The most lawless people on Earth are not the lowly ones that the street level police officers face but rather those in the penthouses running the whole thing.

People have been getting ultra-rich off violence for millennia. They do things in secret to stir up problems so they can show up with the solutions where they are given more and more wealth, power, and control.

The last thing the plutocrats want is softened hearts all the way around. They wouldn't be in control anymore. They wouldn't be rich relative to everyone else.

It's ego. It's sick. It's a spiritual disease. That's why they censor me. They hate the truth. They hate the message of Jesus Christ. They want real Christianity to disappear forever. They want God dead.

On the mundane level though, many entirely innocent people are being told that they cannot peaceably assemble to ask for a redress of real grievances.

Trillions of tax dollars were flat out stolen. Everyone knows it. The rich just want everyone distracted and resigned to having their God-given inheritance stolen by liars on Wall Street and in the government they own.

The "little" people (trying to be honest) are complaining about losing their Constitutional rights, what they see as their freedoms. Those at the top of the pyramid of greed don't care. They don't go through airport screening. They are driven around in bombproof cars and do not stand in lines or eat or work with the riffraff except when they are campaigning and faking it.

I approach the issue as Jesus would have me do it. I agree with Jesus's approach and not the secular law's.

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