Israeli Zionist, psy-ops propagandists working to "re-brand" Israel after the war crimes against Gaza at the beginning of this year are totally insane and so are the decision-makers of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). I just learned that the TIFF has decided to allow the featuring of Tel Aviv during the TIFF in some sort of tourist-promotion sense painting Tel Aviv as "normal" and a great place to escape or something to that end. It's nonsense. It's so bad that a group of film industry people such as writers and actors, etc., with author Naomi Klein of Canada apparently among those in the lead, sent a letter to TIFF informing TIFF that it is inappropriate to feature Tel Aviv in such a manner on the heels of the vicious, unprovoked, inhumane attacks on a people whose lands and homes and businesses have been literally stolen and/or bulldozed and who have been on the receiving end of utter brutality by a murderous and racist regime.

Not all Zionists were initially racist and there are no doubt some non-racist Zionists remaining; however, the policies of the leaders of the Zionist Project are ethnically bigoted. They are decidedly anti-Arab. Anyone who disputes that is either lying or ill-informed.

Now, Naomi Klein is a "nice" woman not yet middle aged who chooses her words carefully so as not to offend too much. She has a nice smile. She's nice looking. She tries to give others, even utterly demon-possessed Zionists, the benefit of the doubt, etc. Well, that's Naomi, and I'm not Naomi.

The idea of celebrating Tel Aviv at the Toronto International Film Festival is like celebrating Berlin while Hitler's regime was rounding up Jews. Yes, you heard me. It's like celebrating Johannesburg during Apartheid South Africa, only worse, since the South Africans, according to South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, never used the level of brutality that the Jews are using against the Arabs. Tutu says that in South Africa, there was not the collective punishment or quite the level of the concentration-camp tactics or the sanctions and blockades of basic necessities that have been used by Israel against the imprisoned Gazans.

Here's what's wrong. There are split personalities involved across-the-board here. On account of all the trauma that has been inflicted on, and by, Zionists and also on account of the trauma being suffered around the world on account of the U.S., along with Canada's role in it, the Zionists (who aren't really Zionists since Zion really stands for peace/Heaven on Earth) believe they can disassociate their actions from their main city, Tel Aviv, in their small country.

Well, it isn't working. In fact, it's backfiring. It's drawing more attention to the completely insane Apartheid Israeli Regime.

There's only one thing to do. Israel must repent. If it doesn't, it will suffer again as it did all the other times it went astray. That's not a curse I just uttered. That's telling the truth. That's yelling at them to get out of the water because the sharks are coming and those sharks are becoming more and more agitated and determined.


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