The greatest error in the Libertarian Movement is the idea that the Founding Fathers were not of the dark side.

The Libertarians are trying to retain the sales pitch of the dark side from over the last 260-plus years. They are fighting the new product by pushing the old version. They call "freedom" that which is not freedom.

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America did not bring freedom but rather just a newer version of the same enslavement that enslaved under the British Empire, Roman Catholic Church, Mongol Empire, Islamic Caliphate, Roman Empire, Greek Empire, Persian Empire, Assyrian Empire, Egypt, and Mesopotamia/Babylon where it all began.

Unity is right; however, the truth also is that there will never be real unity under the spirit of selfishness that is inherent in Enlightenment Era humanism that stretches all the way back to before Sumer.

What we are witnessing are "leaders" who are not on the level. They lie. They have been doing that going right back through the human imperial spirit to the beginning of existence.

That spirit brought forth mammon, the bane of humanity. It is the same spirit that brought forth capitalism. It is not unrelated to totalitarian monarchical so-called noble-blood rule. It is the same spirit as had Nebuchadnezzar II, who was the wrong Luciferian spirit — the same one as Nimrod, the epitomizer of the Tower of Babel spirit.

These worship Satan because Satan is their spirit. They constantly trick each other. They are each other's downfall. They are their own downfall.

The series of videos below exposes much of the problem, but it does not offer the solution: the Christian Commons.

To clarify, the Commons is not mine alone and apart from God. It is every real Christian's.

The most important statement in the videos is that of Tony Blair at 3:45 of video 9: "In this new world, how religious faith develops, will have a profound impact." 6:31 is where he comes back to sell the false-New Age Religion. I say "false-New Age Religion" because there is a real New Age Religion that is Christianity, never adopted but will be, and which goes back to the beginning before Satan's confusion.

Everything hinges upon which spirit prevails. I know which one prevails in the end and, in fact, already has. However, the one that loses and already has lost, is in its death throws while it imagines it will succeed.

Watch carefully George H. W. Bush's and Blair's facial expressions and body language and if you are perceptive enough, you will see the lies with your eyes while you hear them with your ears. You will see the subtle smirks and discomfort. You will see the knowledge that they know what has been discussed and written and carried forward (if one can rightly call it forward) for years and decades and centuries and even millennia.

Unfortunately, the video producer feels compelled to beat people over the head with partial-truth and via visual effects and eerie music, etc. It's an understandable and all too common approach/reaction to the denial of others in the face of the self-evident. It's not the Christian way though. The sorting doesn't happen that way. Those who are dead of the Holy Spirit never wake up. That's just how it is.

Telling the truth to those who are asleep in the Holy Spirit is sufficient to wake them. Those who hear and react properly are of the fold of Christ.

George H. W. Bush is shown saying that his side will prevail while at the same time saying that there is a chance that his side will bring forth something worthwhile. There is no such thing as a chance concerning which side wins out and which side will bring forth.

You will note that Blair divorces religion from political and economic systems. However, some of my readers may know, there is no difference between or among these things. Christianity is a whole way of life that necessarily is the political economy of Jesus Christ's vision and demonstration by God. Blair and the two Bush's are not of it.

There is no coexistence or respecting the other. There is only the unity in the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus, who is our brother with whom we are joined in God's spirit. That is not what Tony Blair believes or is selling to the world.

He is selling the "pride" of chaotic division whereby the top sellers rule. He is spewing antichrist. He is wrongfully saying that the ecumenism and syncretism he is selling is the only way. He is saying that bringing the whole of humanity to the understanding of the real spiritual message to-be manifested, the political economy of Jesus, is the act of closing. Well, it is closed to the iniquitous. Blair seeks to open up the dictatorship of coercive humanism, which in one iteration or another has ruled this world since before mundanely written history.

It is here that the video's producer goes into the typical Libertarian point that the Mystery-Religion adherents are setting themselves up as gods. It's true. It has always been so. However, Christians are gods also. This is a semantical issue that is being worked out. The Pharisees claimed to be crucifying Jesus for making himself God. They refused to understand what was going on. The target is the knowledge of who and what finally is the perfect spirit.

The spirits work to knock each other off. The gods of each nation rise and fall as those nations rise and fall. Jesus knew that and still knows that. You should too. It's a psychological battle over the universe — who will be God.

The truth though is that God is already and is perfect. We are to find God and to be found by God as such. The worshippers of Nimrod's "Light" don't want that because the God-against-Nimrod's doesn't accept iniquity. That's what it all boils down to. Nimrod wants his sex slaves and to be intoxicated and licensed to all the hedonistic pleasures no matter how sick and depraved. He wants them without consequence, without disease, without restraint, without anything that doesn't please him and him alone. How can there be unity in it when others are tortured under it?

