Wow, according to Bertha Lewis, whom I have no reason at this point to disbelieve and who is the Executive Director of ACORN, the two Republicans, Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, who caught a few ACORN workers in Baltimore and elsewhere in their spider's web of temptation, tempting them to help Giles and O'Keefe with child prostitution and a number of other immoral acts, had visited (or other Republicans had) nearly two dozen ACORN offices and were summarily thrown out of over a dozen and actually gave rise to ACORN workers phoning police when the demon-possessed Hannah and James and/or others refused to leave. I'm sure more will come out about this so that it will be made clear whether Giles and O'Keefe had accomplices who went to ACORN offices. At this point, I'm assuming it was only Giles and O'Keefe.

What is really amazing is that Republicans, and especially the Zionist-reactionary Rupert Murdoch's FOX News and his hired obfuscator/twister, Glenn Beck, attacked and attacked and attacked ACORN but never mentioned those other visits that were undoubtedly also recorded on video by Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe or other such operatives if Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe were not the sole tempters from their master who is the spirit known as Satan who brings Hell to the Earth.

U.S. Senators are strongly denouncing ACORN and calling for a complete cutting off of ACORN from all Federal grants, etc., without even having taken a breath to see what evidence there is for systemic corruption at ACORN, which obviously Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe actually prove does not exist, for if it were to have existed when Giles and O'Keefe went about from office to office, they would have uncovered numerous ACORN workers willing to engage in helping them in fraud rather than having been shown the door and probably narrowly escaping being thrown out on their ears or spending some jail time.

Now here's what you need to know about the tactics used by Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe. Karl Rove targeted ACORN a long time ago because Karl's strategy for a long time has been to attack unselfishness at its strength. It's a mind game that Rove plays on the people. Rove learned at the knees of dirty-trick artists of the Nixon era and after. He is a Machiavellian to whom the only things that matter are wealth, power, and control and what egotistical and hedonistic sick and twisted pleasure is derived thereby. In Machiavellianism, the evil ends justify the evil means. It is Satanic, whether or not there is any liturgy or ritual involved and whether or not the external evil spirit is even acknowledged. That evil spirit resides within the hearts of the Machiavellians.

ACORN does much laudable work. There is absolutely no doubt that the inner-city poor have been systematically denied for the reason of the utter selfishness of evil, greedy people who have murdered many of the rightful heirs and stolen much of the inheritance of the whole of humanity for themselves. ACORN's efforts are often things that anti-fascists may point to as examples of those seeking to lift up the downtrodden, which is called for by Jesus Christ. If one can tear down that which is held up as a shining light, then one has, in effect, successfully re-crucified Jesus, something Karl Rove does as a matter of course, — persecutes, tortures, and murders Jesus Christ. Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe did the exact same thing and captured it on video for the world and then have gone about bragging about it and being rewarded by fellow demonic souls for it. It's completely out there too late to cover. It's too late to go to them one-on-one to call them to stop before they hugely magnify evil and aid and abet the devil in leading many astray.

Not only does Karl target strength, he targets that which is weakest on his own side. For instance, Karl counseled the Republicans to attack ACORN for voter fraud because the Republicans, during the two George W. Bush Presidential elections, engaged in the greatest rigging of Presidential elections in my lifetime.

Look further. The Republicans, with many, many always-caving (selfish, sellout) Democrats in tow, did nothing about Diebold and all the actions the Bush people took to steal the two elections. There is absolutely no doubt that George W. Bush would not have been sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office had the Republicans on his team had not cheated to get him there. He flat out lost to Al Gore.

Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia in particular saw to it that the Supreme Court ruled to stop the legally required recount in Florida, which was a totally fascist anti-democratic ruling. Scalia's son's job was just one of the payoffs/bribes/rewards. Sandra Day O'Connor, an Associate Justice from Phoenix, Arizona, was heard to exclaim, "That would be terrible," were Gore to be allowed to become President. She was not impartial, despite being seen as a moderate and compromising/swing vote.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist, also from Phoenix, however was a real reactionary along with Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Gore was blocked, and Bush was appointed President by the Court.

What didn't come out in the Supreme Court case was that some 22,000 legitimately registered Black voters were denied their right to vote by racist, corporate challengers from Database Technologies (DBT) who had used fraudulent methods to get mostly Black voters' names removed from the registration rolls. They were targeted by area for being Black and Brown and poor people who more often vote Democratic, hence for Al Gore in 2000. Bush was given the state of Florida (where George W. Bush's younger brother, Jeb Bush then Governor of Florida, "delivered" the state to his brother) and hence the nation and the world by 537 votes. Those 22,000 voters by a huge margin, did not want Bush and would have voted for Gore thereby assuring Gore's Democratic Party win in 2000. There is absolutely no doubt about it and that the Republicans, under the Bush regime and Karl Rove's (Nixonian) dirty tricks, stole control of the Empire under racial and anti-poor/pro selfish, thieving motives.

DBT claimed those voters were felons, but DBT was 95% wrong about that on their huge lists.

Greg Palast, who happens to be an Atheist (showing that Atheists can be a source of facts; partial-truth), has done a yeoman's job in uncovering Republican corruption. Based upon his work, it has become clear that Al Gore clearly won Florida and should have been the President rather than George W. Bush. It was corporate fascism that saw to Bush's victory.

Greg goes on to explain that an additional 27,000 ballots were incorrect due to the butterfly nature of those ballots in Palm Beach County. Many people who thought they were voting for Al Gore incorrectly punched for Pat Buchanan, a member of the Old Right, which in a nutshell means nonintervention in the affairs of other nations. Other labels are paleoconservatives, paleolibertarians, libertarian, classical liberal.... The ballots were supposed to have been changed before the election, but there was intentional foot dragging so that what happened would happen.

