Does he know where he is? Glenn Beck states that he has no problem with Wal-Mart. Does he know nothing about how Wal-Mart got small towns to subsidize Wal-Mart stores that put local businesses out of business? Then Beck ends by saying that the answers will come from the local communities and that the problems come from globalization.

Glenn, did you get the okay from Rupert Murdoch, the great global, media, consolidator, before you bad mouthed his whole system? Are you under the impression that Rupert wants local communities deciding what flows on the local cables and comes down to the locally installed satellites? Rupert Murdoch, your boss, is against local control, Glenn. I know you know that, so what game are Rupert and you playing, as if we can't readily see it.

How many people nod in hypnotized fashion while you spew this garbage? You have them coming and going. They don't know which way is which with you guys.

With Murdoch and Beck, local is fine as long as it agrees with FOX or News Corp buying up everything. If a local community wants to say that it wants antitrust measures locally so that there are more newspapers, magazine, book publishers, TV and radio stations all owned by different owners, Rupert will go ballistic.

Don't imagine for a second either that Ron Paul's brain didn't process that issue very quickly and that he didn't carefully avoid saying anything that might offend Wal-Mart. Ron Paul knows full well that Wal-Mart made itself on cutting local deals with politicians that more often than not ruined Ma and Pop, Main Street businesses all up and down the line. Ron Paul knows that there is no such thing as a big business that didn't cut corners and make shady deals.

Hey Glenn, did you have Ron Paul on just because Alex Jones's site showed a video of you supporting the USA PATRIOT Act (that fascist, garbage legislation) and that you were for the bailout and thought it was way too small that you are no Libertarian? Of course you did. I actually agree that the bailout was too small as long as the money would have gone right where Rupert Murdoch least wants it — Main Street against Rupert's Wall Street.

Watch out, Glenn, you're going to get yourself fired by the hand that feeds you. Of course you won't. You'll do whatever you're told to do without conscience.

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