On 9/11/2009, Alex Jones did a piece against Bill O'Rielly having called Charlie Sheen a pinhead (video below) for calling for a new and this time thorough investigation of 9/11 because it was an inside job (and it most certainly was an inside job). What I keyed in on in Alex's talk was that Alex called this a "peaceful revolution." That is exactly what I wrote that it needs to be, that I want it to be. That was a very, very wise thing for Alex to say. By saying that (and he should repeat it often), he has and will continue to disarm those who attempt to conflate the 9/11 Truth Movement with violent militia movements (regardless of how "patriotic" those militia members imagine themselves to be). Alex and his followers will be vastly better off and better served if they are guided by the Holy Spirit of peace, love, and truth.

It does not mean backing down at all. It does not mean shying away from seeking and speaking the truth, quite the contrary. It does not mean loving Satan. It does though require taking the highest moral ground and striving mightily to be as consistent as possible.

Now, Bill O'Rielly said that Charlie Sheen was being wrong toward the families who lost members on 9/11. I've heard Bill hide behind that notion before. I believe he's never really been told pointblank that not only is he wrong, and he knows it, but the attempt to make that position work is just plain stupid. It is definitely going to backfire on him. He's going to be dressed down by some 9/11 family members and rightly so.

There may be some family members who don't want to deal or cope with the truth coming out because those members are emotionally fragile. That is understandable, and the Truth Movement must show them the compassion they require. Different people, due to abuse and other factors that go into their makeup, have different abilities at any given time to handle what can be highly emotionally stressful. Well, they don't have to handle it in the sense of being out front, of taking the lead. There are enough family members who are willing and desirous that it isn't necessary for those who might lose it, so to speak, not to have to get out front.

To those members who are desirous of getting the truth out there no matter what, they love what Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones are doing. They are glad for every single voice that calls for the truth concerning 9/11. Therefore, do not be intimidated by the weakening Bill O'Rielly; and make no mistake, he is weakening.

Don't rush to thinking that Glenn Beck is going to pick up the false-conservative (neocon) mantle either because it's a fake and being exposed. FOX News is a bad yarn, a very bad yarn. It won't make it unless it is completely remade, which can't happen until after Rupert Murdoch is dead in the flesh, unless he too agrees to be remade.

Alex is calling for a public call for a redress of grievances. What must not happen is civil disobedience. That would ruin it. That would give the neocons what they want. Also, the 9/11 Truthers must be on high alert for agents provocateur who will attempt to cause violence and destruction that they will blame on the Truthers so the riot police can bash them physically and worse (for pay and sick pleasure).

What's the Christian position? Speak the truth in public, but don't put faith in the worldly system of Satan. Working within that system has never worked and never will. It will always give only fleeting results. Therefore, plan and execute the Christian Commons.

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