The balance of the article doesn't mention what any others think. It's as if Britain, France, Germany, and the U.S. speak for the entire world, which they don't.

Ahmadinejad, no matter whether he's wrong about how many Jews were murdered in the concentration camps, he's telling the truth that the Palestinians, and especially the Gazans now, have been made to pay for the sins particularly of Germans.

The article also tries to conflate Judaism with atheistic Zionism. It tries to continue the brainwashing of the masses with the false idea that those in the state of Israel represent all Semites. The article says Ahmadinejad is anti-Semitic, but the Palestinians and Gazans are Semites. How can Ahmadinejad be an anti-Semite when he's for the Palestinians and Gazans getting back their stolen land?

The article tries to be slick propaganda that goes undetected. If you stop to think about it though, you can see right through it.

Here are two more articles:

President Urges Global Front against Israel
"TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday underlined that the whole world has the 'duty' to take the responsibility to confront Israel to ensure global peace."

World powers condemn Ahmadinejad for calling Holocaust 'a lie',
By Haaretz Service and Agencies

It's difficult to pin down Ahmadinejad. Sometimes he sounds like he believes that the Nazis committed huge atrocities (murders, etc.) in the concentration camps. Really though, rather than do what the Western leaders always do, which is to just focus in on a few words and then sound huffy and outraged, they should take him up on his challenge. If he wants to debate whether or not the holocaust happened, then debate him. If he wants proof, then supply it. The only reason not to do it is because there is an agenda to divide, conquer, and rule Iran via puppet.

I've legitimate questions concerning how the estimates of the numbers of Nazi victims were made. It is absolutely stupid not to engage the questioners on the level. The people would very quickly be able to see who is being insincere. Of course, such honest dialoguing and researching and disseminating work the exact opposite effect that the Empire builders want. Ahmadinejad knows that and is working it, in his own way.

I don't agree with those who say that the Nazis didn't exterminate very large numbers of people and especially Jews. I would like to have much more solid evidence concerning the numbers though. I've written about that before. Remember, when the U.S. military was estimating that perhaps 30 thousand Iraqis had been killed by the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, independent and highly respected researchers were saying it was more like 600-900 thousand. That's a huge difference and can be chalked up to lying by the Pentagon for effect. So, why wouldn't the land-thieving, terrorist, atheist Zionists also lie at the end of WWII?

Look at their lies about their attack on Gaza. They committed clear war crimes and crimes against humanity, collective punishment, cold-blooded mass murder, which their own troops have divulged to the whole world; yet, we are supposed to believe that the mind capable of doing what they did to the Gazans wouldn't exaggerate about what the Nazis did.

I used to just accept the 6-million figure. I don't do that anymore. I still believe many, many people died; but I don't just by the 6-million. I would accept it again if the Zionists would engage Ahmadinejad and other "holocaust deniers" head-on and show them wrong and show the 6-million to be a very close estimate based upon more than what I've seen.

I do realize that "qualified" people varied in their estimates from 7 down to maybe 4 million. I do know that there are many "deniers" (can't really call all of them that) say more like 600 thousand down to maybe 60-30 thousand. Then of course there are the ridiculous ones who say the whole thing is made up and that no one was exterminated. Those lower numbers (60-30 thousand) just seem like total false-propaganda after the fact.

Really though, why didn't the ground-penetrating sound-wave technology pick up any mass graves around Auschwitz? How could over a million bodies have been destroyed, burned, etc., without pits to cover the remains and cremains? Are the deniers lying about that they went there and scanned the land with such technology and then challenged the Zionists with their findings daring those Zionists to find the pits? It's a serious question on my part. Where are the answers? I've looked for them. Do I have to become a "researcher" myself just to get basic answers?

How can the Zionists possibly believe that it is in their best interest to let these allegations by the "deniers" go unchallenged? I've seen some attempts at refutation done by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, but those attempts struck me as quite weak and selective considering that they are supposed to be experts on the subject.