It is also critical to understand that in my lifetime in the U.S. up until the 2000 election, exit polling had been really considered foolproof. The polling methods were "scientific" and careful. Exit polling clearly showed Gore the winner. Suddenly, exit polling, which hasn't changed methodologically in any significant way, didn't predict election outcomes. That's because election rigging went way up ever since the ridiculous decision to use electronic voting machines coming out from Republican corporations. Electronic voting machines should have been developed by nationalized entities clearly overseen by all political parties. The foot dragging concerning replacing all the Republican machines is just another way of disenfranchising minorities and the poor so that superrich, White racists can keep ultimate control regardless of the tokens they groom and anoint for the sake of disarming justice and co-opting righteousness to distort it.

Now, these things cited above are vastly worse systemically than anything ACORN has done, and Karl Rove and Glenn Beck and others know it but won't say it. They get the big airtime on TV while people such as Greg Palast, who does a far superior job at trying to get at the bottom of issue, gets some airtime but almost nothing by comparison and influence over the masses. Of course, that's exactly how the thieving corporate media, mainstream media, want it. So, turn them off. Don't buy their sponsor's junk. Read alternative news too just as much for direct comparison's sake. You will learn a great deal more.

By the way, the Wikipedia states the following about Rehnquist:

Many years later, during the 1986 Senate hearings on his chief justice nomination, several people came forward to complain about what they viewed as Rehnquist's attempts to discourage minority voters in Arizona elections when Rehnquist served as a "poll watcher" in the early 1960s. Rehnquist denied the charges, and "Vincent Maggiore, then chairman of the Phoenix-area Democratic Party, said he had never heard any negative reports about Rehnquist's Election Day activities. 'All of these things', he said, 'would have come through me.'"

I have to tell you that I lived in the same neighborhood as Rehnquist. I walked by his house hundreds of times on my way over to see friends. Vincent Maggiore doesn't know what he's talking about. Democratic challengers did not run everything through him. I speak from personal, firsthand experience. That Wiki article has been selectively edited for effect (partial context). The original source article states:

Most damaging were the charges that in the early '60s Rehnquist intimidated black and Hispanic voters at polling places in Phoenix, where he was then a local Republican activist, by questioning their ability to read. Until 1964, it was legal in Arizona to challenge a person's right to vote on the grounds of illiteracy. In a 1971 letter to the Senate after his confirmation hearings, Rehnquist stated categorically that he had not "personally engaged in challenging the credentials of any voter." This time around he was more circumspect. First he claimed that his function on Election Day was to provide legal advice to Republicans assigned the task of challenging voters' credentials. Then, peppering his testimony with "I don't recall," he said he did not believe he had ever challenged any voter.

A far less benevolent picture of his activities emerged from the testimony of four new witnesses. Psychology Professor Sydney Smith, a Democratic poll watcher at the time, said that in the '60s he saw Rehnquist go up to two black men at the polls and say to them, "You're not able to read, are you? You have no business being here." San Francisco Attorney James Brosnahan, an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Phoenix in 1962, specifically contradicted Rehnquist's sworn testimony. Brosnahan recalled how he was summoned by panicky voters and officials to a precinct where Rehnquist was a challenger. Brosnahan said he assumed that it was Rehnquist's "blanket" challenges of black and Hispanic voters that had led to the tense situation though he had not personally seen Rehnquist challenge anyone. Nonetheless, he testified that Rehnquist's conduct "was designed to reduce the number of black and Hispanic voters by confrontation and intimidation."

I raise this because Rehnquist was a racist and the attacks on ACORN are racially and ethnically charged, which is antichrist.

The fascists claim that ACORN workers were paid piece work for voter registration. Apparently they were not. All workers were hourly according to Bertha Lewis. Furthermore, it was ACORN that turned in the registrars who acted illegally. Lastly on this aspect, ACORN was legally required to turn in all registration cards submitted no matter how ridiculous those cards. ACORN flagged them by law. Anyone who thinks that ACORN was trying to register Mickey Mouse is being a fool. The Republicans always leave those aspects out. Doing that is completely wicked and antichrist.

Also, the racist-right, and we are talking about racists in the lead in this instance against ACORN and in so many other cases, hasn't touched the Wall Street thieves who have now stolen countless trillions going into the future via current and future tax dollars; yet they want to yell from the roof tops about how ACORN shouldn't get a dime of any tax money. That same crowd rails against the auto industry when that sector receives some money because unions are involved, but there is hardly a mummer when it comes to the sharks on Wall Street making out as the bandits that they are. Where are the fascist signs against Goldman Sachs getting paid about $13 billion of bailout money that went to the ridiculous poorly run AIG? One hears a mention here and there and plenty of rationalizing about how the boom and bust business cycle is actually good since it provides people with an opportunity to get in and get out in time (too bad for the suckers). One though always sees and hears the neocons reverting to bashing the poor and minorities regardless of how laudable many of the poor and minorities are.

ACORN was caught off guard because it had no idea that anyone could be that devious as to think up such a perverted scenario and actually carry it out as what Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe did. That's why they didn't think to put out an organizational alarm concerning those two. It never occurred to the nearly two dozen offices where Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe tried to be the devil, offering up temptation, that those two would be so snake-like as to go from office to office until finally running into some worker who would take a bit of the poisonous fruit offered up by the sexually sleazy Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe.

It's amazing that they had to go to such lengths to find some workers willing to fall.

The U.S. Senators, especially Mike Johanns of Nebraska, and others who rush to judgment without hearing both sides should be ashamed of themselves.

I don't say that ACORN is the way to go. In fact, I know it is not. However, it is a far cry better than Karl Rove, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, and Glenn Beck. As for Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, I don't trust that pair. Do you? They need to repent.


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