The plutocrats don't give a damn about Afghanis. The sooner those people die the better in the minds of most of the greedy plutocrats. The common Afghanis stand in the way of gas, oil, pipeline, and other deals to further line the pockets of the greedy. That's what's going on, that and controlling the heroin trade that is up, not down, under the U.S.

In the meantime, most Americans dwell on things that don't matter at all. They are self-absorbed in entertainment, or what they think is entertaining. It's completely shallow.

Right now, this site is being heavily censored because the ultra-rich do not want common Americans to hear things and to think about them. They want everyone stupid and hypnotized under them: the superrich and those they hire to "think tank" everyone to sleep.

All the time, money, and energy those who rule the U.S. have put into coming to dictate in Afghanistan could have been put into improving the lives of everyone. That would have been unselfish though, and unselfishness is the exact opposite of what motivates the greedy who run the planet.

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