems to relish wagging her scantily clad tail for the male viewers of the videos. The male in the videos, James O'Keefe, apparently was wearing the camera and mic. He was sure to capture sexually suggestive images of the young lady and the editing was done carefully to preserve the images. This was no operation done out of a spirit of purity and harmlessness by any stretch. It was not righteous but rather totally unrighteous.

I believe in exposing evil doing. Whistleblowers are required. I believe in those who first go to those astray to seek to change what is wrong from within as much as possible. These two "conservatives" did not do the conservative thing at all. They did not seek to reform or convert the wayward ACORN workers who it was not shown were authorized by ACORN itself to be operating in such manner.

Now, the "conservatives" here do show an important mundane point. Obviously, ACORN needs to tighten up their ship. However, that is not what the "conservatives" are seeking. They are seeking that ACORN be destroyed even though much of what ACORN does and says is just. That's biblical.

The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right. (Isaiah 32:7 KJV)

To Hell with FOX News and News Corp. It would be a blessing to Rupert Murdoch, his whole house, and the entire world were all the people to turn away from the evil tactics of those rabid-capitalist, Wall-Streeter entities, who are ripping off all the common taxpayers with their Federal Reserve and world, private, central-banking scams.

Now, I don't completely agree with the following linked article, but I include it since it takes the exact opposite view (on the false ideological spectrum) of FOX News:


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