William Henry is one of the persons upon whose "work" Dan Brown has based his most recently released book, The Lost Symbol.

That's only part 1 of a 10-part interview series with George Noory of Coast to Coast AM (http://www.coasttocoastam.com/guest/henry-william/5629).

Here are the other 9 parts on YouTube:


William Henry is trying to turn George Washington into a real demigod and is calling upon people to pray toward Washington, D.C. and to worship the American system. He's trying to create America as a religion where Presidents are deified the way the Romans deified their Caesars. This is exactly what I said was going on in the background, in the secret rooms. They are trying to externalize their once secret desires. This is blasphemy. This is humanistic blasphemy. It is exactly what Jesus fought against with the Roman Empire.

William Henry is leading many people astray. He's leading them down the dead-end road of the Mystery Religion schools. He's further Hellenizing America. He does it while talking Jesus and citing Christian scripture. He does it while doing exactly what Jesus said not to do, which is syncretize. He's doing it in a way where he speaks two different trains at the same time where it is blatantly obvious that he doesn't believe the things to which he's leading others. He's hedging in quickly worded and unquestioned ways.

People are being pulled psychologically, scientifically, to conclusions that are founded upon atheistic humanism. William Henry knows this.

What will happen is that all those who go down that path will fall short of the highest calling put forth by Jesus. The Hindus don't like it, but their religion is not on the same level. It does not lead inevitably to Christian Communism and to the miracle healing as shown by God through Jesus Christ. The same can be said of Buddha and Mohammed. They just don't measure up no matter how much more they knew than the common people around them at their times.

There are parallel ideas and concepts, but it isn't where the religions are the same that matters. It's what set Jesus's teaching and example as new and best that matters. We cannot settle for less, or we'll not make it.

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