The Christian Commons has no requirement for money within. It has no capitalism within. It does nothing but translate the evil mammon into mammon's downfall. It lifts up humans as real family. The elitists do not want that. It is the last thing they want. They want what will feed their own egos, and to Hell with the "weaker" ones, the merciful and compassionate regardless of how much abuse they have suffered, such as Jesus of all people.

The videographer says that the Vatican and Jesuits are the very heart of the New World Order but as pawns of the Zionists. However, all entities are pawns of Satan that don't declare and work toward the Christian Commons.

The Christian Commons is not, I repeat, is not, the United States or its Constitution. Self-described Christians who do not understand that the United States of America is not a part of the New Earth and New Heaven of Jesus Christ, are in grave error. There will be a New World Order. It just will not end up being the one envisioned by the current crop of worldly leaders.

Neither Lyndon Larouche nor the John Birch Society is Christian. They both say plenty of partial truth, but Christians seek the whole truth. That requires sorting out not to judge and condemn but to save.

A huge error is to fail to interconnect all spirits with each other. The major corporations fight as one against the true spirit of God and also fight against each other for supremacy. They argue against each other using issues surrounding the environment of us all, while they pay for people to conduct mass-hypnosis campaigns that ebb and flow the aggregate and sometimes collective consciousness in ways not fully understood or appreciated by those very hypnotists. They are under each other's spells.

By the way, the quality of the audio and sharpness of the visual of the videos generally improves over that of Parts 1 and 2, so bear with those two parts and continue watching through to the end.

Let me also say that I am not working here to tear apart the author (firebender8313), currently a 26-year-old who is trying to understand. In the face of the current evil deeds of the elitist globalizers, I would rather that these videos exist than not. What I do want though is a continuing of the evolutionary process that is inherent within the attempt of the author. Greater light than that coming out from Larouche and the JBS is required. Parsing Larouche and the JBS and others is required.

Lou Dobbs says some correct things about the North American Union plans of the elites, but Amy Goodman also has right things to say about the elitist media corporations and their near stranglehold on information dissemination, which becomes disinformation dissemination. She has shown herself not immune to the manipulation by that very outfit, but that's a hurdle we all face. Even Jesus worked to see through the fakery of those who came to trap him into becoming guilty. By the way, contrary to the Babylonian Talmud (unexpurgated version), which says he's boiling in sh_t in Hell, they never did succeed in trapping Jesus into becoming guilty.

One thing that "firebender8313" absolutely has right and that is that evil has no limits but will only be stopped by God proper. Of course, utter depravity has been evidenced throughout history. It has just been more overt at different times. Right now, due to technology with speed of communications, speed of travel, in conjunction with "scientific" techniques (just "modern" sorcery), and also due to the rising pressures of population being crammed together as the elitists drive people on and off lands, due to all that, we see evil being magnified. We see darkness magnified. We see torturers being glorified. They tortured Jesus to death, yet we see "Christians" lauding torture. Insanity breeds more of itself. Selfishness is a contagion. Dark, inhuman spirits seek to destroy humanity.

firebender8313 is not fully stating prophecy.

You must learn to sort. That is the single most important distinction between God and Satan. God knows the truth. Satan, however, makes the same errors over and over and over on purpose. They are not the same being. They are not a duality of one spirit. They are not dependant upon each other so that we may gain knowledge.

There is an environmental crisis unfolding. God hates polluting. God hates the system that is removing mountain tops to scrape seams of coal. Environmental issues are not falsehood being pumped out by "liberals." It is though being manipulated by evil. It is a fact that individuals who are astronomically wealthy in mammon pay think tanks to come up with ways to dupe those calling themselves Libertarians. Those ultra-rich ones pay for campaigns so that those rich ones will stay on top while keeping the little fry libertarians down.

It is also a fact that sexual procreation is not what human being should be preoccupied with. The sex drive is artificially stimulated for profit in mammon for some. Sex is used as a tool and weapon. Having unlimited numbers of children is not righteousness. Denying oneself for righteousness' sake is called for directly by Jesus Christ!

Fasting is not something denounced by Jesus. He practiced it. He said his followers would yet do it after his departure/bodily spiritual ascension.

Sustainability is a concept that is not fully understood. With faith, there are no limits of the types requiring curbing the appetite. However, curbing the appetite for the sake of others is righteous. It is being a good neighbor — loving neighbor as thyself. Do you see that?

Furthermore, it is not an us-versus-them that lines up along the Libertarian-versus-everyone-else spectrum. There is not agreement even at the "highest" levels. Many moves are floated and rejected. Some are carried out. There are secret meetings. There are strategically deliberate leaks. There is conspiracy. It just runs into things that frustrate it. Satan is not infallible!











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