7 former CIA Directors want the Justice Department not to investigate torture. Those former Directors say that it will harm intelligence operations and demoralize CIA employees.

Well, CIA employees don't need to feel demoralized by having torturers investigated. What those Directors are afraid of is morality, not de-moralizing. What's demoralizing is torture. Torture is immoral.

CIA employees need to feel relieved that they won't be asked by an administration to torture and that if they are, they need to have the courage to say, "No." They need to have the courage to fight against torture and torturers and those who order torture no matter who those others are.

CIA employees need to know and do know that torture is sick, it makes the torturers sick (fractured in their minds and souls and even physically diseased), doesn't work, and that it just hardens everyone thereby making things worse and not better.

Barack Obama said he doesn't want a "witch hunt." We aren't talking about witches. We're talking about war criminals who tortured when they knew it was wrong and who simply asked for memos that they knew were simply conjured up even after the torture had already begun. They were stupid and immoral enough to ask for worthless papers, so now they need to be responsible and accountable. That's what we teach the children, isn't it? Well, let the old dogs, such as Dick Cheney, realize that it's never too late to learn new behavior.

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