Everything is summed up in the New Commandment. Of course, to understand that requires looking at every jot and tittle. It's amazing. I love it.

What makes people upset with me? I want to turn things right-side up and level them. It's why they crucified Jesus. The people who are most against wars and rabid capitalism are often for homosexuality being no longer viewed as a sin. Those opposed to that are often warmongers and at least opposed to being forced to share. I understand the not being forced part.

It has turned out that the homosexuals and their supporters are the ones who have the biggest (most frequently voiced; censoring) problem with me. The libertarian capitalists don't push it beyond a certain point because they like it that I'm not coercive. The warmongers are the most visibly devious. They troll and try to shake the faith. I drive them crazy by asking them to reveal their true identities. I don't do that to be mean.

Many think I'm way too harsh. They must not be able to envision Jesus cleaning the temple. They would have badmouthed him. After hearing him, I would have helped him. I'm glad I hear him now. I'm chasing demons out of my temple within.

Lastly, the Mystery Religion types conspire, and the Zionists and the minions of the superrich push buttons behind the scenes.

As for Christian Commons being located near cities to be nearer the poor, I see the poor converting and joining (lost sheep). The rural poor are many too.

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