I see Barack Obama's chairing of the United Nations Security Council meeting that ended in a unanimous resolution for total, global nuclear weapons disarmament as a thinly veiled psychological ploy as part of the lead up to attacking Iran to further weaken the region for the sake of, along with Israel, Anglo-American domination.

The move is an attempt to disarm those who call the American-Israeli position toward Iran a double-standard.

Of course, total, global disarmament is the most intelligent course. Understand, however, that the United States and other powers are heavily engaged fulltime in the research and development of new generations and types of weapons. Maintaining nuclear arsenals is expensive. The monies going into that now, once nuclear disarmament were to occur, would be pumped not into peaceful development but rather into that research and development and mass production of newer and even more insidious weapons.

If the U.S. and others are serious, let them move to total, global disarmament of all weapons. Let them do it now rather than in four years, which tentative targets can easily be pushed back and back and back, as the powers have done in so many cases.

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