Here's an interesting development that goes to the heart of the Zionist question:
UN body urges Israel to allow nuclear inspection

Arab states in the United Nations nuclear assembly on Friday won narrow approval of a resolution urging Israel to put all its atomic sites under the world body's inspection and join the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Israel deplored the measure for singling it out while many of its neighbors remained hostile to its existence, and said it would not cooperate with it.

How can anyone trust a people who won't even say they have nuclear weapons and allow inspections?

Were it not a well-known fact that the Western Allies are game players rather than truth seekers, it would seem strange that the West all lined up with Israel, as if the Arabs aren't right on this issue.

Meanwhile, Zionist Michael Chertoff, Director of Homeland Security under Bush-43, didn't know that Donald Rumsfeld had announced to the world the day before 9/11 that trillions of dollars had gone missing at the Pentagon. However, he concludes (propagandizes) at 2:51 of the following video that the 9/11 Truth Movement is on a par with "holocaust denial" and the Birthers who hold that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii.

I've dealt with "denial" above. As for the Birthers, it is stupid that Obama has not released a certified copy of his full birth certificate. I believe it's there in Hawaii and that he could easily issue a certified copy. Why he hasn't done that is just plain dumb.

At 3:18 of the video, a caller states that 6 of the 9/11 Commission membership made clear that the Commission was very flawed. That Commission was completely controlled by the White House and Dick Cheney's operatives in particular. The caller also mentions that nano thermite has been confirmed in the dust samples from ground zero. Understand that that substance can slice through steel columns and beams and that huge pools of molten steel were under the downed towers weeks after 9/11. Please note that Chertoff and C-SPAN ducked the caller.

The next caller raised the issue of Able Danger. The C-SPAN interviewer didn't even thank the caller for calling and just cut him off and then acted as if he hadn't even brought up Able Danger. C-SPAN is going to fade away if it keeps up that approach. I seem to remember when C-SPAN and even that interviewer wouldn't disrespect honest statements and questions unless a caller were over the top with rage so much so that a viewer couldn't even understand or a guest couldn't even address the caller's concerns. Now it appears that C-SPAN just uses thought-termination techniques with its viewers (just ignore critical questions). I know that that will backfire on them in a huge way.

These people don't understand that they are making themselves accomplices, or they just don't care. They believe they have the upper hand and will be able to hold it. As I've written many, many times, I'm a total pacifist and won't resort to violence or coercion; but I sound the warning alarm here that these Chertoff-types are playing with fire and are going to get their very souls burned if they don't repent.

There needs to be a new and thorough 9/11 investigation. It is the single most important thing that should be done. Abolishing the Federal Reserve System and replacing it with interest-free United States Notes to pay off the National Debt will also be a huge step in the right direction. Full emergency employment with skilled-jobs training by the federal government will also be a huge step.

Easily and completely, we could end the recession/depression in just a few months. We could get the finance, crony capitalists off the backs of all the people forever. We could make things and do it without harming our home planet. All decisions could be consensus based rather than coercive from the top down.

Meanwhile, FOX News neocon Glenn Beck, who fakes that he is a libertarian (libertarians are not for the USA PATRIOT Act, etc.), called Obama a racist with a deep-seated hatred for White people. Obama may be many things, but he hasn't done or said anything to indicate that he is a racist. He'll bomb Black and Brown people just as quickly as he'd bomb White ones if the White powers that be (the richest of the superrich) were to order him to do it.

Obama didn't hesitate off the record to call Black "entertainer" Kayne West a "jackass." Of course, not everyone saw the video of Kayne West back stage yelling and swearing about the racism, as he sees it, at the MTV Video Music Awards. Kayne West was ranting because Beyonce is Black and a young White woman, Taylor Swift, won the award that West claimed Beyonce should have won. So, the fact that Obama said of White Taylor Swift that "seems like a perfectly nice person." "She's getting her award. What's he doing up there?" he also went on to say. That doesn't sound like a racist way of looking at West and Swift. Let's be honest, Glenn Beck!

Stick to the things Barack Obama is really being wrong about. Don't just make it up for ratings because the lies will come back to burn you.

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