...assuming the Holocaust did happen, where did it exactly happen and who were the perpetrators? The second question is how exactly does that connect to the Palestinian issue?"
We are opposed to the killing of people wherever. As a fundamental rule we are opposed to the killings that occurred during World War II, wherever. We know that over 60 million people were killed in the course of the Second World War. Each and every one of them were human beings. And their lives were, are respectful, no matter whether they are Muslims or Jews or Christians. Really, it doesn't make a difference...

Those are not the comments of someone who is more insane than the leaders of the Western Powers. In fact, he sounds saner than do they.

He definitely does not speak as an anti-Jew. In his interview, he makes clear that he distinguishes political Zionism from Judaism.

If one reads the Jewish Old Testament, one finds language that stands against taking by force of arms. For instance, those who came and took away all that Job had were certainly written as having been sent by Satan (the lying spirit of evil). What the Zionists have done is Satanic by that very proper Jewish standard.

Ahmadinejad is completely correct that Israel should not have been formed in Palestine as a means by the Western Powers to ease their shame.

When we look at the awards to Jews over Arabs made first by the British Empire under the League of Nations Mandate and then by the United Nations, we see gross and racist disregard for the Palestinian Arabs. It's a fact of history. Over and over and over, Zionists were granted the choice concessions and lands, etc.

It wasn't right. The grievances of the Palestinians are properly to be addressed. The racist Zionists are not to be supported in their racism.

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