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Alex does have guests who say some ridiculous things that are often designed to leave the speaker weasel room. The shape-shifters of David Icke are the stuff of imagination (he is not channeling minds from the Alpha Draconis star system); but figuratively speaking, he does describe the evil spirit. Does he ever come right out and say whether he means what he's saying as literally as the most ardent literalists take the Bible?

As for Alex's emotionalism, I think it has much to do with the supplements he may be taking. He has money and there are "mind-enhancing" supplements available from outside the U.S. that if one isn't careful can over stimulate the brain. The Libertarians (the better off ones) are often into such drugs. I'm not opposed to a little bit of such drugs. There just isn't enough care taken to keep people from overdosing. That's not because the drugs are more dangerous than those in the U.S. but because the U.S. bans them since U.S. Big Pharma doesn't stand to profit from them being available to Americans via regular channels.

I see Alex maturing, learning, and growing provided the powers that be don't deliberately drive him completely insane. When discussing things with people who are highly informed, he does tend to qualify his statements more, which is good. He should do it more with the rank and file. He's going to have to bring them along though.

As for Webster Tarpley (someone Alex Jones has on his show often and whom Alex appears to admire and to whom Alex also often defers), I've read Webster Tarpley (George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography) and seen him in various videos. Much of what he says is right. He seems to be under the spell of Big Oil though, as does Alex Jones.

Little fry Libertarians are strange on environmentalism. They just don't get it that the richest anti-environmentalist don't give a damn about those little fry. The Koch brothers fund the Cato Institute to dupe the little people into accepting Koch's oil, gas, coal, chemicals, etc., for instance.

Alex cozying up to Charlie Sheen isn't going to hurt the 9/11 Truth Movement either. It doesn't belong to Libertarians, as Tarpley also shows.

You might be interested in this link too.

Big Tobacco isn't what it was once in the U.S., but it's still evil, huge, and growing in the world in general. Big Tobacco and Bid Oil come out from the same dark spirit.

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