UPDATE Thursday, December 03, 2009: I had told Google Blog Search that if they stopped censoring me, I'd say so on this Blog. As of this "UPDATE," Google Blog Search is now showing 1,967 posts as indexed and linked. () That's up again from only 4 at one point. Therefore, I'm adding this update.

1,967 is not all of the posts, but it seems that perhaps they are slowly re-indexing the site. I give them the benefit of the doubt. I haven't looked to see if they are avoiding "controversial" posts.

Thanks! and I didn't even ask. As for food, I walked to the store yesterday and carried a bag home. I'm okay. Thanks for caring.

I wish everyone could get some food. I know the superrich are starving people on purpose. It's disgusting. I hate their way! I often think about hungry people and think of you handing out paper plates of food at the park to destitute American Indians. You know, they've tried to make doing that illegal. I've tried to imagine someone (a police-state officer) coming up to you telling you whom you can and cannot feed, whom you can and cannot call to your table. It makes me sad to think about the evil minds that have actually passed such laws (sort of teary eyed), but I thought you showed a good heart doing that. I was impressed and obviously, have never forgotten.

It's really bad how much more hardhearted the world is becoming. I know there were always hardhearted types around and in high places, but the greed and violence-loving and the depravity that has worked to ruin us all is just so much more prevalent. I know that my Christian Commons idea would have gone over several decades ago. People come and read the idea and the vast, vast majority just hate it. It's amazingly bad. I've had a few out of literally tens of thousands of visitors who have said it's a good idea, but they don't join together to make it happen. I think it defines the times.

Google is heavily censoring me. They've stopped showing some of my results in blog searches. It's on account of the politics of the two boys/men who created Google. Traffic has fallen off dramatically. It's intentional because they hate what I'm standing for.

I didn't like the Google concept from the get-go. I didn't like it that people could buy their way to the top. Search results were vastly more tuned to exact content no matter how unpopular before Google came along and started filtering by lowest-common-denominator popularity that content providers purchased (purchased popularity; dumbing down). I would really like to see a search engine come back where brains prevailed rather than mammon.

Anyway, I'm not going to let them get me down about it. I'll do my best in this world to say how it really ought to be and try to live it too, but if no one else wants to go there, I'll take it with me when I leave. I'm so glad God lets me repent. I was so bad I can't remember how low I fell. That's weird to those who are made ignorant by hardened hearts. I know you get that.

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