Who the Hell is Mahmoud Abbas? He's insane if he thinks he's properly representing the Palestinian people. He's insane anyway.

He was pressured hard by the U.S. under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who, in turn, was obviously pressured hard by the AIPAC-Zionists calling all the shots in the U.S. simply because the U.S. was stupid enough to turn over control of its currency to front groups for the Rothschilds who have dominated Western banking for two centuries now.

It's time for the whole banking scheme to be brought down. It's time for the Federal Reserve System to be wiped out. It's long pass time for United States Notes to be the only currency of the United States and to be completely interest free.

Why the American people were dumb enough to ever agree to the Federal Reserve System and Income Tax is beyond me. To Hell with the Federal Reserve and all parasitic banksterism. Let them repentant or go the way of their utterly evil scheme.

Those banksters are calling the shots. They decide who will be funded. They decide who will own the media and the major corporations. It's time for that to all end forever.

They do not have the best interests of human kind at heart. They have themselves first and foremost always. They are the greediest of the greedy – most evil of the evil on Earth. They fund the weapons of mass destruction makers. They fund the war makers. They love it. They rub their hands together over the money they make on the misery of everyone else. They are a curse upon the world and are their own worst enemy.

The Zionists were funded by the Rothschild family. They horned their way into Canaan (Palestine) to kill to steal land without cause. They are liars who claim God gave them leave to do this. They are mostly atheists for crying out loud. How can they claim title to land from a God in whom they don't even believe? It's dumber than dumb of the Christians and others to support the insane, bloody, lying Zionists. Those Zionists do not, I repeat, do not represent the real Jews.

Real Jews believe in God. Real Jews are in the spirit of Jacob (who was renamed Israel). Jacob loves God. Jacob repented to God. Real Jews believe in that God, who is the God of Jesus Christ too, our understanding of which God Jesus enhanced for the whole world to save it.

Those lying, greedy, violent, and often sexually depraved, atheist Zionists (who are misnamed since Zion means peace), have committed war crime after war crime and crimes against humanity (genocide, torture, false imprisonment, theft, and on and on, on a huge scale). They knew about 9/11 before it happened. There were text messages that day in Israel before the attacks and about the attacks. Everyone who has researched 9/11 with any concerted effort has seen this and many other telling facts.

When 9/11 happened, the Zionist spies were caught red handed in America dancing while the towers collapsed. They were so glad that there was a new Pearl Harbor to dupe the American people into going to war with the enemies of Zionist empire building in the Middle East, such as Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. Those dancing spies, rather than being locked up as terrorists, were let go back to Israel without it being splashed all over the Zionist controlled mass media in the U.S. The tail wags the dog, contrary to the confusion of Noam Chomsky, who thinks the American Empire is using Israel. He's way behind the times.

So, the s0-called Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, agreed to put off a vote U.N. Human Rights Council vote concerning the recent Goldstone Report, which Report makes clear that Israel committed clear war crimes.

You know, I like the idea of the nations of the world coming together in the interest of peace, but the United Nations is a hollow instrument. The Security Council is a joke with its five permanent members each having veto power.

The General Assembly should have had the vote. The evil, greedy capitalists wouldn't go along with that though because those at the top of the up-side down pyramid of the secular humanists could never stand to give and share all in honesty and true goodwill as decent family members of humanity.

They hate the poor and lie about them. They can hardly wait to kill off as many as they want, leaving only enough to serve as slaves.

Mahmoud Abbas is a self-servicing minion of the Zionists who has blocked the Report from going to the UN Security Council.

The Zionists should have to be accountable just as the White South Africans had to face up to their racist history. Reconciliation is possible, but the Zionists are greedy for Greater Israel. Their greed will be the death of their flesh and souls. They need to turn, repent, and atone before it's too late in this life.

It's time for the Palestinian people to dump Mahmoud Abbas and all collaborators. Its time for the world to stand up to the Zionists and banksters, who have stolen the rightful, God-given inheritance of all with their self-authorized and directed bailout via the coerced taxes paid from the sweat of those who really worked for it, many of whom find themselves homeless, jobless, unable to fed, clothe, and house their innocent children.

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